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B-RatingA mid-range rating given by bond rating agencies.[and full SUMO definition]
BGM71TOWThe BGM-71 TOW is a US anti-tank missile. TOW stands for Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-guided. The TOW was first produced in 1970 and is the most widely used anti-tank missile in the world. Current production TOWs can penetrate all currently known tank armor. (from Wikipedia)[and full SUMO definition]
BIPAPVentilatorA non-invasive ventilator that provides breathing support administered through a face mask, nasal mask, or a helmet. Air, usually with added oxygen, is given through the mask under positive pressure; generally the amount of pressure is alternated depending on whether someone is breathing in or out. It is termed 'non-invasive' because it is delivered with a mask that is tightly fitted to the face or around the head, but without a need for tracheal Intubation (a tube through the mouth into the windpipe). While there are similarities with regards to the interface, NIV is not the same as a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAPVentilator), which applies a single level of positive airway pressure throughout the whole respiratory cycle; CPAP does not deliver ventilation but is occasionally used in conditions also treated with NIV. Non-invasive ventilation is used in acute respiratory failure caused by a number of medical conditions, most prominently ChronicObstructivePulmonaryDisease (COPD). [from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BKaotWestBankThe City of BKaot in WestBank.[and full SUMO definition]
BZGasStockpiled for a time by both NATO and the Warsaw Pact countries, BZGas is a psychoactive agent that is heaver than air and reputedly ten times more powerful than LSD. Effects of the gas are not well understood, but they include vomiting, lethargy, loss of motor co-ordination, and cognitive incapacity.[and full SUMO definition]
BabaMalayLanguageThe BabaMalayLanguage is a MalayBasedCreoleLanguage of Singapore. SIL code: BAL. ISO 639-2: crp. Population: 10,000 or more in Singapore (1986 A. Pakir). Estimates of ethnic Baba are from 250,000 to 400,000. Population: total both countries 15,000. Region: Mainly in the Katong District on the east coast and the surrounding districts of Geylang and Jao Chiat. Also spoken in Malaysia (Peninsular). Alternate names: CHINESE MALAY, BABA, STRAITS MALAY. Comments: It developed since the 15th century from Low Malay with many Hokkien Chinese borrowings. Regional variants between Malacca and Singapore. Partially intelligible with Standard Malay. It is generally believed that the Baba of Malaysia is more 'refined', and that of Singapore more 'rough'. Most have learned Standard Malay and English in school. Lim (1981) and Holm (1989) treat it as a Malay-based creole. It is different from Peranakan Indonesian. Some who grew up with Chinese neighbors know Hokkien, Teochew, and Cantonese. Children now learn Mandarin in school rather than Standard Malay. Baba is mainly used in the home and with other Babas. The only monolinguals are over 70 years old. NT 1913, out of print. Also spoken in: Malaysia (Peninsular). (Language name: MALAY, BABA.) Population: 5,000 in Malacca or 3% of the Chinese population (1979 Tan Chee Beng). Alternate names: STRAITS MALAY, CHINESE MALAY. Comments: Regional variants between Malacca and Singapore. Partially intelligible with Standard Malay. It is different from Peranakan Indonesian. Much bilingualism in Standard Malay. The only monolinguals are over 70 years old. It developed since the 15th century from Low Malay with many Hokkien Chinese borrowings. Lim (1981) and Holm (1989) treat it as a Malay-based creole. NT 1913, out of print.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BabaliaCreoleArabicLanguageThe SudaneseCreoleArabicLanguage is an ArabicBasedCreoleLanguage of Sudan. SIL code: PGA. ISO 639-2: crp. Population: 20,000 first language and 44,000 second language speakers in Juba alone (1987 estimate). Region: Southern Sudan, in the towns and many villages all over Equatoria Region, and up into Bahr al Ghazal and Upper Nile regions. Refugees have gone to other countries. Alternate names: JUBA ARABIC, SOUTHERN SUDAN ARABIC, PIDGIN ARABIC. Comments: Difficult intelligibility with Nubi, Sudanese Arabic, or Modern Standard Arabic. Also used as the major language of communication among speakers of different languages in Equatoria, south of Wau and Malakal. Used in many church services as first or second language in Juba and a few other towns. Many school teachers use it at least part of the time. Most people in towns speak at least two languages, and it is common for them to speak Creole Arabic, English, and 1, 2, or 3 vernaculars. Creole Arabic is gaining at the expense of English and the vernaculars, although most people keep their vernaculars as first, or at least second language. Trade language. SVO, tonal. Muslim, Christian. Bible portions 1983-1985.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BabyMonitoringSystemBabyMonitoringSystem refers to the radio system that Broadcasting at 49Mhz, consisting of a transmitter and receiver, where the transmitter is kept where the baby is kept, and the receiver is kept with the person looking after the baby to be able to hear sounds and monitor the baby[and full SUMO definition]
BachelorDegreeFnA binary function that refers specifically to a Bachelor's degree. (BachelorDegreeFn ?X ?Y) will represent the %AcademicDegree that is awarded to someone who has completed their undergraduate studies. ?X will represent the FieldOfStudy and ?Y will represent the College or University it came from.[and full SUMO definition]
BacillusAnthracisThe Bacterium which causes the disease Anthrax. Humans may become infected with Anthrax via contamination of a wound or by inhaling the Bacterium. When it is inhaled, the disease is often fatal if not treated early (see InhalationalAnthrax).[and full SUMO definition]
BacillusCereusA Bacterium that is closely related to and often found near BacillusAnthracis, the Bacterium that causes Anthrax. BacillusCereus causes two forms of food poisoning, one characterized by diarrhea and the other by vomiting. In most cases the disease is not life-threatening.[and full SUMO definition]
BacitracinA common topical antibiotic.[and full SUMO definition]
BackFnA Function that maps an Object to the side that is opposite the FrontFn of the Object. Note that this is a partial function, since some Objects do not have sides, e.g. apples and spheres. Note too that the range of this Function is indefinite in much the way that ImmediateFutureFn and ImmediatePastFn are indefinite. Although this indefiniteness is undesirable from a theoretical standpoint, it does not have significant practical implications, since there is widespread intersubjective agreement about the most common cases.[and full SUMO definition]
BackfireAn improper case of Engine operation where Combustion occurs in the Exhaust or intake.[and full SUMO definition]
BacklashlessWith no backlash.[and full SUMO definition]
BaconA cut of Pork that is cured in salt, then dried.[and full SUMO definition]
BacterialAgentBiologicalAgents that are instances of Bacterium.[and full SUMO definition]
BacterialDiseaseA disease that is caused by instances of Bacterium.[and full SUMO definition]
BacteriumA small, typically one-celled, prokaryotic Microorganism.[and full SUMO definition]
BadAirQualityWhen there is AtmosphericHazing or DustStorm in a GeographicArea, the place is likely to suffer from BadAirQuality.[and full SUMO definition]
BadVilbelGermanyThe City of BadVilbel in Germany.[and full SUMO definition]
BadgerBears are carnivoran mammals of the family Ursidae. They are classified as caniforms, or doglike carnivorans. Although only eight species of bears are extant, they are widespread, appearing in a wide variety of habitats throughout the Northern Hemisphere and partially in the Southern Hemisphere. Bears are found on the continents of North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Common characteristics of modern bears include large bodies with stocky legs, long snouts, small rounded ears, shaggy hair, plantigrade paws with five nonretractile claws, and short tails. [courtesy Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BadmintonA game played on a court with light long-handled rackets used to volley a shuttlecock over a net.[and full SUMO definition]
BagA Pliable Container with the purpose of Transfer of Object.[and full SUMO definition]
BaghdadIraqThe City of Baghdad in Iraq.[and full SUMO definition]
BagreColombiaThe City of Bagre in Colombia.[and full SUMO definition]
BahaiOne who subscribes to the beliefs fo Bahaism.[and full SUMO definition]
BahaismBahaism is a faith that emerged from an Islamic environment and which incorporated beliefs of the precursor faith of Babism into its revelation.[and full SUMO definition]
BahamasCreoleEnglishLanguageThe BahamasCreoleEnglishLanguage is a NorthEasternAtlanticEnglishBasedCreoleLanguage of the Bahamas. SIL code: BAH. ISO 639-2: cpe. Population: 225,000 or 86.5% of population (1987). Population total both countries 225,000. Region: Also spoken in USA. Alternate names: BAHAMIAN CREOLE ENGLISH, BAHAMIAN DIALECT. Comments: Intelligible with Sea Islands Creole good. Very close to Sea Islands Creole and Afro-Seminole of USA (Ian Hancock). The major differences with Sea Islands are in phonology, a few words, regional expressions, and a few grammatical differences (verbal markers). There is a spectrum of varieties from Standard USA English usage to the creole (Todd and Hancock 1986). Dictionary. Another orthography may be needed, since there were negative responses to the Sea Islands orthography presently in use. Christian.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BahawalpurPakistanThe City of Bahawalpur in Pakistan.[and full SUMO definition]
BahrainThe Nation of Bahrain.[and full SUMO definition]
BaibaiGroupLanguageOf the six KiowaTanoanLanguages, two are classified as a BaibaiGroupLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BaibaiLanguageThe BaiBaiLanguage is a BaiBaiGroupLanguage of PapuaNewGuinea. SIL code: BBF. ISO 639-2: paa. Population: 271 (1981 Wurm and Hattori). Region: Sandaun Province, Amanab District.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BajanLanguageThe BajanLanguage is a SouthEasternAtlanticEnglishBasedCreoleLanguage of Barbados. SIL code: BJS. ISO 639-2: cpe. Population: 259,000 (1995 estimate). Alternate names: BARBADIAN CREOLE ENGLISH. Comments: There is a basilectal variety spoken in a fishing village (Roy 1986). The speech of the poor and less educated is similar to the mesolect in nearby countries. Increasingly influenced by USA rather than United Kingdom English (Todd and Hancock 1986). Fewer than 20 lexical items are traceable to African origin (Niles 1980:148). Shares lexical features with Caribbean creoles. Christian.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BakaAlGarbiyehIsraelThe City of BakaAlGarbiyeh in Israel.[and full SUMO definition]
BakedGoodsStoresAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Baked Goods Stores or Retail Bakeries (selling only).[and full SUMO definition]
BakerIslandA dependency of the UnitedStates[and full SUMO definition]
BakeriesAndTortillaManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Bakeries and Tortilla Manufacturing.[and full SUMO definition]
Bakerya type of Business that specializes in the production and selling of the result of the process Baking[and full SUMO definition]
BakingAny instance of Cooking where the instrument is an Oven.[and full SUMO definition]
BakkaAlSharkiyaWestBankThe City of BakkaAlSharkiya in WestBank.[and full SUMO definition]
BakuAzerbaijanThe City of Baku in Azerbaijan.[and full SUMO definition]
BalconyA Balcony is a platform projecting from the wall of a building, surrounded by some type of railing[and full SUMO definition]
BaleEthiopiaThe City of Bale in Ethiopia.[and full SUMO definition]
BaliSignLanguageBaliSignLanguage is a DeafSignLanguage of Indonesia (the island of Bali). SIL code: BQY. ISO 639-2: sgn. Population: 2,200 in the village, out of 50 deaf people and 2,150 hearing people (1995 T. Friedman). Region: 1 village in Bali. Comments: The majority of the hearing people learn and use the sign language. This might not be the correct name.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BallAny GamePiece which has the shape of a sphere.[and full SUMO definition]
BallAndRollerBearingManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Ball and Roller Bearing Manufacturing or Ball and Roller Bearings.[and full SUMO definition]
BallBearingA small Metal Sphere designed for use in applications where it is desirable to reduce friction between two parts.[and full SUMO definition]
BallJointA ball joint allows for travel of two linked entities, where if one entity is fixed, the other can travel on paths that describe a portion of the surface of a sphere. A typical application is a linkage between the Wheels and AutoSuspensionSystem. A spring is typically included in order to reduce vibration.[and full SUMO definition]
BalladBallad is a generic term used for slow, romantic, despairing and catastrophic songs.[and full SUMO definition]
BallisticMissileA Missile which is guided for the first stage of its flight but then falls to its target for the second stage.[and full SUMO definition]
BalloonAny Pliable container that is made for holding a Gas.[and full SUMO definition]
BalloonLoanA long-term loan, often a mortgage, that has one large payment (the balloon payment) due upon maturity. Often done when refinancing or a major cash flow event is anticipated.[and full SUMO definition]
BallotA FormText which is used in Voting. A list of candidates is printed on the form, and the voter selects the candidate he/she wants to vote for.[and full SUMO definition]
BalochEthnicityIn Afghanistan, Baluchis nomads drive their flocks across the border from their province in southwestern Pakistan. They live mostly in the southern Afghan provinces of Helmand, Kandahar, Nimruz and Farah.[and full SUMO definition]
BalochiLanguageOf the 53 NorthwesternIranianLanguages, five of these are classified as a BalochiLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BalsaTreeBalsaTree is also known as Ochroma pyramidale. It is a large, fast growing tree native to America.[Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BalsaWoodBasalWood is made from logs of Balsa trees.[and full SUMO definition]
BalticLanguageA BalticLanguage is any of three closely related IndoEuropeanLanguages spoken in the Baltic lands.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BaltimoreMarylandThe largest City in Maryland.[and full SUMO definition]
BamakoSignLanguageBamakoSignLanguage is a DeafSignLanguage of Mali. SIL code: BOG. ISO 639-2: sgn. Population: No estimate available. Region: Bamako school for deaf children, separated into 3 grade classes. It is not known if it is widely used elsewhere or not. Comments: Not related to other sign languages. They have some knowledge of French, and possibly Bambara. 6 to 50 years old. Some hearing people use it to communicate with deaf people. Another community of deaf people in Bamako use a West African variety of American Sign Language. Dictionary.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BanKhorSignLanguageBanKhorSignLanguage is a DeafSignLanguage of Thailand. SIL code: BLA. ISO 639-2: sgn. Population: No estimate available. Region: Northeastern Thailand, a few villages. Comments: Not related to the original sign languages of Thailand, but there is some similarity.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BananaBanana is the common name for herbaceous plants of the genus Musa and for the fruit they produce. Bananas come in a variety of sizes and colors when ripe, including yellow, purple, and red. There is no formal botanical distinction between bananas and plantains, and the use of either term is based purely on how the fruits are consumed. [Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BanawaLanguageThe BanawaLanguage is an AruanLanguage of Brazil. SIL code: BNH. ISO 639-2: sai. Population: 70 (1994 SIL). Region: Amazonas, upriver quite a distance from the Jamamadi. Half live on the Banawa River, others on small creeks and in scattered locations, 1 village and 2 extended family settlements. Alternate names: KITIYA, BANAVA, BANAUA, JAFI. Comments: Not as close to Jamamadi linguistically as previously thought. Some bilingualism in Jamamadi, and a little in Portuguese. They prefer their own language. They call themselves 'Kitiya.' Literacy rate in first language: Below 1%. Literacy rate in second language: Below 5%. Tropical forest.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BanbridgeNorthernIrelandThe City of Banbridge in NorthernIreland.[and full SUMO definition]
