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VCRSystemVCRSystem is a type of MediaSystem that can play AudioRecording and VideoRecording that is stored in a VHS[and full SUMO definition]
VHSCassetteAn instance of VHSCassette is a VideoCassette in which data is encoded in the VHS format.[and full SUMO definition]
VSTOLV/STOL is an acronym for Vertical/Short Take-Off and Landing. V/STOL aircraft can take-off or land vertically or on short runways. Most were experiments or outright failures from the 1950s to 1970s. The Hawker-Siddeley Harrier is perhaps the most famous production V/STOL aircraft, and the only truly operational successful design to date. . Helicopters have continued to dominate vertical flightV/STOL in retrospect may be one of the holy grails that has yet to be fully fulfilled for general aircraft. V/STOL was originally developed to allow fast jets to be operated from clearings in forests, removing their reliance on damage-prone runways, or operated from small aircraft carriers that would previously only have been able to carry helicopters. V/STOL has been replaced by STOVL or short takeoff, vertical landing in operation, if not in design. A rolling takeoff, sometimes with a ramp reduces the amount of thrust required to lift a fully laden aircraft from the ground, and increases the payload and range. For instance, the Harrier is incapable of taking off vertically with a full weapons and fuel load, and hence is operated as STOVL wherever possible. The main advantages in the case of the Harrier is closer basing, which reduces response time and tanker support requirements. In the case of the Falklands war, it also permitted high performance fighter air cover and ground attack without a large catapult-based aircraft carrier. (from Wikipedia)[and full SUMO definition]
VSeriesNerveAgentMore advanced sort of NerveAgent (developed in the 1950's). This subclass of NerveAgents tends to be more persistent and toxic than GSeriesNerveAgents, which were developed earlier. VSeriesNerveAgents include VE, VG, VM, VS, and VX.[and full SUMO definition]
VXOne of the V-series nerve agents.[and full SUMO definition]
VacationingTaking time off from Working for the purpose of recreation. Note that this is disjoint from just being Unemployed.[and full SUMO definition]
VaccinatableDiseaseA treatment that is effective in preventing a VaccinatableDisease.[and full SUMO definition]
VaccinationAdministering a Vaccine.[and full SUMO definition]
VaccinationCardA Text that specifies that a Human has had a particular Vaccination (or several).[and full SUMO definition]
VacciniaVirionThe class of vaccinia viruses in virion stage. These can be subdivided into IntracellularMatureVirionVaccinia, IntracellularEnvelopedVirionVaccinia, ExtracellularEnvelopedVirionVaccinia, and ProgenyVacciniaVirusImmature.[and full SUMO definition]
VacciniaVirusThe class of vaccinia viruses.[and full SUMO definition]
VacuumAn area of space in which does not contain any matter.[and full SUMO definition]
VacuumCleanerA Device designed to collect derbies by creating a partial vacuum with results with air suction.[and full SUMO definition]
VacuumGaugeA MeasuringDevice that measures the degree of Vacuum, relative to the surrounding air pressure.[and full SUMO definition]
VacuumHoseA Hose, typically found in modern Automobiles that link one area of PartialVacuum to another.[and full SUMO definition]
VafsiLanguageThe VafsiLanguage is a CentralIranianLanguage of Iran. SIL code: VAF. ISO 639-2: ira. Population: No estimate available. Region: Central Province, Arak District, Vafs, Tafres area. Comments: Various dialects. Transitional between central Iranian dialects and Talysh, very close to Ashtiani. Bilingualism in Western Farsi. Muslim.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
VaginalArteryvaginal artery[and full SUMO definition]
ValenciaSpainThe City of Valencia in Spain.[and full SUMO definition]
Valeta %&Valet is a person whose primary occupation it is to park cars for people[and full SUMO definition]
ValetLaundryServiceValetLaundryService refers to an agent picking up clothing, performing LaundryService, and then delivering it back to customer[and full SUMO definition]
ValetParkingValetParking refers to the process of having a service employee of an establishment park a customer's car for him or her[and full SUMO definition]
ValidCardA class of valid BankCards[and full SUMO definition]
ValidDeductiveArgumentA DeductiveArgument which is valid, i.e. the set of premises in fact entails the conclusion.[and full SUMO definition]
ValleduparColombiaThe City of Valledupar in Colombia.[and full SUMO definition]
