Data Dictionary

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bandwidth(bandwidth ?NET ?BANDWIDTH) holds if ?BANDWIDTH is the amount of data which can be sent through an instance of a ComputerNetwork ?NET.[and full SUMO definition]
bankAccount(bankAccount ?Type ?Bank) holds if ?Type is a type of the financial accounts offered by the bank.[and full SUMO definition]
baptizeddate(baptizeddate ?PERSON1 ?DAY) means that ?DAY is the day on which ?PERSON1 was baptized.[and full SUMO definition]
baptizedplace(baptizedplace ?PERSON ?PLACE) means that ?PLACE is the place where the ?PERSON was baptized.[and full SUMO definition]
barometricPressure(barometricPressure ?AREA ?PRESSURE) means that the atmospheric pressure measured at ?AREA is ?PRESSURE. Barometric pressure is typically expressed in units of InchMercury or MmMercury. For example, standard sea level pressure is 29.92 inches (760 mm) of mercury: (barometricPressure SeaLevel (MeasureFn 29.92 InchMercury)).[and full SUMO definition]
basedIn(basedIn ?EMPLOYEE ?ORG ?AREA) means that the employee ?EMPLOYEE of the organization ?ORG is usually based or headquartered in ?AREA.[and full SUMO definition]
batchInterArrival(batchInterArrival ?PATH ?TIME) holds if ?TIME is the maximum allowable time between processing of a particular element of a continuous or quasicontinuous path's data stream in successive cycles.[and full SUMO definition]
batchLatency(batchLatency ?PATH ?TIME)holds if ?TIME is the maximum allowed latency for all cycles of a quasicontinuous path.[and full SUMO definition]
before(before ?POINT1 ?POINT2) means that ?POINT1 precedes ?POINT2 on the universal timeline.[and full SUMO definition]
beforeOnPath(beforeOnPath ?OBJ1 ?OBJ2 ?PATH ?PROC) means that ?OBJ1 is spatially before ?OBJ2 on the path ?PATH with respect to a particular Transfer Process.[and full SUMO definition]
beforeOrEqual(beforeOrEqual ?POINT1 ?POINT2) means that ?POINT1 is identical with ?POINT2 or occurs before it on the universal timeline.[and full SUMO definition]
beforeTaxIncomeIncome before taxes are deducted[and full SUMO definition]
beliefGroupPercentInRegionThe percentage of the population of a given GeographicArea that subscribes to a particular belief, typically a religion.[and full SUMO definition]
believesThe epistemic predicate of belief. (believes ?AGENT ?FORMULA) means that ?AGENT believes the proposition expressed by ?FORMULA.[and full SUMO definition]
benchmarkA standard by which something can be measured or judged.[and full SUMO definition]
benchmarkPerformance(benchmarkPerformance ?SYSTEM ?TEST ?NUMBER) holds if ?NUMBER is a benchmark for measuring the performance of an instance of a ComputationalSystem.[and full SUMO definition]
benefits(benefits ?PROCESS ?AGENT) means that ?AGENT somehow derives benefit as a result of ?PROCESS. This is a very general relation, and does not entail that ?AGENT is a participant in ?PROCESS.[and full SUMO definition]
between(between ?OBJ1 ?OBJ2 ?OBJ3) means that ?OBJ2 is spatially located between ?OBJ1 and ?OBJ3. Note that this implies that ?OBJ2 is directly between ?OBJ1 and ?OBJ3, i.e. the projections of ?OBJ1 and ?OBJ3 overlap with ?OBJ2.[and full SUMO definition]
betweenOnPath(betweenOnPath ?OBJ1 ?OBJ2 ?OBJ3 ?PATH) means that ?OBJ2 is spatially located between ?OBJ1 and ?OBJ3 on the path ?PATH. Note that this is a more specialized relation of between since any object that is between others with respect to a particular path is also simply between them.[and full SUMO definition]
bidPrice(bidPrice ?Obj ?Money ?Agent) means that ?Agent offers to buy ?Obj for the amount of ?Money.[and full SUMO definition]
biochemicalAgentAntidote(biochemicalAgentAntidote ?AGENT ?SUBSTANCE ?PROCESS) means that the BiologicallyActiveSubstance ?SUBSTANCE has been shown to be effective in treating someone who has been exposed to the BiochemicalAgent ?AGENT when the ?SUBSTANCE is administered via the Process ?PROCESS.[and full SUMO definition]
biochemicalAgentDelivery(biochemicalAgentDelivery ?AGENT ?PROCESS) means that the Process ?PROCESS is capable of infecting an organism with the BiochemicalAgent ?AGENT when the organism is the experiencer and the ?AGENT the patient of an instance of ?PROCESS.[and full SUMO definition]