BandageAn Artifact that is used in Covering an open wound.[and full SUMO definition]
BangkokThailandThe City of Bangkok in Thailand.[and full SUMO definition]
BangladeshThe Nation of Bangladesh.[and full SUMO definition]
BangorNorthernIrelandThe City of Bangor in NorthernIreland.[and full SUMO definition]
BanguiCentralAfricanRepublicThe City of Bangui in CentralAfricanRepublic.[and full SUMO definition]
BankCardA CreditCard or a DebitCard issued by a FinancialOrganization.[and full SUMO definition]
BankCardPaymenta BankCardPayment is a type of Payment where a CreditCard or a DebitCard is used as the FinancialInstrument in the transaction.[and full SUMO definition]
BankFinancialOrganizationAn organization, chartered by a state or federal government, which does most or all of the following: receives Deposits, honors FinancialInstruments drawn on them, and pays Interest on them, discounts Notes, makes Loans, and invests in SecuredLoans, collects Checks, Drafts and Notes, certifies depositor's checks, and issues drafts and Cashier's checks.[and full SUMO definition]
BankStatementA monthly report sent to a debtor or bank depositor.[and full SUMO definition]
BankTermLoanA bank loan terminating in one year or more.[and full SUMO definition]
BankerAny SkilledOccupation which involves working in a BankFinancialOrganization.[and full SUMO definition]
BannerNotificationBanners are displayed for a short period of time in the upper right corner of the Mac's screen, and then slide off to the right. The icon of the application is displayed on the left side of the banner, while the message from the application will be displayed on the right side.[and full SUMO definition]
BaptistBaptists comprise a group of Christian denominations and churches that subscribe to a doctrine that baptism should be performed only for professing believers.[and full SUMO definition]
BaptistChurchThe Class of BaptistChurches.[and full SUMO definition]
BaptistUnionOfGBThe Class of Baptist Union of Great Britain Churches.[and full SUMO definition]
BaptistUnionOfIrelandThe Class of Baptist Union of Ireland Churches.[and full SUMO definition]
BaptistUnionOfScotlandThe Class of Baptist Union of Scotland Churches.[and full SUMO definition]
BaptistUnionOfWalesThe Class of Baptist Union of Wales Churches.[and full SUMO definition]
BaptistsamfundetThe Class of Baptistsamfundet Churches.[and full SUMO definition]
BaptizingA ReligiousProcess which marks the acceptance of the person being baptized into the ReligiousOrganization.[and full SUMO definition]
BarMitzvahAn initiation ceremony marking the 13th birthday of a Jewish boy.[and full SUMO definition]
BarbacoanLanguageA BarbacoanLanguage is any of seven languages found in SouthAmerica that form a family of languages apparently unrelated to others.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BarbacoasLanguageThe BarbacoasLanguage is a PastoLanguage of Colombia. SIL code: BPB. ISO 639-2: sai. Region: Near the coastal town of Barbacoas, Narino. Comments Extinct.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BarbadosThe Nation of Barbados.[and full SUMO definition]
BarbarenoLanguageThe BarbarenoLanguage is a ChumashGroupLanguage of the UnitedStates. SIL code: BOI. ISO 639-2: nai. Region: Southern California, near Santa Barbara. Comments: Was not intelligible with other Chumash varieties. Extinct.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BarberShopsAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Barber Shops or Barber Shops (except barber colleges).[and full SUMO definition]
BarcelonaSpainThe City of Barcelona in Spain.[and full SUMO definition]
BareA state where no Clothing covers a particular BodyPart.[and full SUMO definition]
BarePrintedCircuitBoardManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Bare Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing or Printed Circuit Boards.[and full SUMO definition]
BarefootA state where someone doesn't wears Shoes.[and full SUMO definition]
BargainSaleOffering to sell something to someone at a reduced price.[and full SUMO definition]
BargeA Flat bottomed CargoShip.[and full SUMO definition]
BarikanchiLanguageThe BarikanchiLanguage is a HausaBasedPidginLanguage of Nigeria. SIL code: BXO. ISO 639-2: crp. Population: No estimate available. Comments: Used in military barracks. Second language only.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BariteBarite is Barium Sulfate occurring as a mineral.[and full SUMO definition]
BariumSilvery-white reactive element, belonging to group 2 of the periodic table. Soluble barium compounds are extremely poisonous. Identified in 1774 by Karl Scheele and extracted in 1808 by Humphry Davy.[and full SUMO definition]
BarkeoCambodiaThe City of Barkeo in Cambodia.[and full SUMO definition]
BarkingAny instance of RadiatingSound which is produced by a Canine.[and full SUMO definition]
BarleyGrainBarleyGrain is the seed of BarleyGrass. Globally 70% of barley production is used as animal fodder, while 30% as a source of fermentable material for beer and distilled beverages such as whiskey when made into malt. [and full SUMO definition]
BarleyGrassBarley (Hordeum vulgare) is a member of the Grass family. It is a major CerealGrain grown in the temperate climates globally.[and full SUMO definition]
BarnA Building on a Farm that is used for keeping DomesticAnimals, Fodder or harvested crops.[and full SUMO definition]
BarometricAltimeterA type of Altimeter which measures vertical distance to the mean sea level, using pressure level and calculated according to the standard atmosphere laws.[and full SUMO definition]
BarrancabermejaColombiaThe City of Barrancabermeja in Colombia.[and full SUMO definition]
BarricadeWN: a barrier (usually thrown up hastily so as to impede the advance of an enemy), they stormed the barricade[and full SUMO definition]
BarrierWN: a structure or object that impedes free movement[and full SUMO definition]
BartenderA bartender is a person who serves AlcoholicBeverages behind a counter (or similar) in a bar, pub, tavern, or similar establishment. Bartending requires certification in the US .[and full SUMO definition]
Basethe part of a transistor that separates the emitter from the collector[and full SUMO definition]
BaseballA TeamSport which involves two teams of 9 players each that take turns at bat and attempt to score runs. Note that each instance of Baseball is a baseball game.[and full SUMO definition]
BaseballBaseAny of four regions which must each be successively touched after a BaseballHit in order to complete a BaseballRun.[and full SUMO definition]
BaseballBatA bat which is used to hit the ball in Baseball.[and full SUMO definition]
BaseballDugoutA Building which is used to house the members of both Baseball teams while a game is being played.[and full SUMO definition]
BaseballFieldA SportsFacility which is dedicated to Baseball.[and full SUMO definition]
BaseballHitAny base hit in Baseball.[and full SUMO definition]
BaseballInningA division of a Baseball game. A normal game consists of 9 innings, and each inning involves a turn a bat for both teams.[and full SUMO definition]
BaseballManeuverAny Maneuver in Baseball.[and full SUMO definition]
BaseballPlayerAn athlete who plays baseball.[and full SUMO definition]
BaseballRunA Score in Baseball. It consists of hitting the ball with the bat and then touching all four bases of the diamond before being tagged with the ball by a member of the opposite team.[and full SUMO definition]
BaseballSingleAny BaseballHit where the batter makes it safely to first base by hitting the ball.[and full SUMO definition]
BaseballStealAny move from one base to another which is neither a BaseballWalk nor a BaseballHit.[and full SUMO definition]
BaseballStrikeA baseball pitch that is in the strike zone and that is not hit by the batter.[and full SUMO definition]
BaseballTeamThe class of SportsTeams that play Baseball.[and full SUMO definition]
BaseballWalkTaking first base after four balls have been called by the umpire.[and full SUMO definition]
BasebandForIPhoneThe Firmware for the AppleIPhone.[and full SUMO definition]
BasementA BuildingLevel which satisfies two conditions, viz. it is lower than all of the other BuildingLevels in the same Building and it is below ground level.[and full SUMO definition]
BashkardiLanguageThe BashkardiLanguage is a BalochiLanguage of Iran. SIL code: BSG. ISO 639-2: ira. Population: No estimate available. Comments: Muslim.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BasicChemicalManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Basic Chemical Manufacturing.[and full SUMO definition]
BasicPHHaving a pH of more than 7.[and full SUMO definition]
BasilAn herb commonly used in Italian and Thai cooking, native to India.[and full SUMO definition]
BasilarArterybasilar artery[and full SUMO definition]
BasinA Basin is an area of land enclosed or partially enclosed by higher land.[and full SUMO definition]
BasketA Basket is a PorousContainer made from interwoven strips of Plialbe materials such asWicker. The manufacturing Process for making baskets is Wickering.[and full SUMO definition]
BasketballA TeamSport which involves two teams of 5 players each. The object of the game is to put the ball through a hoop.[and full SUMO definition]
BasketballPlayerAn athlete who plays basketball.[and full SUMO definition]
BasketballTeamA team that plays Basketball.[and full SUMO definition]
BasqueEthnicityAn ethnic group of Europe, residing in the Basque lands of France and Spain, whose settlement predates the arrival of the Indo-European peoples.[and full SUMO definition]
BasqueGroupLanguageA BasqueGroupLanguage is a small family of languages consisting entirely of three varieties of Basque from France and Spain and which are apparently unrelated to all other languages.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BasqueLanguageThe BasqueLanguage is a BasqueGroupLanguage of Spain. SIL code: BSQ. ISO 639-1: eu. ISO 639-2(B): baq. ISO 639-2(T): eus. Population: 580,000 in Spain (1991 L. Trask U. of Sussex). There are 2,000,000 residents of the 3 provinces of Basque territory, 25% were born outside the territory, 40% in the territory were born to Basque parents. 4,400,000 in Spain have a Basque surname, 19% live in Basque country. Population total all countries: 580,000 or more. Region: French-Spanish border, 3 Basque provinces: Alava (Araba), Biskaia (Biskay), and Gipuzkoa of the Autonomous Basque Community (CAV), in the northern area of the Autonomous Region of Navarra (Nafarroa) of north central Spain. Also spoken in Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Philippines, USA. Alternate names: VASCUENSE, EUSKERA. Dialects: GUIPUZCOAN (GUIPUZCOANO, GIPUZKOAN), ALTO NAVARRO SEPTENTRIONAL (HIGH NAVARRESE, UPPER NAVARRAN), ALTO NAVARRO MERIDIONAL, BISCAYAN (VIZCAINO), AVALAN. Comments: Batua is based on Guipuzcoan, the central and most widely known dialect. A fair amount of inherent intelligibility among all regional varieties except Souletin. Regional varieties are sometimes preferred for oral use, but in Spain there is also a fairly strong desire for the Batua unified standard. Bilingualism in Castillian, Catalan sometimes. Ages 2 to 20 and over 50 as first language, all ages as first or second language in mainly Basque-speaking areas. 'Euzkadi' is the name of the Basque region, not for the language. Official language. Dictionary. Grammar. SOV, prepositions, genitives, articles, adjectives, numerals, relatives after noun heads, question word initial, verb affix gender agreement obligatory, prefix marks causative, comparative shown lexically. Batua uses a unified orthography. Deciduous forest. Mountain slope, coastal, riverine. sea level to 1,000 meters. Christian. Bible 1855-1994.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BasraIsraelThe City of Basra in Israel.[and full SUMO definition]
BassasDaIndiaA dependency of France[and full SUMO definition]
BatMitzvahAn initiation ceremony marking the 13th birthday of a Jewish girl.[and full SUMO definition]
BatYamIsraelThe City of BatYam in Israel.[and full SUMO definition]
BathBodyCareApplianceA BodyCareAppliance that is using water.[and full SUMO definition]
BathTubBathTub refers to a BathingDevice that you can fill with water to use to watch the body[and full SUMO definition]
BathingWashing the entire body of a Human or Animal.[and full SUMO definition]
BathingDeviceA WashingDevice which is intended to be used by Humans for washing their bodies. Note that this class covers bathtubs, showers, etc.[and full SUMO definition]
BathroomA Room that contains a WashBasin and possibly a Toilet.[and full SUMO definition]
BatmanTurkeyThe City of Batman in Turkey.[and full SUMO definition]
BatonA thin stick which is used for MusicalConducting.[and full SUMO definition]
BatrachotoxinA Toxin produced by some species of Frogs.[and full SUMO definition]
BattalionIn military terminology, a battalion consists of two to six companies typically commanded by a lieutenant colonel. The nomenclature varies by nationality and by branch of arms, e.g. some armies organize their infantry into battalions, but call battalion-sized cavalry, reconnaissance, or tank units a squadron or a regiment instead. There may even be subtle distinctions within a nation's branches of arms, such a distinction between a tank battalion and an armored squadron, depending on how the unit's operational role is perceived to fit into the army's historical organization. A battalion is potentially the smallest military unit capable of independent operations (i.e. not attached to a higher command), but is usually part of a regiment or a brigade or both, depending on the organizational model used by that service. Battalions are ordinarily homogeneous with respect to type (e.g. an infantry battalion or a tank battalion), although there are occasional exceptions. (from Wikipedia)[and full SUMO definition]
BatteryBattery is a subclass of Device. Batteries are devices that use chemical means to store or produce electrical power.[and full SUMO definition]
BatteryChargerA Device capable of charging a battery by forcing an electric current through it.[and full SUMO definition]
BatteryManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Battery Manufacturing.[and full SUMO definition]
BatteryPoweredDevice%BatteryPoweredDevice is an ElectricDevice that can be powered by either build-in Battery or attachable. Some battery powered devices can have multiple [and full SUMO definition]
BattleA ViolentContest between two or more military units within the context of a war. Note that this does not cover the metaphorical sense of 'battle', which simply means a struggle of some sort. This sense should be represented with the more general concept of Contest.[and full SUMO definition]
BauxiteBauxite is an impure mixture of earthy hydrous aluminum oxides and hydroxides that is the principal source of aluminum.[and full SUMO definition]
BavarianAustrianLanguageOf the eight UpperGermanLanguages, four are classified as a BavarianAustrianLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BavarianLanguageThe BavarianLanguage is a BavarianAustrianLanguage of Austria. SIL code: BAR. ISO 639-2: gem. Population: No estimate available. Region: Central Bavarian is in the Alps and Lower Austria and Salzburg, North Bavarian in the north of Regensburg, to Nuremburg and Western Bohemia, Czech Republic, South Bavarian in the Bavarian Alps, Tyrol, Styria, including the Heanzian dialect of Burgenland, Carinthia, northern Italy, and part of Gottschee. Also spoken in Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy. Alternate names: BAYERISCH, BAIRISCH, BAVARIAN AUSTRIAN, OST-OBERDEUTSCH. Dialects: CENTRAL BAVARIAN, NORTH BAVARIAN, SOUTH BAVARIAN. Comments: School is compulsory for 9 years, and is taught in Standard German. However, one report indicated that active competence in Standard German is limited for some speakers. News broadcasts in German are understood poorly by some of the population. Not endangered. SVO, prepositions, genitives, articles, adjectives, numerals, relatives before noun heads, question word initial, 2 prefixes, 3 to 4 suffixes on a word, word order distinguishes subjects, objects, indirect objects, affixes indicate case of noun phrase, obligatory verb affixes mark person and number of subject, other suffixes can mark gender of subject and person, number, and gender of object, causatives, comparatives, CV, CVC, CVV, CCV. Bible 1998. Also spoken in: Czech Republic. (Language name: BAVARIAN.) Alternate names: BAYERISCH, BAVARIAN AUSTRIAN. Dialects: CENTRAL BAVARIAN, NORTH BAVARIAN, SOUTH BAVARIAN. Comments: Investigation needed: intelligibility with dialects, bilingual proficiency, attitudes. Bible 1998. Also spoken in: Germany. (Language name: BAVARIAN.) Alternate names: BAIRISCH, BAYERISCH, BAVARIAN AUSTRIAN. Dialects: CENTRAL BAVARIAN, NORTH BAVARIAN, SOUTH BAVARIAN. Comments: Bilingualism in Standard German, Czech. School is taught in Standard German. Bible 1998. Also spoken in: Hungary. (Language name: BAVARIAN.) Alternate names: BAYERISCH, BAVARIAN-AUSTRIAN. Comments: Standard German used by educated people. Hungarian, Standard German used in professions. Used at home. Investigation needed: intelligibility, bilingual proficiency, attitudes. Bible 1998. Also spoken in: Italy. (Language name: BAVARIAN.) Alternate names: BAYERISCH, BAVARIAN AUSTRIAN. Dialects: CENTRAL BAVARIAN, NORTH BAVARIAN, SOUTH BAVARIAN. Comments: School in South Tyrol is taught in Standard German. Investigation needed: intelligibility with Standard German, bilingual proficiency in Italian, attitudes toward German, Italian. Bible 1998.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BayBay is the class of extensions of a body of water (salt or fresh) that reach into the land, usually smaller than a Gulf.[and full SUMO definition]
