Data Dictionary

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fOCShipsByOrigin(fOCShipsByOrigin ?MM ?AREA ?COUNT) means that the MerchantMarine ?MM has ?COUNT number of ships from the GeopoliticalArea ?AREA in its ShipRegister, using it as a FlagOfConvenience, although the owner of the ships is in ?AREA.[and full SUMO definition]
faceValueThe nominal dollar amount assigned to a security by the issuer. For an equity security, par is usually a very small amount that bears no relationship to its market price, except for preferred stock, in which case par is used to calculate dividend payments. For a debt security, par is the amount repaid to the investor when the bond matures (usually, corporate bonds have a par value of $1000, municipal bonds $5000, and federal bonds $10,000).[and full SUMO definition]
facebookFriendThis is a term that refers to the relationship between two people who have been deemed 'friends' on Facebook. This does not necessarily mean that they are friends in real life or that they even know each other outside of Facebook. Therefore, this term is not to be confused with friend. It is possible for two people to be friends and not facebookFriends and vice versa.[and full SUMO definition]
faces(faces ?OBJ ?DIRECTION) means that the front of ?OBJ (see FrontFn) is positioned towards the compass direction ?DIRECTION. More precisely, it means that if a line were extended from the center of ?DIRECTION, the line would intersect with the front of ?OBJ before it intersected with its back (see BackFn).[and full SUMO definition]
facility(facility ?AGENT ?OBJ) means that an ?AGENT provides some ?OBJ to fulfill some goal or need[and full SUMO definition]
familyName(familyName ?STRING ?HUMAN) means that the SymbolicString ?STRING denotes a non-optional name that ?HUMAN has inherited by virtue of being born into a particular family (kin group). surname is another word for this type of name. Cf. givenName.[and full SUMO definition]
familyRelationA very general Predicate for biological relationships. (familyRelation ?ORGANISM1 ?ORGANISM2) means that ?ORGANISM1 and ?ORGANISM2 are biologically derived from a common ancestor.[and full SUMO definition]
fatherThe general relationship of fatherhood. (father ?CHILD ?FATHER) means that ?FATHER is the biological father of ?CHILD.[and full SUMO definition]
fathersBrothersDaughterIn Arabic: binot AlEam~. Female cousin on the father side, daughter of father's brother .[and full SUMO definition]
fathersBrothersSonIn Arabic: Aibon AlEam~. Son of father's brother.[and full SUMO definition]
fathersBrothersWifeIn Arabic: zawojap AlEam~. Wife of father's brother.[and full SUMO definition]
fathersSistersDaughterIn Arabic: binot AlEam~ap. Daughter of father's sister.[and full SUMO definition]
fathersSistersHusbandIn Arabic: zawoj AlEam~ap. Husband of father's sister.[and full SUMO definition]
fathersSistersSonIn Arabic: Aibon AlEam~ap. Son of father's sister.[and full SUMO definition]
faxNumber(faxNumber ?TelecomNumber ?AutonomousAgent) means that ?TelecomNumber identifies a FaxMachine at which ?AutonomousAgent can be contacted.[and full SUMO definition]
fears(fears ?AGENT ?FORMULA) means that ?AGENT fears that the proposition ?FORMULA will be true, i.e. he/she believes that it will come to pass in the future and that it will be undesirable for ?AGENT.[and full SUMO definition]
filenameA relation between a SymbolicString and an instance of DigitalData that specified the filename of the data on a particular computer file system. This relation is for a fully qualified filename including a device specification such as a drive letter or name, a directory, and a name. This can include names that are aliases for a different physical file location. It does not include the specification of a particular machine on a network, such as an internet domain name, although it may reference a device specification that ultimately resolves to a storage device on a network.[and full SUMO definition]
fillsHoles can be filled. (fills ?OBJ ?HOLE) means that the Object ?OBJ fills the HoleRegion ?HOLE. Note that fills here means perfectly filled. Perfect fillers and fillable entities have no parts in common (rather, they may occupy the same spatial region).[and full SUMO definition]
