Data Dictionary

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wants(wants ?AGENT ?OBJECT) means that ?OBJECT is desired by ?AGENT, i.e. ?AGENT believes that ?OBJECT will satisfy one of its goals. Note that there is no implication that what is wanted by an agent is not already possessed by the agent.[and full SUMO definition]
warmSeasonInArea(warmSeasonInArea ?AREA ?INTERVAL) means that in the GeographicArea ?AREA, the warm season occurs during the TimeInterval ?INTERVAL.[and full SUMO definition]
washPerformanceClassEuropeanUnionEnergyLabelClass given for a LaundryAppliance for its washing performance only.[and full SUMO definition]
watchingListings(watchingListings ?USER ?COLL ?SITE) relates a registeredUser of the WebSite ?SITE to the Collection ?COLL of items that user is 'watching' on the site. It is likely the user desires there to be Buyings of the Objects which are the patients of the Listings being watched.[and full SUMO definition]
waterAreaOnly(waterAreaOnly ?REGION ?MEASURE) means that the total area(s) of surface water within the GeographicArea ?REGION has the AreaMeasure ?AMOUNT. The pieces of water need not be continuous within the region.[and full SUMO definition]
waterConsumptionPerWashingCycleEstimated ammount of water used by a ClothesWashingMachine in one washing cycle.[and full SUMO definition]
waterDepth(waterDepth ?AREA ?LENGTH) means that the depth of water at the Region ?AREA is ?LENGTH.[and full SUMO definition]
waterUsePerDishwasherCycleEstimated ammount of water used by a Dishwasher in one washing cycle.[and full SUMO definition]
waveHeightwaveHeight is a BinaryPredicate. (waveHeight ?WW ?X) means that ?X is the LengthMeasure of the difference between the altitude of the crest and its leading trough of the BodyOfWater of where a ?WW (WaterWave) takes place.[and full SUMO definition]
wavelength(wavelength ?RADIATION ?MEASURE) means that the instance of radiation, ?RADIATION, has an average wavelength of ?MEASURE.[and full SUMO definition]
weaponCarryingCapability(weaponCarryingCapability ?MV ?WC ?I) means that the MilitaryVehicle ?MV is able to carry ?I Weapons of class ?WC.[and full SUMO definition]
wears(wears ?AGENT ?WI) means that ?AGENT is wearing the WearableItem item ?WI.[and full SUMO definition]
webPageURLThe UniformResourceLocator at which a particular WebPage may be found. Note that this is a relation since the same page may be found at different locations.[and full SUMO definition]
webPurchases(webPurchases ?COLLECTION ?HUMAN) relates a collection of all instances of Buying by a Human on the WebSite.[and full SUMO definition]
webSales(webSales ?COLLECTION ?HUMAN ?SITE) relates a collection of all instances of Selling by a Human on the ?SITE.[and full SUMO definition]
webSeller(webSeller ?SELLER ?SITE) means that item is advertised on the WebSite ?SITE and ?SELLER desires there to be a selling (implicitly of that item) where ?SELLER is the agent.[and full SUMO definition]
webStoreAdvertisement(webstoreAdvertisement ?ADVERT ?STORE) means that ?ADVERT is an an instance of Advertising which is a component of a WebPage which a member of the WebStore ?STORE.[and full SUMO definition]
webVisitorA relationship between an AutonomousAgent and a WebSite, stating that the agent has visited the site.[and full SUMO definition]
webcart(webCart ?USER ?COLL ?SITE) associates a Collection of Objects ?COLL with an AutonomousAgent ?USER and a WebSite ?SITE. It specifies that ?COLL is the users webcart at ?SITE, and that ?USER desires to buy the members of ?COLL.[and full SUMO definition]
weddingAnniversary(weddingAnniversary ?PHYSICAL ?TIME) means that ?TIME is the class of TimeIntervals which mark the anniversary of their weddingdate.[and full SUMO definition]
weddingdate(weddingdate ?PERSON1 ?PERSON2 ?DAY) means that ?DAY is the day on which ?PERSON1 and ?PERSON2 were married.[and full SUMO definition]
weight(weight ?O ?MM) means that on planet earth the SelfConnectedObject ?O has the weight ?MM.[and full SUMO definition]
widthBinaryPredicate that is used to state the measure of an Object from side to side at its widest span.[and full SUMO definition]
wife(wife ?WOMAN ?MAN) means that ?WOMAN is the wife of ?MAN.[and full SUMO definition]
windDrivenMotionwindDrivenMotion is an instance of BinaryPredicate. In (windDrivenMotion ?W ?WM), ?W is the Wind that causes the Motion of an object located in a Region wherethe wind blows. [and full SUMO definition]
windRelativePosition(windRelativePosition ?OBJECT ?POSITION) means that the Wind blows at ?OBJECT from the relative vector ?POSITION. E.g., Crosswind, Headwind, Tailwind.[and full SUMO definition]
witnessA party in a LegalAction who has been the experiencer in some prior event that is evidence for the case. Note that this excludes the 'expert witness' who is just offering an opinion on the evidence. Note also that the defendant also may take the stand as a witness in his or her own case, as may other parties to the case.[and full SUMO definition]
workAddress(holdsDuring ?T1 (workAddress ?AGENT ?ADDRESS)) means that during the time specified by ?T1, ?ADDRESS identifies one of the locations at which ?AGENT works.[and full SUMO definition]
workLocationA Relation that specifies the typical or primary location where members of an Organization work.[and full SUMO definition]
workPhoneNumber(workPhoneNumber ?TelecomNumber ?AutonomousAgent) means that ?TelecomNumber identifies a Telephone at which ?AutonomousAgent can be contacted when at work, or for business purposes.[and full SUMO definition]