BayIslandsCreoleEnglishLanguageThe BayIslandsCreoleEnglishLanguage is a WesternAtlanticEnglishBasedCreoleLanguage of Honduras. SIL code: BYH. ISO 639-2: cpe. Population: 13,000 first language speakers, including 10,000 on the Bay Islands, and 3,000 on the north coast (1998 estimate). Region: Bay Islands (Guanaja, Roatan, Utila), north coast including La Ceiba and Puerto Cortes, and some in the Mosquitia. Dialects: CALABASH BIGHT. Comments: Ross Graham says creole influence is wider than has been reported and still needs to be addressed (1996). They understand at least some of San Andres Creole (Colombia). They may not understand Limon Creole (Costa Rica), and they say Jamaican is different. A 'stronger dialect' in Calabash Bight needs investigation. The variety on the north coast is reported to be a creole. Investigation needed: intelligibility with Calabash Bight, North Coast, San Andres, Limon, Belize.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BayonoAwbonoLanguageA BayonoAwbonoLanguage is either of two languages found in Indonesia (Irian Jaya) that form a family of languages apparently unrelated to others.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BayonoLanguageThe BayonoLanguage is a BayonoAwbonoLanguage of Indonesia (Irian Jaya). SIL code: BYL. ISO 639-2: paa. Population: 100 or fewer (1999 D. Clouse SIL). Region: South of Tokuni on the Steenboom River. Comments: Not related to Ok, Asmat, Awyu-Dumut, Momuna, or highlands languages like Dani or Mek. 55% lexical similarity with Awbono. SOV.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BeErShevaIsraelThe City of BeErSheva in Israel.[and full SUMO definition]
BeamRidingGMissileBeam-riding guidance leads a missile to its target by means of radar or a laser beam. It is one of the simplest forms of radar or laser guidance. The main use of this kind of system is to destroy airplanes or tanks. First, an aiming station (possibly mounted in a vehicle) in the launching area directs a narrow radar or laser beam at the enemy aircraft or tank. Then, the missile is launched and at some point after launch is gathered by the radar or laser beam when it flies into it. From this stage onwards, the missile attempts to keep itself inside the beam, while the aiming station keeps the beam pointing at the target. The missile, controlled by a computer inside it, rides the beam to the target. The aiming station can also use the radar returns of the beam bouncing off the target to track it, or it can be tracked optically or by some other means. (from Wikipedia)[and full SUMO definition]
BearingA Device designed to let the surfaces of two objects move in relation to one another with limited friction. Ball bearings roll in a channel affixed to one surface.[and full SUMO definition]
BearishAn adjective describing the opinion that a stock, or a market in general, will decline in price -- a negative or pessimistic outlook.[and full SUMO definition]
BeasainSpainThe City of Beasain in Spain.[and full SUMO definition]
BeaufortNumber0The estimated surfaceWindSpeed for BeaufortNumber0 is less than 1 MilesPerHour (2 km/h).[and full SUMO definition]
BeaufortNumber1The estimated surfaceWindSpeed for BeaufortNumber1 ranges between 1 and 3 MilesPerHour (2-5 km/h).[and full SUMO definition]
BeaufortNumber10The estimated surfaceWindSpeed for BeaufortNumber10 ranges between 55 and 63 MilesPerHour (89 and 102 km/h).[and full SUMO definition]
BeaufortNumber11The estimated surfaceWindSpeed for BeaufortNumber11 ranges between 64 and 72 MilesPerHour (103 and 117 km/h).[and full SUMO definition]
BeaufortNumber12The estimated surfaceWindSpeed for BeaufortNumber12 is over 73 MilesPerHour (118 km/h).[and full SUMO definition]
BeaufortNumber2The estimated surfaceWindSpeed for BeaufortNumber2 ranges between 4 and 7 MilesPerHour (6 and 11 km/h).[and full SUMO definition]
BeaufortNumber3The estimated surfaceWindSpeed for BeaufortNumber3 ranges between 8 and 12 MilesPerHour (12 and 19 km/h).[and full SUMO definition]
BeaufortNumber4The estimated surfaceWindSpeed for BeaufortNumber4 ranges between 13 and 18 MilesPerHour (20 and 28 km/h).[and full SUMO definition]
BeaufortNumber5The estimated surfaceWindSpeed for BeaufortNumber5 ranges between 19 and 24 MilesPerHour (29 and 38 km/h).[and full SUMO definition]
BeaufortNumber6The estimated surfaceWindSpeed for BeaufortNumber6 ranges between 25 and 31 MilesPerHour (39 and 49 km/h).[and full SUMO definition]
BeaufortNumber7The estimated surfaceWindSpeed for BeaufortNumber7 ranges between 32 and 38 MilesPerHour (50 and 61 km/h).[and full SUMO definition]
BeaufortNumber8The estimated surfaceWindSpeed for BeaufortNumber8 ranges between 39 and 46 MilesPerHour (62 and 74 km/h).[and full SUMO definition]
BeaufortNumber9The estimated surfaceWindSpeed for BeaufortNumber9 ranges between 47 and 54 MilesPerHour (75 and 88 km/h).[and full SUMO definition]
BeaufortNumberAttributeBeaufortNumberAttribute is the Attribute for indicating wind force, according to classifications based on observable weather conditions such as movement of object presence at the location, and later related to wind speed ranges.[and full SUMO definition]
BeautySalonsAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Beauty Salons or Beauty Shops (except beauty and cosmetology schools and manicure and pedicure salons).[and full SUMO definition]
BebopBebop is a 1940's jazz style with complex improvisation and a fast tempo.[and full SUMO definition]
BecomingDrunkThe process of transitioning from a state of being Sober to a state of being Drunk.[and full SUMO definition]
BecquerelSI radioactivity measure. Symbol: Bq. It measures the amount of radioactivity contained in a given sample of matter. It is that quantity of a radioactive element in which there is one atomic disintegration per SecondDuration. Becquerel = s^(-1).[and full SUMO definition]
BedA piece of Furniture which is primarily for sleeping.[and full SUMO definition]
BedAndBreakfastInnsAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Bed-and-Breakfast Inns or Hotels and Motels (bed and breakfast inns).[and full SUMO definition]
BedAttributeBedAttribute is the class of attributes attached to the type of cushion a Bed has[and full SUMO definition]
BedFrameA BedFrame is a %&component of a Bed that supports the mattress[and full SUMO definition]
BedLinenBedLinen is an Artifact made of Fabric that is used to Covering a Bed[and full SUMO definition]
BedriddenBeing largely confined to Bed as part of a DiseaseOrSyndrome.[and full SUMO definition]
BedroomA Room intended primarily for sleeping.[and full SUMO definition]
BeeA hairy Insect, some species of which produce honey and/or sting.[and full SUMO definition]
BeechTreeBeechTree is in the family of Fagaceae. It is native to temperate Europe, Asia and NorthAmerica.[Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BeechWoodBeechWood is made from logs of Beech trees.[and full SUMO definition]
BeefMeat that was originally part of a Cow.[and full SUMO definition]
BeefCattleRanchingAndFarmingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Beef Cattle Ranching and Farming or Beef Cattle, Except Feedlots.[and full SUMO definition]
BeefCattleRanchingAndFarmingIncludingFeedlotsAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Beef Cattle Ranching and Farming, including Feedlots.[and full SUMO definition]
BeerAn AlcoholicBeverage that is prepared by fermenting malt and hops.[and full SUMO definition]
BeerAndAleWholesalersAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Beer and Ale Wholesalers or Beer and Ale.[and full SUMO definition]
BeerBreweryA Beer brewery is a dedicated building for the making of beer, though beer can be made at home, and has been for much of beer's history.[and full SUMO definition]
BeerWineAndDistilledAlcoholicBeverageWholesalersAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Beer, Wine, and Distilled Alcoholic Beverage Wholesalers.[and full SUMO definition]
BeerWineAndLiquorStoresAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Beer, Wine, and Liquor Stores.[and full SUMO definition]
BeetSugarManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Beet Sugar Manufacturing or Beet Sugar.[and full SUMO definition]
BeforeCommonEraThe TimeInterval that runs from NegativeInfinity to the time of the birth of Christ.[and full SUMO definition]
BefriendingThis is a verb that refers to the action of one CognitiveAgent (i.e. the agent) becoming friends with another CognitiveAgent (i.e. the patient). Note: this is not to be confused with Friending.[and full SUMO definition]
BeginFnA UnaryFunction that maps a TimeInterval to the TimePoint at which the interval begins.[and full SUMO definition]
BeginNodeFnA UnaryFunction that maps a GraphPath to the GraphNode that is the beginning of the GraphPath. Note that, unlike InitialNodeFn (which relates a GraphArc to a GraphNode), BeginNodeFn is a total function - every GraphPath has a beginning.[and full SUMO definition]
BeginningOperationsThe process of an Organization commencing operations. In the case of a Corporation, this would be the process of going into business.[and full SUMO definition]
BeirutLebanonThe City of Beirut in Lebanon.[and full SUMO definition]
BeitElWestBankThe City of BeitEl in WestBank.[and full SUMO definition]
BeitHaggaiWestBankThe City of BeitHaggai in WestBank.[and full SUMO definition]
BeitHaninaWestBankThe City of BeitHanina in WestBank.[and full SUMO definition]
BeitSahurWestBankThe City of BeitSahur in WestBank.[and full SUMO definition]
BeitSheAnIsraelThe City of BeitSheAn in Israel.[and full SUMO definition]
BeitShemeshIsraelThe City of BeitShemesh in Israel.[and full SUMO definition]
BelarusThe Nation of Belarus.[and full SUMO definition]
BelarusanLanguageThe BelarusanLanguage is an EastSlavicLanguage of Belarus. SIL code: RUW. ISO 639-1: be. ISO 639-2: bel. Population: 7,905,000 in Belarus, 98% of the population (1993 Johnstone). Population total all countries: 10,200,000. 74% of the ethnic group from the former USSR speak it as mother tongue. Region: Also spoken in Azerbaijan, Canada, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russia (Europe), Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, USA, Uzbekistan. Alternate names: BELARUSIAN, BELORUSSIAN, BIELORUSSIAN, WHITE RUSSIAN, WHITE RUTHENIAN, BYELORUSSIAN. Dialects: NORTHEAST BELARUSAN (POLOTS, VITEB-MOGILEV), SOUTHWEST BELARUSAN (GRODNEN-BARANOVICH, SLUTSKO-MOZYR, SLUTSKA-MAZYRSKI), CENTRAL BELARUSAN. Comments: Linguistically between Russian and Ukrainian, with transitional dialects to both. National language. Cyrillic script used. Christian, Muslim (Tatar). Bible 1973. Also spoken in: Poland. (Language name: BELARUSAN.) Population: 230,000 in Poland (1993 Johnstone). Alternate names: BYELORUSSIAN, WHITE RUSSIAN. Comments: Cyrillic alphabet. Bible 1973.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BeledweyneSomaliaThe City of Beledweyne in Somalia.[and full SUMO definition]
BelfastNorthernIrelandThe City of Belfast in NorthernIreland.[and full SUMO definition]
BelgianSignLanguageBelgianSignLanguage is a DeafSignLanguage of Belgium. SIL code: BVS. ISO 639-2: sgn. Population: No estimate available. Dialects: NORTH BELGIUM SIGN LANGUAGE, SOUTH BELGIUM SIGN LANGUAGE. Comments: A variety of regional dialects which have their roots in different deaf schools. The dialect in the Flemish region is closer to that in the Walloon region than it is to Dutch Sign Language. Adopted signs from the old French sign language directly and indirectly. It began in 1825. Different sign languages are used in the classroom and by adults outside the classroom. Limited influence from Signed Dutch. Signed French and Signed Dutch are used some for intercommunication with hearing people. 3 deaf schools in Brussels have trained about one-third of the deaf in Belgium. There are 26 deaf institutions. Sign language interpreters are required in court. Some interpreters are available for college students. Some interpreters are provided for job training and mental health programs. There is sign language instruction for parents of deaf children. There is a committee on national sign language. Little research on the language. There are sign language classes for hearing people. There have been schools for deaf people since 1825. Dictionary. Films, TV, videos.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BelgiumThe Nation of Belgium.[and full SUMO definition]
BelgradeSerbiaAndMontenegroThe City of Belgrade in SerbiaAndMontenegro.[and full SUMO definition]
BeliefGroupA GroupOfPeople whose members share a belief or set of beliefs.[and full SUMO definition]
BeliefGroupMemberFnA Function that defines a member of a BeliefGroup.[and full SUMO definition]
BelizeThe Nation of Belize.[and full SUMO definition]
BellA PercussionInstrument that produces a single tone when it is struck.[and full SUMO definition]
BelowThis PositionalAttribute is derived from the up/down schema and may or may not involve contact. Note that this means directly below, i.e., if one object is Below another object, then the projections of the two objects overlap.[and full SUMO definition]
BelowTheLineThe lower level publications in the hierarchy of joint publications that are signed by the Director, Joint Staff and contain specific mission-area guidance for the joint community. Included in this level are reference publications and those describing joint personnel, intelligence support, operations, logistic support, planning, and command, control, communications, and computer systems support.[and full SUMO definition]
BeltA piece of Clothing that is worn around the waist to restrain another piece of clothing.[and full SUMO definition]
BenelystaAn Immunosuppressive used to treat Lupus.[and full SUMO definition]
BeninThe Nation of Benin.[and full SUMO definition]
BenzodiazepineBenzodiazepines (BZD, BDZ, BZs), sometimes called 'benzos', are a class of psychoactive drugs whose core chemical structure is the fusion of a benzene ring and a diazepine ring. As depressants—drugs which lower brain activity—they are prescribed to treat conditions such as Anxiety, Insomnia, and Seizures. The first benzodiazepine, chlordiazepoxide (Librium), was discovered accidentally by Leo Sternbach in 1955 and was made available in 1960 by Hoffmann–La Roche, which soon followed with diazepam (Valium) in 1963. By 1977, benzodiazepines were the most prescribed medications globally; the introduction of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), among other factors, decreased rates of prescription, but they remain frequently used worldwide.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BeothukLanguageThe BeothukLanguage is a language of unknown classification from Canada. SIL code: BUE. ISO 639-2: nai. Region: Newfoundland. Alternate names: BEOTHUC, BETHUCK, BETHUK, NEWFOUNDLAND, RED INDIANS. Comments: The theory that it was an Algonquian language is not accepted by all Algonquianists. Became extinct in 1829. Extinct.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BequeathingAny UnilateralGiving where the agent wills some part of his/her property to someone else upon his/her death.[and full SUMO definition]
BerberLanguageA BerberLanguage is one of 26 languages of the AfroAsiaticLanguage family.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BerbiceCreoleDutchLanguageThe BerbiceCreoleDutchLanguage is a DutchBasedCreoleLanguage of Guyana. SIL code: BRC. ISO 639-2: crp. Population: 4 or 5 speakers (1993 S. Kouwenberg), 15 with limited competence (1989 J. Holm). Region: Berbice River area. Comments: Speakers claim it is not inherently intelligible with Skepi or Rupununi. About 1/3 of the basic lexicon and, most of the productive morphology is from Eastern Ijo in Nigeria; most of the rest of the lexicon is from Dutch, 10% loans from Arawak and Guyanese Creole English. Speakers are bilingual in Guyanese, which has influenced Berbice considerably. Grammar. SVO. Nearly extinct.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BereavedFatherIn Arabic: vakolAn. A father bereaved of a child (as opposed to (yatiym) or (yatiymap) for feminine: 'orphan' a person whose father or mother died or both father and mother died).[and full SUMO definition]