finalExperimentReport(finalExperimentReport ?CBP ?EXPERIMENT) means that ?CBP is a ContentBearingPhysical which containsInformation about the result of ?EXPERIMENT.[and full SUMO definition]
financialAccountA formal banking, brokerage, or business relationship established to provide for regular services, dealings, and other financial transactions. (financialAccount ?ACCOUNT ?ORG) means that ?ACCOUNT is a financial account opened at the FinancialCompany ?ORG.[and full SUMO definition]
financialAssetA predicate that relates an AutonomousAgent to any item of economic value owned by the AutonomousAgent. Examples of financial assets are cash, securities, accounts receivable, inventory, office equipment, a house, a car, and other property.[and full SUMO definition]
financialResponseTo(financialResponseTo ?Response ?Request) means that ?Response is a FinancialResponse to the FinancialRequest ?Request.[and full SUMO definition]
finishes(finishes ?INTERVAL1 ?INTERVAL2) means that ?INTERVAL1 and ?INTERVAL2 are both TimeIntervals that have the same ending TimePoint and that ?INTERVAL2 begins before ?INTERVAL1.[and full SUMO definition]
firstInstanceCreatedThe time when the first instance of the given class was created. Note that this can refer to Processes as well as Objects.[and full SUMO definition]
firstTimeBuyers(firstTimeBuyers ?INT ?SITE ?COLL) means that ?COLL is the Collection of Agents who are agents of Buyings where the WebSite ?SITE is the eCommerceSite ?SITE during the TimeInterval ?INT, where no Buyings exist with the same conditions prior to ?INT.[and full SUMO definition]
firstTimeSellers(firstTimeSellers ?INT ?SITE ?COLL) means that ?COLL is the Collection of Agents who are agents of Sellings where the WebSite ?SITE is the eCommerceSite ?SITE during the TimeInterval ?INT, where no Selling exist with the same conditions prior to ?INT.[and full SUMO definition]
fiscalYearPeriodThe predicate fiscalYearPeriod indicates the period that an AutonomousAgent or Organization uses as its 12-month accounting period. (fiscalYearPeriod ?AGENT Year) means that ?AGENT observes its 12-month accounting period during the regular calendar year (CY), from January to December. For fiscal years with other beginning and ending months (FYs), use (fiscalYearPeriod ?AGENT (RecurrentTimeIntervalFn ?STARTMONTH ?ENDMONTH)). For example, (fiscalYearPeriod (GovernmentFn UnitedStates) (RecurrentTimeIntervalFn October September)). For FYs that begin or end mid-month, days may be specified within RecurrentTimeIntervalFn.[and full SUMO definition]
fitForMilitaryService(fitForMilitaryService ?AGENT ?PROCESS) means that ?AGENT is capable of carrying out the MilitaryProcess ?PROCESS as the agent of the ?PROCESS.[and full SUMO definition]
fixedInterestRate(fixedInterestRate ?Account ?Rate) holds if ?Rate is the interest rate that does not change during the entire term of the account.[and full SUMO definition]
flagDescription(flagDescription ?AREA ?DESCRIPTION) means that the SymbolicString ?DESCRIPTION is a verbal description of the flag of the GeopoliticalArea ?AREA.[and full SUMO definition]
flagImage(flagImage ?AREA ?POINTER) means that an image of the flag of the GeopoliticalArea ?AREA is found at the location given in the SymbolicString ?POINTER.[and full SUMO definition]
flagState(flagState ?SHIP ?AREA) means that the Ship ?SHIP is enrolled in the ShipRegister of the GeopoliticalArea ?AREA and is subject to its maritime laws, regulations for operation of the ship, and rules of taxation.[and full SUMO definition]
fleetDeadWeightTonnage(fleetDeadWeightTonnage ?FLEET ?AMOUNT) means that the Collection of Ships ?FLEET has a total carrying capacity of ?AMOUNT in LongTons. This is the total vesselDeadWeightTonnage of all the vessels combined. Dead Weight Tonnage, or DWT, is the weight of cargo plus stores that a vessel can carry when immersed to the proper load line.[and full SUMO definition]