ValleyA Valley is an area of low-lying land flanked by higher ground. Valleys typically contain a stream or river flowing along the valley floor.[and full SUMO definition]
ValueStockWhen the shares in a company are considered attractive because the company is undervalue, usually because it has a low P/E ratio.[and full SUMO definition]
ValveA Device that regulates, directs or controls the FlowFn of a Fluid (Gas, Liquid, fluidized solids, or slurries) by opening, closing, or partially obstructing various passageways. (Wikipedia)[and full SUMO definition]
ValvolineValvoline Inc. is an American manufacturer and distributor of Valvoline-brand automotive oil, additives, and lubricants. It also owns the Valvoline Instant Oil Change and Valvoline Express Care chains of car repair centers. As of 2016, it is the second largest oil change service provider in the United States with 10% market share and 1,050 locations.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
VanTurkeyThe City of Van in Turkey.[and full SUMO definition]
VanadiumSoft and ductile, bright white metal. Good resistance to corrosion by alkalis, sulphuric and hydrochloric acid. It oxidizes readily about 933K. There are two naturally occurring isotopes of vanadium, and 5 radioisotopes, V-49 having the longest half-life at 337 days. Vanadium has nuclear applications, the foil is used in cladding titanium to steel, and vanadium-gallium tape is used to produce a superconductive magnet. Originally discovered by Andres Manuel del Rio of Mexico City in 1801. His discovery went unheeded, however, and in 1820, Nils Gabriel Sefstron of Sweden rediscovered it. Metallic vanadium was isolated by Henry Enfield Roscoe in 1867. The name vanadium comes from {Vanadis}, a goddess of Scandinavian mythology. Silvery-white metallic transition element. Vanadium is essential to {ascidian}s. Rats and chickens are also known to require it. Metal powder is a fire hazard, and vanadium compounds should be considered highly toxic. May cause lung cancer if inhaled.[and full SUMO definition]
VandalismAn event where the objective of the agent is to damage or destroy some property of another agent. This is distinguished from acts where the prime objective is damage or loss of life of another agent.[and full SUMO definition]
VanderpolsEquationBessel's equation[and full SUMO definition]
VanimoGroupLanguageOf the seven SkoLanguages, three closely related languages are classified as a VanimoGroupLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
VanimoLanguageThe VanimoLanguage is a VanimoGroupLanguage of PapuaNewGuinea. SIL code: VAM. ISO 639-2: paa. Population: 2,200 (1990 SIL). Region: Sandaun Province, Vanimo District. 3 villages. Not in Irian Jaya. Alternate names: MANIMO, WANIMO, DUSO. Comments: 2 dialects. Related language: Wutung. Many highly educated speakers. Coastal. 0 to 150 meters.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
VanuatuThe Nation of Vanuatu.[and full SUMO definition]
VaporCompressionCycleA complete cycle of Compressing, Condensing and Evaporating, for the purpose of Cooling.[and full SUMO definition]
VariableAnnuityAn investment vehicle offered by an insurance company that does not guarantee a payment amount but does have the potential for greater returns than a FixedAnnuity.[and full SUMO definition]
VariableArityRelationThe Class of Relations that do not have a fixed number of arguments.[and full SUMO definition]
VarianceAverageFnA 'helper' function that supports the definition of VarianceFn. (VarianceAverageFn ?M ?L) means the sum of squared difference between each number and and the mean (?M) in the List ?L.[and full SUMO definition]
VarianceFnIt is a UnaryFunction to return the variance given a List of numbers. The numerical variance computates over values in an entire population.[and full SUMO definition]
VariolaMajorA Virus that causes Smallpox. Also known as the smallpox virus.[and full SUMO definition]
VariolaMinorA Virus that causes Smallpox. Also known as Alastrim.[and full SUMO definition]
VastusIntermediusMuscleThe VastusIntermediusMuscle extends Knee.[and full SUMO definition]
VastusLateralisMuscleThe VastusLateralisMuscle extends Knee.[and full SUMO definition]
VastusMedialisMuscleThe VastusMedialisMuscle extends Knee.[and full SUMO definition]
VavuniyaSriLankaThe City of Vavuniya in SriLanka.[and full SUMO definition]
VealVeal is the Meat that was originally part of a Calf.[and full SUMO definition]
VeenkoloniaalsLanguageThe VeenkoloniaalsLanguage is a LowSaxonGroupLanguage of the Netherlands. SIL code: VEK. ISO 639-2: gem. Population: No estimate available. Region: Northeastern. Alternate names: VEEN COLONY. Comments Bilingualism in Dutch. Official language.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