BereavedMotherIn Arabic: vakolaY. A mother bereaved of a child (as opposed to 'orphan' a person whose father or mother died or both father and mother died).[and full SUMO definition]
BerkeleySoftwareDistributionBerkeley Software Distribution (UNIX), a version of Unix distributed by the University of California at Berkeley. Widely used as a standard for early versions of Unix and Unix software libraries.[and full SUMO definition]
BerkeliumRadioactive metallic transuranic element. Belongs to actinoid series. Eight known isotopes, the most common Bk-247, has a half-life of 1.4*10^3 years. First produced by Glenn T. Seaborg and associates in 1949 by bombarding americium-241 with alpha particles.[and full SUMO definition]
BerlinGermanyThe capital of Germany and the largest City of the country.[and full SUMO definition]
BermudaA dependency of the UnitedKingdom[and full SUMO definition]
BernSwitzerlandThe capital of Switzerland.[and full SUMO definition]
BerryFruits commonly considered berries but excluded by the botanical definition include strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries, which are aggregate fruits and mulberries, which are multiple fruits. Watermelons and pumpkins are giant berries that fall into the category pepos. A plant bearing berries is said to be bacciferous or baccate.[Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BerryExceptStrawberryFarmingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Berry (except Strawberry) Farming or Berry Crops (except strawberry farms).[and full SUMO definition]
BerylliumGrey metallic element of group 2 of the periodic table. Is toxic and can cause severe lung diseases and dermatitis. Shows high covalent character. It was isolated independently by F. Wohler and A.A. Bussy in 1828.[and full SUMO definition]
BesselsEquationBessel's equation[and full SUMO definition]
BestMatchAlgorithmA Procedure that hasPurpose of there being a SearchEngine that is its agent, a SearchQuery which is its patient SRPResults being its agent.[and full SUMO definition]
BestOfferingA case of OfferingToPurchase where there does not exist another instance of OfferingToPurchase the same Object at a higher price.[and full SUMO definition]
BetLeHiyehGazaStripThe City of BetLeHiyeh in GazaStrip.[and full SUMO definition]
BetaBlockerBeta blockers (beta-blockers, β-blockers, etc.) are a class of medications that are predominantly used to manage abnormal heart rhythms, and to protect the heart from a second heart attack (myocardial infarction) after a first heart attack (secondary prevention). They are also widely used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension), although they are no longer the first choice for initial treatment of most patients.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BetafLanguageThe BetafLanguage is a language of unknown classification from Indonesia (Irian Jaya). SIL code: BFE. ISO 639-2: paa. Population: 400 (1973 R. Sterner SIL). Region: North coast area east of Sarmi, Jayapura Kabupaten, Pantai Timur Kecamatan.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BetawiLanguageThe BetawiLanguage is a MalayBasedCreoleLanguage of Indonesia (Java and Bali). SIL code: BEW. ISO 639-2: crp. Population: 2,700,000 (1993 Johnstone). Region: Jakarta, Java. Alternate names: JAKARTA MALAY, BETAWI MALAY, BATAVI, BATAWI, MELAYU JAKARTE. Comments: 'A Malay based creole which is quite distinct from both standard Indonesian and from other Malay-based pidgins and creoles.' It had evolved by the mid-19th century. Unique phonological, morphological, and lexical traits. There are also influences from Peranakan Chinese and Bali. Often not intelligible to Indonesian speakers not familiar with it (R.B. Allen, Jr. 1989). Functions as a 'low' variety in a diglossic situation, but is a prestige variety when used by the upper class. The people are called 'Betawi Asli' or 'Betawi.' Grammar.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BeteLanguageThe BeteLanguage is a language of unknown classification from Nigeria. SIL code: BYF. ISO 639-2: mis. Population: Few speakers out of 3,000 population (1992). Region: Taraba State, Takum LGA, Bete town, at the foot of Bete mountain. Comments: Reported to have been close to Lufu and Bibi. The language is dying out. The people now speak Jukun. 6 subgroups: Aphan (Afan), Ruke, Osu, Agu, Botsu, Humiyan. Formerly had land disputes with the Tiv. Christian, traditional religion. Nearly extinct.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BethElIsraelThe City of BethEl in Israel.[and full SUMO definition]
BethlehemWestBankThe City of Bethlehem in WestBank.[and full SUMO definition]
BetterBusinessBureauThe Better Business Bureau (BBB), founded in 1912, is a private, nonprofit organization whose self-described mission is to focus on advancing marketplace trust, consisting of 106 independently incorporated local BBB organizations in the United States and Canada, coordinated under the International Association of Better Business Bureaus (IABBB) in Arlington, Virginia. The Better Business Bureau is not affiliated with any governmental agency. [from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BettingA FinancialTransaction where an instance of CurrencyMeasure is exchanged for the possibility of winning a larger instance of CurrencyMeasure within the context of some sort of Game.[and full SUMO definition]
BevelGearA Gear that is shaped as a segment of a Cone, which allows axles connected to a pair of gears not to be parallel.[and full SUMO definition]
BeverageAny food, excluding water that is ingested by Drinking. Note that this class is disjoint Meat and FruitOrVegetable.[and full SUMO definition]
BeverageAndTobaccoProductManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Beverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing.[and full SUMO definition]
BeverageArtifactBeverageArtifact is the class of Artifacts that are Beverages, packaged or unpackaged.[and full SUMO definition]
BeverageManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Beverage Manufacturing.[and full SUMO definition]
BeverageMenua BeverageMenu is a Menu of Beverages[and full SUMO definition]
BeverageTastingBeverage tasting is a gathering of people to taste and compare different types of a given Beverage, usually an alcoholic one.[and full SUMO definition]
BhatolaLanguageThe BhatolaLanguage is a language of unknown classification from India. SIL code: BTL. ISO 639-2: mis. Population: No estimate available. Region: Madhya Pradesh.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BhilLanguageOf the 67 CentralZoneIndoAryanLanguages, 16 of these are classified as a BhilLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BhutanThe Nation of Bhutan.[and full SUMO definition]
BicameralLegislatureBicameralLegislature is the Attribute of governments whose legislative branches have two legislative chambers. For example, in the UnitedStates the legislative branch comprises the Senate and the House of Representatives.[and full SUMO definition]
BicepsBrachiiMuscleThe BicepsBrachiiMuscle flexes elbow, supinates forearm.[and full SUMO definition]
BicepsFemorisMuscleThe BicepsFemorisMuscle flexes knee joint, laterally rotates leg at knee (when knee is flexed), extends hip joint (long head only).[and full SUMO definition]
BicycleBicycle is a class of two-wheeled, UserPoweredVehicles.[and full SUMO definition]
BidCountFn(BidCountFn ?COLL) returns the number of Biddings which were the objectOfBid of the Biddings are also the patients of WebListings which are members of ?COLL.[and full SUMO definition]
BiddingA Requesting where the patient is a Formula specifying that there is a Buying for a certain transactionAmount, where the agent of the Bidding is the agent of the Buying.[and full SUMO definition]
BidetBidet is a WashingDevice intended for washing genitals and the anal area while on the toilet[and full SUMO definition]
BidyaWestBankThe City of Bidya in WestBank.[and full SUMO definition]
BigBandMusicBigBandMusic refers to music by large orchestras that play a form of swing music.[and full SUMO definition]
BilbaoSpainThe City of Bilbao in Spain.[and full SUMO definition]
BilberryA Bilberry or sometimes European blueberry, is a primarily Eurasian species of low growing shrubs in the genus vaccinium (family Ericaceae),bearing edible, dark blue berries. [Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BileBile, or gall, is a dark-green-to-yellowish-brown fluid produced by the liver of most vertebrates that aids the digestion of lipids in the small intestine. In Humans, bile is produced continuously by the Liver (liver bile) and stored and concentrated in the Gallbladder. After Eating, this stored bile is discharged into the duodenum. The composition of hepatic bile is (97–98)% water, 0.7% bile salts, 0.2% bilirubin, 0.51% fats (cholesterol, fatty acids, and lecithin), and 200 meq/l inorganic salts. The two main pigments of bile are bilirubin, which is yellow, and its oxidised form biliverdin, which is green. When mixed, they are responsible for the brown color of Feces. About 400 to 800 millilitres of bile is produced per day in adult human beings.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BillabonaSpainThe City of Billabona in Spain.[and full SUMO definition]
BiloxiLanguageThe BiloxiLanguage is a BiloxiOfoLanguage of the UnitedStates. SIL code: BLL. ISO 639-2: sio. Region: Lower Mississippi Valley. Comments: Extinct.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BiloxiOfoLanguageOf the three SoutheasternSiouanLanguages, two closely related languages are classified as a BiloxiOfoLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BimetalTemperatureSensorTwo metals bonded together that have dissimilar thermal expansion properties. This leads to the strip curling one direction or another with changes in TemperatureMeasure, typically activating a switch or other device.[and full SUMO definition]
BinaryFunctionThe Class of Functions that require two arguments.[and full SUMO definition]
BinaryNumberElements from the number system with base 2. Every BinaryNumber is expressed as a sequence of the digits 1 and 0.[and full SUMO definition]
BinaryPredicateA Predicate relating two items - its valence is two.[and full SUMO definition]
BinaryRelationBinaryRelations are relations that are true only of pairs of things. BinaryRelations are represented as slots in frame systems.[and full SUMO definition]
BinyaminaIsraelThe City of Binyamina in Israel.[and full SUMO definition]
BiochemicalAgentA BiologicalAgent or a ChemicalAgent.[and full SUMO definition]
BiochemicalAttackAttacks in which a BiochemicalWeapon is used against an Organism.[and full SUMO definition]
BiochemicalWeaponA WeaponOfMassDestruction that is either a BiologicalWeapon or a ChemicalWeapon, i.e. not a RadioactiveWeapon.[and full SUMO definition]
BiodiversityAttributeBiodiversityAttribute is the class of Attributes that describe the level of biodiversity present in a GeographicArea or Ecosystem.[and full SUMO definition]
BiographyA HistoricalAccount which is concerned with the life of a single Human.[and full SUMO definition]
BiologicalAgentA naturally occurring Substance, or a synthetic analogue of such a substance or an Organism that is capable of inflicting severe harm on other Organisms. All BiologicalWeapons contain a BiologicalAgent.[and full SUMO definition]
BiologicalAttributeAttributes that apply specifically to instances of OrganicObject (Organism or AnatomicalStructure).[and full SUMO definition]
BiologicalConceptionThe production of a zygote from the fusion of a male and female gamete.[and full SUMO definition]
BiologicalProcessA Process embodied in an Organism.[and full SUMO definition]
BiologicalProductExceptDiagnosticManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Biological Product (except Diagnostic) Manufacturing or Biological Products, Except Diagnostic Substance.[and full SUMO definition]
BiologicalWeaponWeapons which contain a sample of ToxicOrganism or a BiologicallyActiveSubstance that is produced by a ToxicOrganism (or a synthetic analogue of the latter).[and full SUMO definition]
BiologicallyActiveSubstanceA Substance that is capable of inducing a change in the structure or functioning of an Organism. This Class includes Substances used in the treatment, diagnosis, prevention or analysis of normal and abnormal body function. This Class also includes Substances that occur naturally in the body and are administered therapeutically. Finally, BiologicallyActiveSubstance includes Nutrients, most drugs of abuse, and agents that require special handling because of their toxicity.[and full SUMO definition]
BiologistA Scientist who studies Biology that is living organisms.[and full SUMO definition]
BiologyThe study of the classification, development, and functioning of Organisms.[and full SUMO definition]
BiomeBiome is the class of GeographicAreas representing major kinds of ecological communities, that is, areas in which certain kinds of plants, animals, weather, and terrain interact to produce and support a distinctive ecosystem.[and full SUMO definition]
BiopolymerBiopolymers are natural Polymers produced by the cells of living organisms. Like other polymers, biopolymers consist of Monomeric units that are covalently bonded in chains to form larger molecules. There are three main classes of biopolymers, classified according to the monomers used and the structure of the biopolymer formed: polynucleotides, polypeptides, and polysaccharides.[Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BiopsyAny DiagnosticProcess which involves the examination of BodySubstances taken from a living Organism.[and full SUMO definition]
BipedAn Animal that walks on two Legs (at least when FullyFormed and not exhibiting some DiseaseOrSyndrome).[and full SUMO definition]
BirchTreeBirchTree is a thin-leaved Hardwood BotanicalTree in the family of Betulaceae.[Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BirchWoodBirchWood is made from logs of Birch trees.[and full SUMO definition]
BirdA Vertebrate having a constant body temperature and characterized by the presence of feathers.[and full SUMO definition]
BirdEggAny Egg that is produced by a Bird.[and full SUMO definition]
BirdsHeadLanguageOf the 26 WestPapuanLanguages, eight related languages are classified as a BirdsHeadLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BirthThe Process of being born.[and full SUMO definition]
BirthCertificateA BirthCertificate is a Text which documents the Birth of a person.[and full SUMO definition]
BirthdayNotificationOn many social networking sites, a user is notified when someone with whom they are connected has a birthday. For instance, on Facebook, a FacebookUser is notified every time a facebookFriend has a birthday.[and full SUMO definition]
BirthsPerThousandFn(BirthsPerThousandFn ?AREA ?YEAR) denotes the RealNumber that represents the number of births per thousand individuals in the population of the GeopoliticalArea ?AREA for Year ?YEAR. This number gives the average annual number of births during a year per 1,000 persons in the population at midyear, also known as crude birth rate. The birth rate is usually the dominant factor in determining the rate of population growth. It depends on both the level of fertility and the age structure of the population.[and full SUMO definition]
BishkekKyrgyzstanThe City of Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan.[and full SUMO definition]
BishopA bishop is an ordained or consecrated member of the Christian clergy who is generally entrusted with a position of authority and oversight.[and full SUMO definition]
BislamaLanguageThe BislamaLanguage is a PacificEnglishBasedCreoleLanguage of Vanuatu. SIL code: BCY. ISO 639-1: bi. ISO 639-2: bis. Population: The majority of the population of 128,000 understands and uses it as a lingua franca. There are some first language speakers. Population total both countries: 1,200 or more. Alternate names: BICHELAMAR. Comments: Unlike Tok Pisin (Papua New Guinea) and Pijin (Solomon Islands) there are some French loan words. Partially intelligible with Pijin and Tok Pisin. Widely used in commerce, government, internal dealings. National language. Dictionary. Grammar. Literacy rate in first language: 10% to 30%. Literacy rate in second language: 25% to 50%. Newspapers. Bible 1998. Also spoken in: New Caledonia. (Language name: BISLAMA.) Population: 1,200 in New Caledonia (1982 SIL). Alternate names: BICHELAMAR. Comments: Bible in press (1996).(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BismuthWhite crystalline metal with a pink tinge, belongs to group 15. Most diamagnetic of all metals and has the lowest thermal conductivity of all the elements except mercury. Lead-free bismuth compounds are used in cosmetics and medical procedures. Burns in the air and produces a blue flame. In 1753, C.G. Junine first demonstrated that it was different from lead.[and full SUMO definition]