biochemicalAgentSyndromeRelates a subclass of BiochemicalAgent to a DiseaseOrSyndrome that is caused by or often associated with the BiochemicalAgent.[and full SUMO definition]
bioindicatorForHabitat(bioindicatorForHabitat ?AREA ?SPECIES) means that the health of the individuals in ?SPECIES indicates the condition of their habitat in the GeographicArea ?AREA.[and full SUMO definition]
biologicalAgentCarrier(biologicalAgentCarrier ?AGENT ?ORGANISM) means that the subclass of Organism ?ORGANISM is a carrier of the subclass of BiologicalAgent ?AGENT.[and full SUMO definition]
birthdate(birthdate ?PERSON ?DAY) means that ?DAY is the Day on which the ?PERSON was born.[and full SUMO definition]
birthday(birthday ?PERSON ?DAY) means that ?DAY is the anniversary each year of the birth of ?PERSON. For example, (birthday WilliamJeffersonClinton (DayFn 19 August)) means that Bill Clinton's birthday is August 19th.[and full SUMO definition]
birthplace(birthplace ?INDIV ?PLACE) means that the Animal ?INDIV was born at the location ?PLACE. The location may be a geographic area or a building, such as a hospital.[and full SUMO definition]
bloodVolumeThe Quantity of Blood present in a Human. A Liter of blood weights 2.33 pounds (according to or 1060 kg/m3 (Wikipedia) and 7 percent of a HumanAdult's weight.[and full SUMO definition]
bodyAngleThe relative AngleMeasure between parts of the body of an Animal.[and full SUMO definition]
boilingPointThe temperature at which a PureSubstance changes state from a Liquid to a Gas.[and full SUMO definition]
bondRatingA measure of the quality and safety of a bond, based on the issuer's financial condition. More specifically, an evaluation from a rating service indicating the likelihood that a debt issuer will be able to meet scheduled interest and principal repayments. Typically, AAA is highest (best), and D is lowest (worst).[and full SUMO definition]
borrower(borrower ?Loan ?Agent) means that ?Agent is a borrower of the ?Loan[and full SUMO definition]
bottom(bottom ?BOTTOM ?OBJECT) holds if ?BOTTOM is the lowest or deepest maximal superficial part of ?OBJECT.[and full SUMO definition]
brandIcon(brandIcon ?BRAND ?ICON) means that Icon ?ICON is associated with Brand ?BRAND[and full SUMO definition]
breathingRateThe number of times the Lungs of a Mammal fill and empty in a given period. The normal rate for adults is 12 to 16 breaths per minute.[and full SUMO definition]
brokerThis CaseRole relates an instance of a FinancialTransaction to the Broker of the sale.[and full SUMO definition]
brotherThe general relationship of being a brother. (brother ?MAN ?PERSON) means that ?MAN is the brother of ?PERSON.[and full SUMO definition]
browserIDMachine identifier based on browser cookies. (browserID ?STRING ?BROWSER ?SITE) means that ?STRING is the Identifier of the Agent of AccessingWebPage of a Webpage which is a component of ?SITE, where ?BROWSER was the instrument of the accessing. i.e. ?STRING represents the users who use the browser to access the site while the string is stored in the browser. browserIDs are highly likely to be unique.[and full SUMO definition]
burialplace(burialplace ?INDIV ?PLACE) means that ?PLACE is the place where ?INDIV was buried.[and full SUMO definition]
burnInPeriod(burnInPeriod ?EXPERIMENT ?INTERVAL) means that the TimeInterval ?INTERVAL, which occurs at the begining of the Experimenting ?EXPERIMENT, is a period not counted when the data are being analyzed.[and full SUMO definition]
businessHours(businessHours ?TIMEINT ?AGENT) means that an ?AGENT conducts business-related activities during ?TIMEINT[and full SUMO definition]
businessUnitA BinaryPredicate relating an Organization to a Business, specifying that the Organization is a subOrganization of the Business, the organization is the agent of some process that benefits the Business, and there is something specific that is inScopeOfInterest of the Organization.[and full SUMO definition]
buyingPowerAmount(buyingPowerAmount ?Account ?Day ?Amount) holds if ?Amount is the buying power amount of the FinancialAccount ?Account on the Day ?Day.[and full SUMO definition]
buys(buys ?CUST ?AGENT ?ENT) means that AutonomousAgent ?CUST performs Buying of Entity ?ENT from AutonomousAgent ?AGENT[and full SUMO definition]