VegetableLeafyGreenVegetable is a the class of Vegetable that are PlantLeaf(ves).[and full SUMO definition]
VegetableAndMelonFarmingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Vegetable and Melon Farming.[and full SUMO definition]
VegetableOilVegetableOils are edible Plantoils.[and full SUMO definition]
VehicleVehicle is the subclass of TransportationDevices that transport passengers or goods from one place to another by moving from one place to the other with them, e.g., cars, trucks, ferries, and airplanes. Contrast with devices such as pipelines, escalators, or supermarket checkout belts, which carry items from one place to another by means of a moving part, without the device removing from the origin to the destination.[and full SUMO definition]
VehicleAttackAn event in which a vehicle is used by an agent in order to inflict injury, death or damage to people or property.[and full SUMO definition]
VehicleBrakeA VehicleController which is capable of stopping the motion of a Vehicle.[and full SUMO definition]
VehicleControllerAny Device which is used to start, stop or control the movements of a Vehicle. This class covers steering wheels, brakes, acceleration pedals, airplane sticks, etc.[and full SUMO definition]
VehicleDoorAn equivalent to a Door but in a Vehicle, rather than a StationaryObject.[and full SUMO definition]
VehicleLightAny LightFixture which is attached to the surface of a Vehicle and whose purpose is to illuminate that area around the Vehicle so that potential obstacles can be detected or alerted.[and full SUMO definition]
VehicleRegistrationVehicleRegistration is the class of official documents containing information about a vehicle's ownership and identifying characteristics, as required by the appropriate authority for the type and location of individual vehicles.[and full SUMO definition]
VehicleRoofRackA structure designed to be attached to, or made as part of a RoadVehicle, to which cargo, or cargo-carrying Containers may be temporarily attached.[and full SUMO definition]
VehicleSafetyDeviceAny SafetyDevice that is designed to prevent (or lessen the likelihood of) the Injuring of a Human while in Vehicle.[and full SUMO definition]
VehicleThrottleA VehicleController which controls the amount of Fuel which is supplied to the Engine.[and full SUMO definition]
VehicleTireA covering, usually made of rubber, for a Wheel.[and full SUMO definition]
VehicleWheelVehicleWheel is a class of cylindrical Devices used to move a RoadVehicle along a road, running either directly on the wheel rims or on tires attached to the wheel rims.[and full SUMO definition]
VehicleWindowAny Window which is part of a Vehicle, e.g. the Windshield and RearWindow of an Automobile.[and full SUMO definition]
VehicularLightingEquipmentManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Vehicular Lighting Equipment Manufacturing or Vehicular Lighting Equipment.[and full SUMO definition]
VehicularPollutionVehicularPollution is the subclass of Pollution in which the pollutants are vehicle emissions.[and full SUMO definition]
VeilA piece of Clothing intended to cover or obscure the face or hair of a Woman. This is commonly worn for religious reasons when in public in Muslim countries, but is also customary at Weddings and Funerals among some non-Muslim women.[and full SUMO definition]
VeinAny BloodVessel which transfers Blood from the extremities of the body to the Heart.[and full SUMO definition]
VeldtVeldt is a subclass of Grasslands which have scattered shrubs or trees.[and full SUMO definition]
VelocityPhysicalDimension of velocity, [m/s].[and full SUMO definition]
VelocityFnSpecifies the velocity of an object, i.e. the speed and the direction of the speed. For example (VelocityFn (MeasureFn 55 Mile) (MeasureFn 2 HourDuration) ?REFERENCE North) denotes the velocity of 55 miles per hour North of the given reference point ?REFERENCE.[and full SUMO definition]
VendaLanguageISO-639-1: ve. VendaLanguage is a Bantu language spoken in SouthAfrica and Zimbabwe.[and full SUMO definition]
VendingA FinancialTransaction in which the seller is a Machine[and full SUMO definition]
VendingMachineA Machine that is the instrument of a FinancialTransaction that accepts payment and releases some object, often food or drink, to the customer.[and full SUMO definition]
VendingMachineOperatorsAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Vending Machine Operators.[and full SUMO definition]
VeneerA thin layer covering an Object (like Furniture) or a Wall for decorative or productive purposes.[and full SUMO definition]