BitOne Bit of information. A one or a zero.[and full SUMO definition]
BitingAny instance of Grabbing where the instrument is the Mouth of the agent.[and full SUMO definition]
BitsPerSecondThe measurement of the speed of data transfer in a communications system.[and full SUMO definition]
BitternessHaving a bitter taste.[and full SUMO definition]
BituminousCoalAndLigniteSurfaceMiningAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Bituminous Coal and Lignite Surface Mining or Bituminous Coal and Lignite Surface Mining.[and full SUMO definition]
BituminousCoalUndergroundMiningAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Bituminous Coal Underground Mining or Bituminous Coal Underground Mining.[and full SUMO definition]
BjtTransistorBipolar transistor[and full SUMO definition]
BlackThe Attribute of being black in color.[and full SUMO definition]
BlackCherryTreeBlackCherryTree grows in eastern UnitedStates. It is the source of CherryWood, a Hardwood material in construction and funiture making.[Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BlackEthnicityA broad racial division encompassing various African, African-American, and Caribbean peoples.[and full SUMO definition]
BlackberryA Blackberry is an edibble fruit produced by many species in the genus Rubus in the family Rosaceae.[Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BlackcurrentA Blackcurrent is an edibble fruit of Ribes nigrum, also known as cassis. It is a deciduous shrub in the fmaily Grossulariaceae.[Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BlackjackBlackjack is the most widely played Casino card banking game in the world.[and full SUMO definition]
BladderAn Organ that holds Urine produced by the Kidneys prior to Urination.[and full SUMO definition]
BladeThe Flat cutting part of a CuttingDevice.[and full SUMO definition]
BlankA RelationalAttribute meaning that there is no ContentBearingObject located on the Object with this attribute[and full SUMO definition]
BlankbookLooseleafBindersAndDevicesManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Blankbook, Looseleaf Binders, and Devices Manufacturing or Blankbooks, Loose-leaf Binders and Devices (except checkbooks).[and full SUMO definition]
BlanketA piece of Fabric whose purpose is to keep a person who is in bed warm.[and full SUMO definition]
BleederValveA Valve designed for use in BleedingAir, typically from hydraulics such a brake lines.[and full SUMO definition]
BleedingThe release of Blood from an Animal in response to an Injuring of some sort.[and full SUMO definition]
BleedingAirThe process of removing fluid under pressure to locate and remove pockets of Air. This is done typically in hydraulic applications since air is compressible, and therefore undesirable in a hydraulic line.[and full SUMO definition]
BlindThe Attribute that applies to Animals and Humans that are unable to see.[and full SUMO definition]
BlindAndShadeManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Blind and Shade Manufacturing or Drapery Hardware and Window Blinds and Shades.[and full SUMO definition]
BlinkingBlinking is a rapid Closing and Opening of the Eye done by the Eyelid.[and full SUMO definition]
BlisterAgentChemicalAgents that affect eyes, lungs, and skin. BlisterAgents are so named because they cause blistering of the skin. They may also cause blindness and respiratory damage.[and full SUMO definition]
BlizzardA Blizzard is a Snowing with surfaceWindSpeed of over 35 KnotUnitOfSpeed for a sustained duration of at least 3 HourDuration. The strong Wind results in blowing Snow causing the %Region affected to have visibilityInMeteorology reduced to less than 400 Meter. [and full SUMO definition]
BloatingAny Process where the stomach or instestines of a Human or Animal become distended from excessive gas.[and full SUMO definition]
BlockadeAny Maneuver in a Contest where one contestParticipant attempts to deny access to something that is wanted by another contestParticipant.[and full SUMO definition]
BlogA Blog is a WebSite which one or more people can update with DigitalPosts and engaged in DigitalComments.[and full SUMO definition]
BloodA fluid present in Animals that transports Nutrients to and waste products away from various BodyParts.[and full SUMO definition]
BloodAgentA CompoundSubstance that prevents the normal use of oxygen by bodily tissues. BloodAgents are highly volatile and disperse easily in the open air.[and full SUMO definition]
BloodAndOrganBanksAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Blood and Organ Banks or Health and Allied Services, NEC (blood and organ banks).[and full SUMO definition]
BloodCellA Cell that is normally present in Blood.[and full SUMO definition]
BloodCirculationThe LiquidMotion of Blood through the Veins and Arteries of an Animal. The Motion is caused by the Heart. Note that this is disjoint from non-circulatory motion of blood such as Bleeding from an Injury.[and full SUMO definition]
BloodPlasmaBlood plasma is a light amber-colored liquid component of blood in which blood cells are absent, but which contains proteins and other constituents of whole blood in suspension. It makes up about 55% of the body's total blood volume. It is the intravascular part of extracellular fluid (all body fluid outside cells). It is mostly water (up to 95% by volume), and contains important dissolved proteins (6–8%; e.g., serum albumins, globulins, and fibrinogen), glucose, clotting factors, electrolytes (Na+, Ca2+, Mg2+, HCO3−, Cl−, etc.), hormones, carbon dioxide (plasma being the main medium for excretory product transportation), and oxygen. It plays a vital role in an intravascular osmotic effect that keeps electrolyte concentration balanced and protects the body from infection and other blood-related disorders.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BloodTypeAThe subclass of Blood that contains AntigenA and does not contain AntigenB.[and full SUMO definition]
BloodTypeABThe subclass of Blood that contains both AntigenA and AntigenB.[and full SUMO definition]
BloodTypeBThe subclass of Blood that contains AntigenB and does not contain AntigenA.[and full SUMO definition]
BloodTypeOThe subclass of Blood that contains neither AntigenA nor AntigenB.[and full SUMO definition]
BloodVesselAny BodyVessel which is used to circulate Blood from one part of the body to another.[and full SUMO definition]
BluRayDiscA type of CompactDisc that has significantly more storage than a DVD.[and full SUMO definition]
BluRayDriveA device that can read and (in some cases) write BluRayDiscs.[and full SUMO definition]
BlueThe Attribute of being blue in color.[and full SUMO definition]
BlueAgaveA succulent that is native to Jalisco, Mexico, and used in the production of Tequila.[and full SUMO definition]
BlueCheeseBlueCheese is a young, ripen cheese, without being pressed. It develops a soft rind.[ikonet][and full SUMO definition]
BlueChipStockStock with a solid and stable earnings record from a company that either leads or dominates or is a major player in a specific industry.[and full SUMO definition] is Orange County’s Public Health Service digital platform.[and full SUMO definition]
BlueberryA Blueberry is the fruit of a group of perennial FloweringPlants in the section Cyanococcus within the genus Vaccinium. Vaccinium also includes cranberries, bilberries,huckleberries and Madeira blueberries. Commercial blueberries, both wild and cultivated are all native to North America.[Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BluegrassBluegrass is American country music mixed with Irish and Scottish influences.[and full SUMO definition]
BlueprintAn Icon which is a scale model of an Artifact, whether the Artifact actually exists or not.[and full SUMO definition]
BluesMusicBluesMusic is African-American music that originated in the Mississippi delta.[and full SUMO definition]
BluetoothNetworkBluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data between fixed and mobile devices over short distances using short-wavelength UHF radio waves in the industrial, scientific and medical radio bands, from 2.400 to 2.485 GHz, and building personal area networks (PANs). It was originally conceived as a wireless alternative to RS-232 data cables. (from Wikipedia)[and full SUMO definition]
BlushingThe process of turning red in response to a stimulus which has a deep emotional effect.[and full SUMO definition]
BneiAyishIsraelThe City of BneiAyish in Israel.[and full SUMO definition]
BoLanguageThe BoLanguage is a LeftMayLanguage of PapuaNewGuinea. SIL code: BPW. ISO 639-2: paa. Population: 85 (1998 NTM). Region: Sandaun Province, the heart of the western range, Bo, Kobaru, Kaumifi, Nigyama Umarita villages. Western range, close to the border of West Sepik Province, near Right May River, East Sepik Province. Alternate names: PO, SORIMI. Dialects: KABORU, NIKIYAMA, UMURUTA. Comments: The area is seldom entered by outsiders. Unconfirmed as a separate language. Literacy rate in second language: 50% Tok Pisin. Tropical forest. Mountain slope, valley. Hunters-gatherers. 475 feet. Traditional religion.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BoardOrBlockA piece of material with flat, rectangular sides. Note that boards and blocks are lumped into a single concept, because the difference between these notions cannot be precisely defined.[and full SUMO definition]
BoardingGetting on a Vehicle, e.g. getting into an Automobile, boarding an Aircraft, etc.[and full SUMO definition]
BoatBuildingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Boat Building or Boat Building and Repairing (boat building).[and full SUMO definition]
BoatDealersAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Boat Dealers or Boat Dealers.[and full SUMO definition]
BoatDeckOne of the levels of a WaterVehicle, e.g. the upper deck and lower deck of small boats with a cabin.[and full SUMO definition]
BodyAreaFnA Function that denotes the area near a given organ or structure of the body such as 'bicep area' or 'stomach area'.[and full SUMO definition]
BodyCareApplianceHouseholdAppliance designed to be used for exercise or personal body care.[and full SUMO definition]
BodyCavityAny BodyPart which contains an unfilled space, e.g. BodyVessels, the atria and ventricles of the heart, the lungs, etc.[and full SUMO definition]
BodyCoveringAny BodyPart which is a covering of another BodyPart or of an entire Organism. This would include the rinds of FruitOrVegetables and the skins of Animals.[and full SUMO definition]
BodyJointBodyJunctions where different parts of the same Skeleton come together.[and full SUMO definition]
BodyJunctionThe place where two BodyParts meet or connect.[and full SUMO definition]
BodyMotionAny Motion where the agent is an Organism and the patient is a BodyPart.[and full SUMO definition]
BodyOfWaterA BodyOfWater is a connected body of water with established boundaries marked by either geographical features or conventional borders.[and full SUMO definition]
BodyOrificeAny HoleRegion in the body of an Animal.[and full SUMO definition]
BodyPartA collection of Cells and Tissues which are localized to a specific area of an Organism and which are not pathological. The instances of this Class range from gross structures to small components of complex Organs.[and full SUMO definition]
BodyPositionThe class of Attributes expressing configurations of bodies or parts of bodies of animals or humans, e.g. standing, sitting, kneeling, lying down, etc.[and full SUMO definition]
BodySegmenta part of the body that is capable of some degree of intentional independent motion from some other part of the body to which it is connected.[and full SUMO definition]
BodySideFnA Function that takes a BodyPart that normally exists in pairs and returns the part that is on the given side of the body, for example (BodyPartFn Right Lung) or (BodyPartFn Left Arm).[and full SUMO definition]
BodySubstanceExtracellular material and mixtures of cells and extracellular material that are produced, excreted or accreted by an Organism. Included here are Substances such as saliva, dental enamel, sweat, hormones, and gastric acid.[and full SUMO definition]
BodyVesselAny tube-like structure which occurs naturally in an Organism and through which a BodySubstance can circulate.[and full SUMO definition]
BodybuildingA sport which involves the development of one's Muscles and competition against other bodybuilders.[and full SUMO definition]
BogotaColombiaThe City of Bogota in Colombia.[and full SUMO definition]
BoilerTankAndShippingContainerManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Boiler, Tank, and Shipping Container Manufacturing.[and full SUMO definition]
BoilingThe Class of Processes where a Substance is heated and converted from a Liquid to a Gas.[and full SUMO definition]
BokmalNorwegianLanguageThe BokmalNorwegianLanguage is a BokmalGroupLanguage of Norway. SIL code: NRR. ISO 639-1: nb. ISO 639-2: nob. Population: 4,250,000 including Nynorsk, 99.5% of population (1991 WA). Population total all countries: 5,000,000 (1999 WA). Region: Also spoken in Canada, Ecuador, Sweden, UAE, USA. Alternate names: BOKMAAL, RIKSMAAL, DANO-NORWEGIAN, NORWEGIAN. Dialects: WESTERN NORWEGIAN (COASTAL NORWEGIAN), CENTRAL NORWEGIAN (MIDLAND NORWEGIAN), EASTERN NORWEGIAN (OSTLANDET), NORTHERN NORWEGIAN (TRONDELAAG, NORDLAND). Comments: Norwegian form of Danish and based on urban dialects. One of the two norms for written Norwegian. Spoken Norwegian has many dialects, grouped as shown under the dialect list. It was reported in 1971 that 82.5% of the pupils used Riksmaal as their main written language. Primarily urban. National language. Dictionary. Grammar. SVO. Bible 1834-1978.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BoliviaThe Nation of Bolivia.[and full SUMO definition]
BolivianHemorrhagicFeverSymptoms of the disease are flu-like in the initial stages. As the disease progresses, symptoms include bleeding from the nose and gums and blood spots.[and full SUMO definition]
BolivianSignLanguageBolivianSignLanguage is a DeafSignLanguage of Bolivia. SIL code: BVL. ISO 639-2: sgn. Population: 350 to 400 users (1988 E. Powlison). Region: Cochabamba, La Paz, Riberalta, Santa Cruz. Comments: Based on American Sign Language with necessary changes for Spanish spelling. Some groups in La Paz and Santa Cruz use the same signs with some dialect signs from their own areas. Originated by missionaries. Other deaf schools use only the oralist approach. Investigation needed: intelligibility with American Sign Language.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BolognaItalyThe City of Bologna in Italy.[and full SUMO definition]
BoltAny AttachingDevice that is designed to mate with a MechanicalNut thereby Attaching two Objects. This includes nuts with hexagonal heads that must be held or turned by a Wrench or Screwdriver as well as those that have round heads but some non-round feature that is designed to catch on the material being attached, and therefore prevent rotation, as in a carriage bolt. Bolts are distinguished from Screws in that screws must create a mating surface by gouging a thread into material, whereas bolts are designed to slip through a hole and are held in place by a nut at the opposite end from the head of the bolt. This includes threaded rods that may have nuts as spacers for freely rotating items.[and full SUMO definition]
BoltNutScrewRivetAndWasherManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Bolt, Nut, Screw, Rivet, and Washer Manufacturing or Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Rivets, and Washers.[and full SUMO definition]
BombA weapon that explodes in order to cause damage.[and full SUMO definition]
BomberAny MilitaryAircraft whose purpose is to deliver ExplosiveDevices.[and full SUMO definition]
BombingAn act of Destruction where the thing destroyed is destroyed by means of an explosive device.[and full SUMO definition]
BondA debt instrument issued for a period of more than one year with the purpose of raising capital by borrowing. The Federal government, states, cities, corporations, and many other types of institutions sell bonds. A bond is generally a promise to repay the principal along with interest on a specified maturityDate.[and full SUMO definition]