fleetGrossRegisteredTonnage(fleetGrossRegisteredTonnage ?FLEET ?AMOUNT) means that the Collection of Ships ?FLEET has a total carrying capacity of ?AMOUNT in RegistryTons. This is the total vesselGrossRegisteredTonnage of all the vessels combined. Gross Registered Tonnage, or GRT, is the capacity of a vessel calculated on an equivalence of 100 cubic feet of sheltered area per ton.[and full SUMO definition]
fleetSize(fleetSize ?AGENT ?NUM) means the AutonomousAgent ?AGENT has a fleet size of an Integer ?NUM. The Fleet can consists of any type of Vehicle[and full SUMO definition]
floorCode(floorCode ?STR ?PLACE) means that ?STR represents the BuildingLevel that a particular PostalPlace can be found at[and full SUMO definition]
floorLoanA minimum amount that a lender is willing to loan[and full SUMO definition]
flowCurrentThe relation between WaterMotion Processes and the region in which they occur continuously over at least hours, but typically months or years. A water balloon bursting and flowing downhill would not use this relation, because there would be no StreamWaterArea to relate to.[and full SUMO definition]
flows(flows ?FLUID1 ?FLUID2) means that the Physical ?FLUID1 moves towards the Physical ?FLUID2, to which it is connected.[and full SUMO definition]
followsThis is an example of a connection within a SocialNetworkingSite such as Twitter or Tumblr. (follows ?USER1 ?USER2) means that ?USER1 has subscribed to ?USER2's posts. In other words, ?USER1 will be able to see DigitalPost that ?USER2 has posted (Posting).[and full SUMO definition]
formOfAdaptation(formOfAdaptation ?System ?Attribute) holds if ?Attribute is a FormOfAdaptationAttribute which describes the RealtimeSystem ?System.[and full SUMO definition]
formatA relation that specifies how to present an expression in a natural language format.[and full SUMO definition]
formerName(formerName ?NAME ?THING) means that the string ?NAME is a name formerly used for ?THING.[and full SUMO definition]
foundingdate(foundingdate ?ORG ?DAY) means that ?DAY is the day on which ?ORG was founded.[and full SUMO definition]
freeFunctionRoomAmenity(freeFunctionRoomAmenity ?RM ?PHY) means that the use of ?PHY provided by TravelerAccommodation to customers renting HotelFunctionRoom does not incur charges[and full SUMO definition]
freePropertyAmenity(freePropertyAmenity ?AGENT ?PHYS) means that AutonomousAgent ?AGENT provides Physical ?PHYS at no additional cost[and full SUMO definition]
freeRoomAmenity(freeRoomAmenity ?ROOM ?PHYS) means that there is no price associated with the use of an object or the rendering of a service[and full SUMO definition]
frequency(frequency ?PROC ?TIME) means that the Process type of ?PROC recurs after every interval of ?TIME.[and full SUMO definition]
freshFoodCompartmentVolumeThe volume of the fresh food compartment in a Refrigerator.[and full SUMO definition]
friend(holdsDuring ?T1 (friend ?H1 ?H2)) means that during time ?T1, ?H1 and ?H2 know each other, share a relationship of mutual care and concern, and probably also share some common interests.[and full SUMO definition]
frozenFoodCompartmentVolumeThe volume of the froozen food compartment in a Freezer.[and full SUMO definition]
fulfillingEntity(fulfillingEntity ?ENTITY ?RESERVE) means that ?ENTITY is the AutonomousAgent who will execute the agreement[and full SUMO definition]
fullName(fullName ?STRING ?OBJ) means that ?STRING is a (more or less) complete name for ?OBJ, having all of the parts (fields, name components) possible for ?OBJ's name. The parts of ?STRING, if any, may be in conventional order, or in indexed (for alphabetic sorting) order. Examples: George W. Bush, The White House, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.[and full SUMO definition]
fullNameIndexOrder(fullNameIndexOrder ?STRING ?OBJ) means that ?STRING is a full name for ?OBJ, having all of the subStrings (fields, components) that occur in ?OBJ's complete name. The first component of ?STRING will be the indexed subString identified by keyName. Example: Bush, George W.[and full SUMO definition]
functionRoomAmenity(functionRoomAmenity ?RM ?PHYS) means that Physical ?PHYS is available for people who Renting HotelFunctionRoom ?RM[and full SUMO definition]