Data Dictionary

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qoSSlack(qoSSlack ?PATH ?MIN ?MAX) holds if ?PATH has a realtime QoS maximum slack percentage of ?MAX and minimum of ?MIN.[and full SUMO definition]
qualifiedExperiment(qualifiedExperiment ?EXPERIMENT ?HUMAN means that ?HUMAN has the capabilty of being the experimentalSubject of ?EXPERIMENT[and full SUMO definition]
qualifiedPageView(qualifedPageView ?EXPERIMENT ?ACCESSING) represents that the patient of AccessingWebPage ?ACCESSING is a treatedPage in ?EXPERIMENT[and full SUMO definition]
qualifiedTreatment(qualifiedTreatment ?TREATMENT ?HUMAN) means that ?HUMAN has capability to be put into Experimenting track ?TREATMENT[and full SUMO definition]
quarter(quarter ?QUART ?WHOLE) means that ?QUART is a quarter of ?WHOLE.[and full SUMO definition]