BoneParts of the body that are made up of BoneTissue.[and full SUMO definition]
BoneFractureA BoneFracture where a portion of Bone breaks the Skin.[and full SUMO definition]
BoneMarrowBone marrow is a semi-solid Tissue found within the spongy (also known as cancellous) portions of Bones. In Birds and Mammals, bone marrow is the primary site of new BloodCell production (or haematopoiesis). It is composed of hematopoietic cells, marrow adipose tissue, and supportive stromal cells. In adult Humans, bone marrow is primarily located in the Ribs, Vertebrae, Sternum, and bones of the Pelvis. Bone marrow comprises approximately 5% of total body mass in healthy adult humans, such that a man weighing 73 kg (161 lbs) will have around 3.7 kg (8 lbs) of bone marrow. [from Wikipedia].[and full SUMO definition]
BoneTissueRigid Tissue composed largely of calcium that makes up the skeleton of Vertebrates. Note that this Class also includes teeth.[and full SUMO definition]
BonnGermanyThe City of Bonn in Germany.[and full SUMO definition]
BookA Document that has pages and is bound.[and full SUMO definition]
BookPeriodicalAndMusicStoresAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Book, Periodical, and Music Stores.[and full SUMO definition]
BookPeriodicalAndNewspaperWholesalersAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Book, Periodical, and Newspaper Wholesalers or Books, Periodicals, and Newspapers.[and full SUMO definition]
BookPublisherAn instance of BookPublisher is a Publisher of Books.[and full SUMO definition]
BookPublishersAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Book Publishers or Books: Publishing, or Publishing and Printing (except music books).[and full SUMO definition]
BookStoreChainA collection of book stores under one ownership.[and full SUMO definition]
BookStoresAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Book Stores or Book Stores.[and full SUMO definition]
BookStoresAndNewsDealersAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Book Stores and News Dealers.[and full SUMO definition]
BookmarkletA bookmarklet is a bookmark stored in a web browser that contains JavaScript commands that add new features to the browser. Bookmarklets are unobtrusive JavaScripts stored as the URL of a bookmark in a web browser or as a hyperlink on a web page. (from Wikipedia)[and full SUMO definition]
BooksPrintingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Books Printing or Book Printing.[and full SUMO definition]
BoosterChairBoosterChair is a Chair that is made for children[and full SUMO definition]
BootingAn Attribute that says that a Computer is in the process of booting up, which means loading the operating system from some storage medium and otherwise preparing for the start of normal activity.[and full SUMO definition]
BoraLanguageThe BoraLanguage is a BoranLanguage of Peru. SIL code: BOA. ISO 639-2: sai. Population: 2,000 to 2,500 in Peru (1998 SIL). Population total all countries: 2,500 to 3,000. Region: Northeast Yaguasyacu, Putumayo, Ampiyacu River area, five villages in Peru. Also spoken in Brazil, Colombia. Dialects: MIRANA. Comments: A distinct language from Bora Muinane but related. 94% intelligibility with Mirana. Dictionary. Grammar. SOV. Literacy rate in first language: 10% to 30%. Literacy rate in second language: 25% to 50%. NT 1982. Also spoken in: Brazil. (Language name: BORA.) Alternate names: BORO. Dialects: MIRANHA (MIRANA, MIRANIA). Comments: Mirana has 94% intelligibility with Bora. 457 Miran in Brazil (1986 SIL) no longer speak the language. SOV. Riverine. NT 1982. Also spoken in: Colombia. (Language name: BORA. Population: 500 in Colombia, including 100 or more Mirana and 400 other Bora. Alternate names: BORO. Dialects: MIRANA (MIRANHA), BORA. Comments: Mirana has 94% intelligibility with Bora. The Mirana want a school. SOV. Riverine. NT 1982.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BoranLanguageA BoranLanguage is either of two closely related WitotoanLanguages, specifically the BoraLanguage or the MuinaneLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BorderFn(BorderFn ?AREA1 ?AREA2) denotes the border area where the GeographicAreas ?AREA1 and ?AREA2 meet.[and full SUMO definition]
BorderlineHearingSensitivityHearing thresholds from 250 to 8,000 Hz between 16 and 25 dB.[and full SUMO definition]
BordetellaPertussisThe Bacterium that causes Pertussis.[and full SUMO definition]
BoronAn element of group 13 of the periodic table. There are two allotropes, amorphous boron is a brown power, but metallic boron is black. The metallic form is hard (9.3 on Mohs' scale) and a bad conductor in room temperatures. It is never found free in nature. Boron-10 is used in nuclear reactor control rods and shields. It was discovered in 1808 by Sir Humphry Davy and by J.L. Gay-Lussac and L.J. Thenard.[and full SUMO definition]
BorreliaBorrelia is a genus of bacteria of the spirochete phylum. It causes Lyme disease, also called Lyme borreliosis, a zoonotic, vector-borne disease transmitted primarily by ticks and by lice, depending on the species of bacteria. Of 52 known species of Borrelia, 20 are members of the Lyme disease group (with an additional 3 proposed), 29 belong to the relapsing fever group, and two are members of a genetically distinct third group typically found in reptiles. This bacterium uses hard and soft Ticks and lice as vectors. Testing for the presence of the bacteria in a human includes two-tiered serological testing, including immunoassays and immunoblotting.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BorrowedStockStock in a short sale.[and full SUMO definition]
BorrowingThe subclass of Getting Processes where the agent gets something for a limited period of time with the expectation that it will be returned later (perhaps with interest).[and full SUMO definition]
BosniaAndHerzegovinaThe Nation of BosniaAndHerzegovina.[and full SUMO definition]
BostonMassachusettsThe largest City in Massachusetts.[and full SUMO definition]
BotanicalGardenA facility where trees and shrubs are cultivated for exhibition.[and full SUMO definition]
BotanicalTreeBotanicalTree is an imprecise term for a perennial woody plant that is larger than a bush or shrub, generally understood to describe a large growth having one main trunk with few or no branches projecting from its base, a well-developed crown of foliage, and a height at maturity of at least 12 feet.[and full SUMO definition]
BotanistA biologist specializing in the study of plants.[and full SUMO definition]
BotanyBotany, plant science(s), or plant biology is a branch of Biology that involves the scientific study of plant life.[and full SUMO definition]
BotswanaThe Nation of Botswana.[and full SUMO definition]
BottleA Container whose top is narrower than its bottom, which has no handle, and which is intended to store Liquids.[and full SUMO definition]
BottledWaterManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Bottled Water Manufacturing or Bottled and Canned Soft Drinks and Carbonated Water (bottled water).[and full SUMO definition]
BotulinumToxinA Toxin produced by the bacterium ClostridiumBotulinum. It paralyzes muscles if ingested, and one billionth of a pound is sufficient to cause death.[and full SUMO definition]
BotulismA paralytic disease caused by BotulinumToxin, a Toxin produced by the bacterium ClostridiumBotulinum.[and full SUMO definition]
BoughtItemsFn(BoughtItemsFn ?COLL) returns the number of Physical which are patients of Buyings which are members of ?COLL.[and full SUMO definition]
BouiraAlgeriaThe City of Bouira in Algeria.[and full SUMO definition]
BoulderBoulders are Rock fragments larger than 256 Millimeters in approximateDiameter on the Wentworth Scale.[and full SUMO definition]
BouvetIslandA dependency of Norway[and full SUMO definition]
BouzeGueneAlgeriaThe City of BouzeGuene in Algeria.[and full SUMO definition]
BowingAny downward motion of the body that indicates respect for or submission to another AutonomousAgent.[and full SUMO definition]
BowlingBowling refers to a Sport with the main goal of knocking down bowling pins using a BowlingBall[and full SUMO definition]
BowlingBallBowlingBall refers to a type of Ball used in Bowling. It normally has 3 HoleRegion where somebody would put his fingers to hold it[and full SUMO definition]
BowlingCentersAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Bowling Centers or Bowling Centers.[and full SUMO definition]
BowlingFacilityBowlingFacility refers to the SportsFacility where Bowling is played. It normally consists of a collection of BowlingLanes[and full SUMO definition]
BowlingLaneBowlingLane is a StationaryArtifact that acts as a Transitway for a BowlingBall to knock down pins[and full SUMO definition]
BowlingShoeBowlingshoe is a special shoe worn when bowling.[and full SUMO definition]
BoxAny six-sided Container whose sides are rectangular in shape.[and full SUMO definition]
BoxOfChocolatesA BoxOfChocolates is a Box of ChocolateCandy. It has a defaultMeasure of 250 Gram.[and full SUMO definition]
BoxcarBoxcar is the subclass of Railcars that are general-purpose closed cars for hauling freight.[and full SUMO definition]
BoxerAn athlete who competes on the combat sport in which two people fight each other using their fists, Boxing.[and full SUMO definition]
BoxingA sport which involves two participants who try to knock each other out in a limited number of rounds. Note that each instance of Boxing is a boxing match.[and full SUMO definition]
BoxingRingA boxing ring is the space in which a boxing match occurs.[and full SUMO definition]
BoyA HumanChild who is Male.[and full SUMO definition]
BrachialArterybrachial artery[and full SUMO definition]
BrachialisMuscleThe BrachialisMuscle performs Flexion of elbow.[and full SUMO definition]
BrachiocephalicArteryThe brachiocephalic artery (or brachiocephalic trunk) is an artery of the mediastinum that supplies blood to the right Arm and the Head and Neck. It was previously known as the innominate artery, meaning unnamed artery. It is the first branch of the aortic arch. Soon after it emerges, the brachiocephalic artery divides into the right common carotid artery and the right subclavian artery. There is no brachiocephalic artery for the left side of the body. The left common carotid, and the left subclavian artery, come directly off the aortic arch. However, there are two brachiocephalic veins.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BrachioradialisMuscleThe BrachioradialisMuscle performs Flexion of forearm, pronates forearm when supine, supinates forearm when prone.[and full SUMO definition]
BrackishWaterBrackishWater is the subclass of Water occuring in a natural environment that has more salinity than FreshWater, but not as much as SeaWater. Technically, it contains between 0.5 and 30 Gram of salt per liter oy BrackishWater.[Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BradycardiaBradycardia is a condition typically defined wherein an individual has a resting heart rate of under 60 beats per minute (BPM) in adults, although some studies use a heart rate of less than 50 BPM. Bradycardia typically does not cause symptoms until the rate drops below 40 bpm. When symptomatic, it may cause fatigue, weakness, dizziness, sweating, and at very low rates, fainting. During sleep, a slow heartbeat with rates around 40–50 BPM is common, and is considered normal.[citation needed] Highly trained athletes may also have athletic heart syndrome, a very slow resting heart rate that occurs as a sport adaptation and helps prevent tachycardia during training. The term 'relative bradycardia' is used to refer to a heart rate that, although not actually below 60 BPM, is still considered too slow for the individual's current medical condition. [from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BrailleBraille is an Attribute that describes ContentBearingObject that can be interpreted by a Blind Human[and full SUMO definition]
BrainThe seat of the central nervous system.[and full SUMO definition]
BrainDeadBrain death is the complete loss of Brain function, including involuntary activity necessary to sustain life. It differs from persistent vegetative state, in which the person is Living and some autonomic functions remain. It is also distinct from an ordinary coma, whether induced medically or caused by injury and/or illness, even if it is very deep, as long as some brain and bodily activity and function remain; and it is also not the same as the condition locked-in syndrome. A differential diagnosis can medically distinguish these differing conditions.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BrakeAny device that is designed to slow and stop the Motion of an object. This include brakes on wheeled vehicles as well as rock climbing equipment that uses friction to slow decent when rappelling.[and full SUMO definition]
BrakeCaliperA Device assembly that presses a BrakePad against a BrakeRotor.[and full SUMO definition]
BrakeDrumA rotating surface that is pressed on by the BrakeShoe.[and full SUMO definition]
BrakeMasterCylinderThis is the source of hydraulic pressure that actuates the BrakeCaliper, and is in turn actuated by the driver stepping on the BrakePedal.[and full SUMO definition]
BrakePadA WearingFrictionSurface that presses against a BrakeRotor to cause vehicle braking.[and full SUMO definition]
BrakePedalA brake pedal is a device inside a vehicle that has the purpose of being pushed to activate the bakes of the vehicle. Although normally pushed with the foot, this concept also covers handicapped-accessible devices mounted on the steering column that can be activated by pressing with the hands or fingers.[and full SUMO definition]
BrakeRotorA rotating Metal disc that is pressed upon by a BrakePad to cause vehicle braking.[and full SUMO definition]
BrakeShoeA WearingFrictionSurface that is designed to press against a rotating BrakeDrum to cause vehicle braking.[and full SUMO definition]
BrakeSystemA system, typically consisting of VehicleBrakes, and often a MasterCylinder, BrakeCalipers and BrakePads that serves to slow or stop a vehicle (or just reduce its downhill acceleration).[and full SUMO definition]
BrakingAn application of a BrakeSystem to slow or stop a vehicle (or just reduce its downhill acceleration).[and full SUMO definition]
BranchArteryToSurfaceOfTheFemurAndTheKneeJointbranch artery to surface of the femur and the knee joint[and full SUMO definition]
BranchToAbdominalMusclesArterybranch to abdominal muscles artery[and full SUMO definition]
BranchToDiaphragmArterybranch to diaphragm artery[and full SUMO definition]
BranchToLowerPartOfThePericardiumArterybranch to lower part of the pericardium artery[and full SUMO definition]
BranchToPopliteusArterybranch to popliteus artery[and full SUMO definition]
BranchToVastusMedialisArterybranch to vastus medialis artery[and full SUMO definition]
BranchToVolarCarpalNetworkArterybranch to volar carpal network artery[and full SUMO definition]
BranchesToAlveolarCanalsArterybranches to alveolar canals artery[and full SUMO definition]
BranchesToGingivaArterybranches to gingiva artery[and full SUMO definition]
BranchesToTheDeltoidMuscleArterybranches to the deltoid muscle artery[and full SUMO definition]
BrandBrand refers to a unique design, sign, symbol, name or a combination of these that is employed in creating an image that identifies a product that differentiates it from its competitors ([and full SUMO definition]
BrandyA DistilledAlcoholicBeverage that is prepared by distilling Wine.[and full SUMO definition]
BrassA MetallicAlloy made from Copper and Zinc.[and full SUMO definition]
BrazilThe Nation of Brazil.[and full SUMO definition]
BrazilianHemorrhagicFeverSymptoms of the disease are flu-like in the initial stages. As the disease progresses, symptoms include bleeding from the nose and gums and blood spots.[and full SUMO definition]
BrazilianSignLanguageBrazilianSignLanguage is a DeafSignLanguage of Brazil. SIL code: BZS. ISO 639-2: sgn. Population: No estimate available. Region: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Santa Catarina, and elsewhere. Alternate names: LSB, SAO PAULO SIGN LANGUAGE. Comments: The dialects appear to be inherently intelligible, although northern dialects above the Amazon are probably more different. Some relationship to North American and European sign languages. The fingerspelling used for proper names is similar to a European system. The first deaf school was begun in 1857 in Rio de Janeiro, then one in Porto Alegre. The deaf in Sao Paulo generally receive an oralist education. TV.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BreadAndBakeryProductManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Bread and Bakery Product Manufacturing.[and full SUMO definition]
BreadMachineA bread making machine or bread maker is a home appliance for baking bread.[and full SUMO definition]
BreadOrBiscuitFood that consists largely of WheatFlour and water. Note that this class covers crackers, cookies, as well as any self-connected instance of bread, whether it is a loaf, a slice, a chunk of bread, etc.[and full SUMO definition]
BreadmakerA SmallKichenAppliance for baking bread.[and full SUMO definition]
BreakabilityAttributeA subclass of Attributes for characterizing the breakability of CorpuscularObjects.[and full SUMO definition]
BreakfastBreakfast describes food that is usually the first meal of the day, eaten during the morning[and full SUMO definition]
BreakfastCerealManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Breakfast Cereal Manufacturing or Cereal Breakfast Foods (breakfast cereal).[and full SUMO definition]
BreakfastTimeBreakfastTime is the time interval by which the first meal of the day is typically eaten, which is in the morning[and full SUMO definition]
BreakingA Damaging that involves Separating the parts of a CorpuscularObject.[and full SUMO definition]
BreakingRecordA Process where the AutonomousAgent takes a specific CaseRole in a Process of a specific Class which no other AutonomousAgent of the same Class had undertaken in the same CaseRole in a specific TimeInterval preceeding the moment when the record was broken and in a specific Region. BreakingRecord refers to a Quantity which refers to the Process Class.[and full SUMO definition]
BreakingWaveA BreakingWave occurs when water in a WaterWave moves at different speeds as it approaches a SurfZone. The water at the top of the wave continues as speed at the bottom of the wave slows, causing the top to 'break' and fall forward from the wave. The water at the top of the wave ceases to be part of the WaterWave after the water falls.[and full SUMO definition]
BreakthroughInfectionAn case of a disease Infecting someone who is already had Vaccination against the disease.[and full SUMO definition]
BreastThe paired Organs which are part of the chests of Primates.[and full SUMO definition]
BreathA single, contiguous, Inhaling and Exhaling.[and full SUMO definition]
BreathingThe Process of respiration, by which oxygen is made available to an Animal. This covers processes of inhalation, exhalation, and alternations between the two.[and full SUMO definition]
BreathingDifficultyDifficulty Breathing.[and full SUMO definition]
BretonLanguageThe BretonLanguage is a BrythonicLanguage of France. SIL code: BRT. ISO 639-1: br. ISO 639-2: bre. Population: 500,000 speakers for whom it is the daily language in France (1989 ICDBL). 1,200,000 know Breton who do not regularly use it. Population total both countries 500,000. Region: Western Brittany, and dispersed in Eastern Brittany and Breton emigrant communities throughout the world. Also spoken in USA. Alternate names: BREZHONEG. Dialects: LEONAIS, TREGORROIS, VANNETAIS, CORNOUAILLAIS. Comments: Some claim to be monolingual in Breton. 18,000 speakers are children under 14 years, 56,250 between 15 and 24, 423,000 between 25 and 64, 168,000 over 65 (1974). No official status. Strong nationalistic movement demanding recognition, a place in the schools, media, and public life. VSO, prepositions, genitives, adjectives, relatives after noun heads, articles, numerals before noun heads, question word initial, probably 2 prefixes, 2 or 3 suffixes on a word, topic or focus first, verb second, verb affixes mark person, number of subject, passives, causatives and comparatives shown lexically, up to 3 consonants syllable initially, and 3 finally, one vowel, nontonal. Literacy rate in first language: 25% can read and write Breton. Radio programs, TV. Bible 1866-1985.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BreweriesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Breweries or Malt Beverages (except malt extract).[and full SUMO definition]
Brewpuba type of Tavern that brews Beer and whose primary service is selling that Beer to customers[and full SUMO definition]
BrickA block of fired Clay that is used in Constructing.[and full SUMO definition]
BrickAndStructuralClayTileManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Brick and Structural Clay Tile Manufacturing or Brick and Structural Clay Tile (except slumped brick).[and full SUMO definition]
BrickStoneAndRelatedConstructionMaterialWholesalersAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Brick, Stone, and Related Construction Material Wholesalers or Brick, Stone, and Related Construction Materials (except construction materials sold via retail method).[and full SUMO definition]
BridgeBridge is the subclass of LandTransitways that are artifacts used for crossing water or air-filled gaps that could not be transited over a natural surface.[and full SUMO definition]
BridgeAndTunnelConstructionAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Bridge and Tunnel Construction or Bridge, Tunnel, and Elevated Highway Construction.[and full SUMO definition]
BridgeLoanShort-term financing which is expected to be paid back relatively quickly, such as by a subsequent longer-term loan.[and full SUMO definition]
BridgeSinglePhaseRectifierA SinglePhaseRectifier of that exploits both polarities of the input power source.[and full SUMO definition]
BrieBrie is a soft cow's milk cheese named after Brie, the French region from which it orginated. Brie is a style of cheese, not in itself a protected name. [Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BrigadeBrigade is a term from military science which refers to a group of several battalions (typically two to four), and directly attached supporting units (normally including at least an artillery battery and additional logistic support). A brigade is smaller than a division and roughly equal to or a little larger than a regiment. Strength typically ranges between 1,500 and 3,500 personnel. (from Wikipedia)[and full SUMO definition]
BrigadierGeneralA MilitaryGeneral that ranks below a MajorGeneral.[and full SUMO definition]
BrineBrine is the subclass of SalineSolution. Technically, it contains between 0.5 and 30 Gram of salt per liter of Brine.[Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BringingGEToFrontA UserSignifiedAction causing an GUIElement to be logically brought to the front -- of its window if it is an element in a window, and of a ComputerScreen if it is an InterfaceWindow.[and full SUMO definition]
BritishIndianOceanTerritoryA dependency of the UnitedKingdom[and full SUMO definition]
BritishMotorCorpA company based in the UnitedKingdom that was responsible for Making the original iconic Mini car.[and full SUMO definition]
BritishSeagullCorpBritish Seagull was a British manufacturer of two-stroke outboard engines from the early 1930s until the mid 1990s. The company went out of business due to the motor design not being able to keep up with more modern boat engines and increasingly tight emissions regulations. British Seagull no longer produces new engines but still operates for parts.[and full SUMO definition]
BritishSignLanguageBritishSignLanguage is a DeafSignLanguage of the UnitedKingdom. SIL code: BHO. ISO 639-2: sgn. Population: 40,000 mother tongue users (1984 Deuchar), out of 909,000 deaf, of which the majority probably have some degree of sign language competence (1977 Deuchar). Region: United Kingdom including Northern Ireland, Scotland. Alternate names: BSL. Comments: Not inherently intelligible to users of ASL. The deaf community is cohesive, so communication is good despite regional differences. However, there are many reports of different sign languages which are inherently unintelligible to users as close as approximately every 50 miles. Good regional and national organizations for the deaf. Signed interpretation is required in court, and provided in some other situations. Sign language instruction for parents of deaf children. Many sign language classes for hearing people. There is an organization for sign language teachers. There is a committee on national sign language. Sign language was used before 1644. Deaf schools were established in the late 18th century. There is increasing desire to train deaf children in BSL. British Signed English is different from American Signed English. Dictionary. Grammar. Films, TV, videos.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BritishThermalUnitAn energy measure.[and full SUMO definition]
BritishVirginIslandsA dependency of the UnitedKingdom[and full SUMO definition]
BroadGaugeBroadGauge is the attribute of any Railway that has a TrackGauge wider than StandardGauge.[and full SUMO definition]
BroadcastNetworkBroadcastNetwork is the subclass of CommunicationSystems consisting of BroadcastingStations that are linked electronically and managed or owned by one organization.[and full SUMO definition]
BroadcastProgramA Series of episodes that are broadcast on television or radio.[and full SUMO definition]
BroadcastingDisseminating information by using a CommunicationDevice that radiates RadioEmissions.[and full SUMO definition]
BroadcastingAndTelecommunicationsAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Broadcasting and Telecommunications.[and full SUMO definition]
BroadcastingStationA BroadcastingStation is an engineeringSubcomponent of either a TelevisionSystem or a RadioStation.[and full SUMO definition]
BroadwovenFabricFinishingMillsAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Broadwoven Fabric Finishing Mills or Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Wool (wool broadwoven fabric finishing only).[and full SUMO definition]
BroadwovenFabricMillsAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Broadwoven Fabric Mills or Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Cotton.[and full SUMO definition]
BroccoliBroccoli is the folowring head, stalk and small associated leaves eaten as Vegetable. It is classified in the species Brassica oleracea in the cabbage family. [Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BroilersAndOtherMeatTypeChickenProductionAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Broilers and Other Meat Type Chicken Production or Broiler, Fryers, and Roaster Chickens.[and full SUMO definition]
BrokerAn individual or firm which acts as an intermediary between a buyer and seller, usually charging a commisssion.[and full SUMO definition]
BrokerLoanMoney lent to Brokers by banks, for financing the underwriting of new issues, financing customer margin accounts, and other purposes.[and full SUMO definition]
BrokerageAccountA fund that a customer has entrusted to a securities brokerage.[and full SUMO definition]
BromineHalogen element. Red volatile liquid at room temperature. Its reactivity is somewhere between chlorine and iodine. Harmful to human tissue in a liquid state, the vapour irritates eyes and throat. Discovered in 1826 by Antoine Balard.[and full SUMO definition]
BronchialArterybronchial artery[and full SUMO definition]
BronchialDuctAny BodyVessel which is located in a Lung and which carries oxygen from the trachea to the alveoli.[and full SUMO definition]
BronchitisBronchitis is inflammation of the BronchialDucts (large and medium-sized airways) in the Lungs that causes coughing. Symptoms include coughing up sputum, wheezing, shortness of breath, and chest pain. Bronchitis can be AcuteBronchitis or ChronicBronchitis.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BroodA GroupOfAnimals that are all born at the same time and to the same parents.[and full SUMO definition]
BroomA BrushOrComb whose purpose is to remove dirt and other small particles from floors.[and full SUMO definition]
BroomBrushAndMopManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Broom, Brush, and Mop Manufacturing or Brooms and Brushes.[and full SUMO definition]
BroomePerlingLuggerPidginLanguageThe BroomePerlingLuggerPidginLanguage is a MalayBasedPidginLanguage of Australia. SIL code: BPL. ISO 639-2: crp. Population (40 to 50 speakers, mainly Aborigines). Region: Broome, Lombardinie, Beagle Bay, La Grange, One Arm Point, Derby. Alternate names: BROOM CREOLE, KOEPANG TALK, MALAY TALK, JAPANESE PIDGIN ENGLISH. Comments: Used as a lingua franca on pearling boats to communicate between Malays, Japanese, Chinese, and Aborigines. Some Japanese and Aboriginal creole or pidgin English words. Second language only.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BrownA SecondaryColor that resembles the color of wood or of soil.[and full SUMO definition]
BrownCoalBrownCoal is a soft Coal harder than peat and softer than bituminous coal. Also called lignite, it is brownish in color.[and full SUMO definition]
BrucellaBacteriumThe Bacterium which is responsible for the disease Brucellosis. This class covers Brucella Abortus (which infects humans and cattle), Brucella Melitensis (which infects sheep, goats, and humans), and Brucella Suis (which infects pigs).[and full SUMO definition]
BrucellosisInfectious disease caused by BrucellaBacterium. It is also known as undulant fever and malta fever, depending on the strain of BrucellaBacterium that is reponsible for the infection.[and full SUMO definition]
BruiseColloquially, a Bruise is an area of Skin where burst BloodVessels are visible just below the surface. A bruise, also known as a contusion, is a type of hematoma of issue, the most common cause being capillaries damaged by trauma, causing localized Bleeding that extravasates into the surrounding interstitial tissues. Most bruises occur close enough to the epidermis such that the bleeding causes a visible discoloration. The bruise then remains visible until the Blood is either absorbed by tissues or cleared by immune system action. [from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BrunchBrunch refers the combination of breakfast and lunch[and full SUMO definition]
BruneiThe Nation of Brunei.[and full SUMO definition]
BrushOrCombA Device which consists of a handle and bristles and whose purpose is to remove particles from something or to smooth something out.[and full SUMO definition]
BrushlessWith no brushes (of electrical motors)[and full SUMO definition]
BrusselsBelgiumThe City of Brussels in Belgium.[and full SUMO definition]
BrythonicLanguageOf the seven InsularCelticLanguages (CelticLanguages), three are classified as a BrythonicLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BubbleA globe which has a Liquid surface and which contains a Gas.[and full SUMO definition]
BubonicPlagueA variant of the Plague which results in large swellings, called buboes.[and full SUMO definition]
BucaramangaColombiaThe City of Bucaramanga in Colombia.[and full SUMO definition]
BuccalArterybuccal artery[and full SUMO definition]
BuccinatorMuscleThe BuccinatorMuscle compress cheeks against teeth (Tooth) (blowing), mastication (Chewing).[and full SUMO definition]
BucharestRomaniaThe City of Bucharest in Romania.[and full SUMO definition]
BuddhismBuddhism is one of the major religions to emerge from Asia.[and full SUMO definition]
BuddhistOne who subscribes to the beliefs fo Buddhism.[and full SUMO definition]
BuenosAiresArgentinaThe City of BuenosAires in Argentina.[and full SUMO definition]
BuffaloA HoofedMammal with long hair whose habitat is the plains of NorthAmerica.[and full SUMO definition]
BuffetBuffet refers to a Collection of food that is served in a central location where guests can get their own servings[and full SUMO definition]
BugleA HornInstrument that has no valves.[and full SUMO definition]
BuhlersAnastomoticArterybuhlers anastomotic artery[and full SUMO definition]
BuildingThe Class of StationaryArtifacts which are intended to house Humans and their activities.[and full SUMO definition]
BuildingDevelopingAndGeneralContractingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Building, Developing, and General Contracting.[and full SUMO definition]
BuildingEquipmentAndOtherMachineryInstallationContractorsAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Building Equipment and Other Machinery Installation Contractors or Installation or Erection of Building Equipment, NEC.[and full SUMO definition]
BuildingInspectionServicesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Building Inspection Services or Business Services, NEC (home and building inspection services).[and full SUMO definition]
BuildingLevelThe story or level of a building, e.g. the Basement, the Attic, the ground level, the fourteenth floor, etc.[and full SUMO definition]
BuildingMaterialAndGardenEquipmentAndSuppliesDealersAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Building Material and Garden Equipment and Supplies Dealers.[and full SUMO definition]
BuildingMaterialAndSuppliesDealersAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Building Material and Supplies Dealers.[and full SUMO definition]
BuildingUnitA functional area of a Building that is used by an Organization to keep related people and activities physically close. This might be a particular grade level of a school, area of study of a university such as Botany department, or the phone sales team of a Corporation.[and full SUMO definition]
BuinakskRussiaThe City of Buinaksk in Russia.[and full SUMO definition]
BukharicLanguageThe BukharicLanguage is a PersianLanguage of Israel. SIL code: BHH. ISO 639-2: ira. Population: 50,000 in Israel (1995 H. Mutzafi). Population total all countries: 60,000. Region: Also spoken in USA, Uzbekistan. Alternate names: BOKHARIC, BUKHARIAN, BOKHARAN, BUKHARAN, JUDEO-TAJIK. Comments: Related to Tajiki Persian. May be easily intelligible with Tajiki or Farsi. Also close to Judeo-Persian. Many are recent immigrants (1995). Investigation needed: intelligibility, bilingual proficiency. Hebrew script used. Radio programs. Jewish. Also spoken in: Uzbekistan. (Language name: BUKHARIC.) Population: 10,000 in Uzbekistan (1995). Alternate names: BUKHARAN, JUDEO-TAJIK, BOKHARIC, BUKHARIN, BOKHARIAN. Comments: Related to Tajiki Persian. It may be easily intelligible with Tajiki or Farsi. Also close to Judeo-Persian. Hebrew script used. Jewish. See main entry under Israel.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BulbospongiosusMuscleThe BulbospongiosusMuscle empties Urethra (men) clenches Vagina (women).[and full SUMO definition]
BulgariaThe Nation of Bulgaria.[and full SUMO definition]
BulgarianLanguageThe BulgarianLanguage is a SoutheasternSlavicLanguage of Bulgaria. SIL code: BLG. ISO 639-1: bg. ISO 639-2: bul. Population: 7,986,000 in Bulgaria, 85% of the population (1986). Population total all countries: 9,000,000 (1999 WA). Region: Also spoken in Canada, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Moldova, Romania, Turkey (Europe), Ukraine, USA, Yugoslavia. Alternate names: BALGARSKI. Dialects: PALITYAN (PALITIANI, BOGOMIL). Comments: Palityan is functionally intelligible with Standard Bulgarian. The Sopa are of Petecheneg origin and speak Bulgarian. National language. Grammar. SVO. Christian. Bible 1864-1923. Also spoken in: Greece. (Language name: BULGARIAN.) Population: 30,000 in Greece (1998 Greek Helsinki Monitor). Dialects: POMAK (POMAKCI, POMAKIKA). Comments: Pomak is close to Serbian and Bulgarian, geographical dialect shading toward each. Bilingualism in Turkish, Greek. They speak Pomak at home. Also referred to locally as 'Macedonian' and 'Vlach'. The term 'Vlach' is applied variously to varieties of Bulgarian, Romani, and Romanian in Romania, Greece, Albania, and Yugoslavia. Many Greek loan words and others from the dead language, Thraco-Illyrian. Viewed as Turks in Greece. Muslim. Bible 1864-1923. Also spoken in: Moldova. (Language name: BULGARIAN.) Population: 361,000 in Moldova (1979 census), 68% speak it as mother tongue. Comments: Christian. Bible 1864-1923. Romania. (Language name: BULGARIAN.) Population: 10,439 (1966 census). Dialects: PALITYAN (PALITIANI, BOGOMIL). Comments: The Palityan dialect is apparently intelligible with other Bulgarian dialects. In Romania it is a recognized minority language. Christian. Bible 1864-1923. Also spoken in: Turkey (Europe). (Language name: BULGARIAN.) Population: 270,000 in Turkey, including refugees from Bulgaria (1993 Johnstone). Alternate names: POMAK. Dialects: POMAK. Comments: 93% bilingual in Turkish. Spoken by Muslim Pomaks in Turkey and Greece. Sunni Muslim. Bible 1864-1923. Also spoken in: Yugoslavia. (Language name: BULGARIAN.) Comments: Catholic Bulgarians are in Yugoslav and Romanian Banat. Bible 1864-1923.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BulgarianSignLanguageBulgarianSignLanguage is a DeafSignLanguage of Bulgaria. SIL code: BQN. ISO 639-2: sgn. Population: No estimate available. Comments: Different sign languages are used in the classroom and by adults outside. One sign language which has been used since 1920. There have been elementary schools for deaf people since 1898. Since 1945 sign language has been allowed in the classroom. Sign language interpreters are required in court. Some are available for college students. There is sign language instruction for parents of deaf children. There is a committee on national sign language. Little research on the sign language. There are few sign language classes for hearing people. There is a manual alphabet for spelling. Dictionary. Films, TV, videos.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BulimiaBulimia nervosa, also known as simply bulimia, is an eating disorder characterized by binge eating followed by purging; and excessive concern with body shape and weight. The aim of this activity is to expel the body of calories eaten from the binging phase of the process. Binge eating refers to eating a large amount of food in a short amount of time. Purging refers to the attempts to get rid of the food consumed. This may be done by vomiting or taking laxatives. Other efforts to lose weight may include the use of diuretics, stimulants, water fasting, or excessive exercise. Most people with bulimia are at a normal weight. The forcing of vomiting may result in thickened skin on the knuckles, breakdown of the teeth and effects on metabolic rate and caloric intake which cause thyroid dysfunction. Bulimia is frequently associated with other mental disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, bipolar disorder and problems with drugs or Alcohol. There is also a higher risk of Suicide and self-harm. Clinical studies show a relationship between bulimia and vulnerable narcissism as caused by childhood 'parental invalidation' leading to a later need for social validation. [from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BullA Cow that is Male.[and full SUMO definition]
BulletA Projectile that is designed to be fired by a Gun.[and full SUMO definition]
BulletCartridgeThe entire projectile consisting of a bullet, casing, gunpowder, and primer.[and full SUMO definition]
BullishAn attribute describing the opinion that a stock, or the market in general, will rise in price -- a positive or optimistic outlook.[and full SUMO definition]
BumbleBeeA large Bee which lacks a stinger.[and full SUMO definition]
BungLanguageThe BungLanguage is a language of unknown classification from Cameroon. SIL code: BQD. ISO 639-2: mis. Population: 3 (1995 Bruce Connell). Region: Near the Kwanja language. Comments: It may have been a form of Kwanja. No one uses the language any longer. Nearly extinct.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BunkBedA BunkBed is a type of Bed has one bed directly above another[and full SUMO definition]
BunnyA NonFullyFormed Rabbit.[and full SUMO definition]
BupropionBupropion, sold under the brand names Wellbutrin and Zyban among others, is an atypical antidepressant primarily used to treat major depressive disorder and to support smoking cessation. Bupropion is an effective antidepressant on its own, but it is also popular as an add-on medication in the cases of incomplete response to the first-line selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressant. Bupropion has several features that distinguish it from other antidepressants: it does not usually cause sexual dysfunction; it is not associated with weight gain and sleepiness, and it is more effective than SSRIs at improving symptoms of hypersomnia and fatigue. Common adverse effects of bupropion with the greatest difference from placebo are dry mouth, nausea, constipation, insomnia, anxiety, tremor, and excessive sweating. Raised blood pressure is notable. Rare but serious side effects include seizure, liver toxicity, psychosis, and risk of overdose. Bupropion use during pregnancy may be associated with increased odds of congenital heart defects.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
BurialA Funeral where the person being commemorated or an Object representing the person is placed into the ground.[and full SUMO definition]
BurialCasketManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Burial Casket Manufacturing or Burial Caskets.[and full SUMO definition]
BurkholderiaMalleiThe Bacterium that causes the disease Glanders. It is transmitted to humans by direct contact with infected animals. The bacteria enter the body through the skin and the mucosal surfaces of the eyes and nose.[and full SUMO definition]
BurkholderiaPseudomalleiFormerly known as Pseudomonas Pseudomallei, this is the Bacterium that causes Melioidosis.[and full SUMO definition]
BurkinaFasoThe Nation of BurkinaFaso.[and full SUMO definition]
BurmesoLanguageThe BurmesoLanguage is a language isolate spoken in Indonesia (Irian Jaya). SIL code: BZU. ISO 639-2: paa. Population: 250 (1998 Donohue). Region: Burmeso village and isolated temporary houses along nearby rivers, mid Mamberamo River between Trimuris and Sikari northeast of Danau Bira (Lake Holmes). Jayapura Kabupaten, Mamberamo Tengah Kecamatan. Alternate names: TAURAP, BOROMESO, BORUMESSO, BURUMESO, MONAU, MONAO, MANAU. Comments: Less than 5% lexical similarity with any other languages. Many proficient in Indonesian, more than surrounding groups. Many understand nearby languages. All domains. All ages. Vigorous. Interest in language strong. Not spoken by outsiders. Pride in ethnic identity. Dictionary. Fishermen, hunters, sago horticulturalists, animal husbandry: chickens, ducks. 200 meters. Christian.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BurnInjuryAn Injury resulting from Combustion.[and full SUMO definition]
BurrowA small HoleRegion created by an Animal for the purpose of inhabiting it.[and full SUMO definition]
BurundiThe Nation of Burundi.[and full SUMO definition]
BurushaskiLanguageThe BurushaskiLanguage is a language isolate spoken in Pakistan. SIL code: BSK. ISO 639-2: mis. Population: 55,000 to 60,000 (1981). Population total both countries: 55,000 to 60,000. Region: Hunza-Nagar area and Yasin area in Gilgit District, Northern Areas. Scattered speakers also in Gilgit, Kashmir, and various cities. Also spoken in India. Alternate names: BRUSHASKI, BURUSHAKI, BURUCAKI, BURUSHKI, BURUCASKI, BILTUM, KHAJUNA, KUNJUT. Dialects: NAGAR (NAGIR), HUNZA, YASIN (WERCHIKWAR). Comments: Werchikwar is geographically separated from other dialects. Nagar and Hunza dialects have 91% to 94% lexical similarity. Werchikwar has 67% to 72% lexical similarity with Hunza, 66% to 71% with Nagar, and may be a separate language. Werchikwar speakers are somewhat bilingual in Khowar. Knowledge of Urdu is limited among women and some others. People are called Burusho. SOV. Literacy rate in second language: 20%. Ismaili Muslim, Shi'a Muslim (Nagar).(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BuryingPutting something in the ground and then covering it with Soil.[and full SUMO definition]
BusBus is the subclass of SelfPoweredRoadVehicles that can transport large numbers of passengers (i.e., dozens) at one time. It can be distinguished from a van which is designed to carry less than a dozen people.[and full SUMO definition]
BusAndOtherMotorVehicleTransitSystemsAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Bus and Other Motor Vehicle Transit Systems or Local and Suburban Transit (bus and motor vehicle).[and full SUMO definition]
BusCompanyAny TransportationCompany whose services include Transportation by Bus.[and full SUMO definition]
BusNetworkA network in which all nodes are connected to a single wire (the bus) that has two endpoints. Ethernet 10Base-2 and 10Base-5 networks, for example, are bus networks. Other common network types include StarNetworks and RingNetworks.[and full SUMO definition]
BusStopAn area, often, though not necessarily with seats or some kind of minimal shelter, where people gather to meet and board a bus. It must border a road.[and full SUMO definition]
BusaLanguageThe BusaLanguage is a language isolate spoken in PapuaNewGuinea. SIL code: BHF. ISO 639-2: paa. Population: 307 (1994 SIL). Region: Sandaun Province, Amanab District, north of Upper Sepik River, west of Namia. 3 villages. Yare is north and east, Abau is south and west, Biaka is northwest. Comments: No schools. Some intermarriage with the Yale. Lowland swamps. Hunter-gatherers. 300 feet.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
BusinessAn instance of Business is an Organization that is a CommercialAgent.[and full SUMO definition]
BusinessAccountThis attribute represents that the account is considered to be a business account.[and full SUMO definition]
BusinessAndSecretarialSchoolsAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Business and Secretarial Schools or Business and Secretarial Schools.[and full SUMO definition]
BusinessAssociationsAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Business Associations or Business Associations.[and full SUMO definition]
BusinessCasualAttributeBusinessCasualAttribute describes that something is appropriate for a normal business setting[and full SUMO definition]
BusinessCenterBusinessCenter is a type of facility that is equipped with different objects that allow a person to do his Working[and full SUMO definition]
BusinessCompetitionAny Contest where the contestParticipants are Corporations and the aim is to win as many customers as possible.[and full SUMO definition]
BusinessExecutiveBusinessExecutive refers to a person responsible for the management of a business[and full SUMO definition]
BusinessFormalAttributeBusinessFormalAttribute describes that something is appropriate for a stricter or more refined business setting[and full SUMO definition]
BusinessParkAn organization which is a collection of various business gathered together in a single, modern development.[and full SUMO definition]
BusinessPersonAny of a class of people in a professional occupation such as banking, finance, management, or engineering. This is distinguished from blue collar jobs that primarily involve manual labor rather than thought as the effort expended to derive remuneration. It is also distinguished from professions that may be outwardly similar but are done in a non-profit organization.[and full SUMO definition]
BusinessProfessionalLaborPoliticalAndSimilarOrganizationsAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Business, Professional, Labor, Political, and Similar Organizations.[and full SUMO definition]
BusinessRequirementDocumentA Document that containsInformation about a Plan for a subProcess of an instance of Experimenting.[and full SUMO definition]
BusinessSchoolsAndComputerAndManagementTrainingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Business Schools and Computer and Management Training.[and full SUMO definition]
BusinessServiceCentersAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Business Service Centers.[and full SUMO definition]
BusinessSupportServicesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Business Support Services.[and full SUMO definition]
BusinessToBusinessA FinancialTransaction where both the agent and the destination hasAccount BusinessAcounts[and full SUMO definition]
BusinessToConsumerA FinancialTransaction where the agent has a BusinessAccount and the destination has a ConsumerAccount[and full SUMO definition]
BustBust is the chest of a woman.[and full SUMO definition]
ButteA Butte is an Upland raised sharply from the surrounding region. Smaller in area than a Mesa.[and full SUMO definition]
ButterAn emulsion of fat which is produced by churning Milk.[and full SUMO definition]
ButterFatButterFat is the fatty portion of Milk.[Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
ButterflySpreadA complex option strategy that involves selling two calls and buying two calls on the same or different markets, with several maturity dates. One of the options has a higher exercise price and the other has a lower exercise price than the other two options. The payoff diagram resembles the shape of a butterfly.[and full SUMO definition]
ButtermilkButtermilk is a fermented dairy drink. [wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
ButtonAn AttachingDevice that is used on Clothing.[and full SUMO definition]
BuyingA FinancialTransaction in which an instance of CurrencyMeasure is exchanged for an instance of Physical.[and full SUMO definition]
ByteOne Byte of information. A Byte is eight Bits.[and full SUMO definition]
ByteDanceByteDance Ltd. (Chinese: 字节跳动; pinyin: Zìjié Tiàodòng) is a Chinese multinational internet technology company headquartered in Beijing and legally domiciled in the Cayman Islands. It was founded by Zhang Yiming, Liang Rubo and a team of others in 2012. ByteDance is the developer of the video-sharing social networking services and apps TikTok and Douyin, the Chinese-specific counterpart to TikTok. It also develops the news and information platform Toutiao ('Headlines').[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]