VeneerPlywoodAndEngineeredWoodProductManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Veneer, Plywood, and Engineered Wood Product Manufacturing.[and full SUMO definition]
VenetianLanguageThe VenetianLanguage is a GalloItalianLanguage of Italy. SIL code: VEC. ISO 639-2: roa. Population: 2,109,502 in Italy (1976). Population: total all countries 2,210,000. Region: Northern Italy, city of Venice, area of the Tre Venezie, Venezia Euganea westward to Verona, southward to the Po, and eastward to the border of the Fruili, Venezia Tridentina, in the Adige valley and neighboring mountain regions to the north of Trent, and Venezia Giulia, east of the Friuli, and including Trieste. Bisiacco is spoken in Gorizia Province. Also spoken in Croatia, Slovenia. Alternate names: VENETO. Dialects: ISTRIAN, TRIESTINO, VENETIAN PROPER, BISIACCO. Comments: Very different from Standard Italian. Bilingualism in Italian. Vigorous. Not endangered. Investigation needed: bilingual proficiency in Italian, attitudes. Bible portions 1859. Also spoken in: Croatia. (Language name: VENETIAN.) Population: 100,000 in Croatia and Slovenia (1994 Tapani Salminen). See also Italian in Croatia. Dialects: ISTRIAN, TRETINE, VENETIAN PROPER. Comments: Very different from Standard Italian. Vigorous. Investigation needed: bilingual proficiency, attitudes. Bible portions 1859.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
VenezuelaThe Nation of Venezuela.[and full SUMO definition]
VenezuelanEquineEncephalitisAlso known as Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis. Caused by any one of eight distinct Viruses. Symptoms of the disease include severe headache, high fever (up to 105 degrees), sensitivity to light (photophobia), nausea, coughing, and diarrhea. The disease results in central nervous system infection in 1 of 25 children.[and full SUMO definition]
VenezuelanEquineEncephalitisVirusThe Virus that causes VenezuelanEquineEncephalitis.[and full SUMO definition]
VenezuelanHemorrhagicFeverSymptoms of the disease are flu-like in the initial stages. As the disease progresses, symptoms include bleeding from the nose and gums and blood spots.[and full SUMO definition]
VenezuelanSignLanguageVenezuelanSignLanguage is a DeafSignLanguage of Venezuela. SIL code: VSL. ISO 639-2: sgn. Population: No estimate available. Comments: The sign language used in the classroom is different from the one used by adults outside. There is a national bilingual education program for Venezuelan Sign Language and Spanish. There have been schools for the deaf since 1937, and they use sign language. Deaf people can attend college with a sign language interpreter. There is a manual alphabet for spelling. Dictionary. Grammar.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
VentedChestSealA ChestSeal designed to seal a wound in the Chest, ameliorating a Pneumothorax, by allowing Air to escape through the wound but not reenter it.[and full SUMO definition]
VentilationHeatingAirConditioningAndCommercialRefrigerationEquipmentManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Ventilation, Heating, Air-Conditioning, and Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing.[and full SUMO definition]
VenturenoLanguageThe VenturenoLanguage is a ChumashGroupLanguage of the UnitedStates. SIL code: VEO. ISO 639-2: nai. Region: Southern California, near Santa Barbara. Comments: Was not intelligible with other Chumash varieties. Had multiple dialects. Extinct.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
VerbOne of the parts of speech. The Class of Words that conventionally denote Processes.[and full SUMO definition]
VerbPhraseA Phrase that has the same function as a Verb.[and full SUMO definition]
VerifyingCardCodeA subclass of AuthorizationOfTransaction where an ATM machine checks the code of the BankCard inserted to this machine.[and full SUMO definition]
VermontA northeastern AmericanState know for its small towns and rustic beauty.[and full SUMO definition]
VersionAttributeVersionAttribute is used to label the version of a ComputerProgram.[and full SUMO definition]
VertebraBonevertebra bone[and full SUMO definition]
VertebralArteryvertebral artery[and full SUMO definition]
VertebralRibBonevertebral rib bone[and full SUMO definition]
VertebrateAn Animal which has a spinal column.[and full SUMO definition]
VertebrochondralRibBonevertebrochondral rib bone[and full SUMO definition]
VerticalAttribute used to indicate that an Object is positioned height-wise with respect to another Object.[and full SUMO definition]
VerticalScrollBarA VerticalScrollBar is a vertical image of a slider on an InterfaceWindow with an indicator (ScrollBarBar) that a user may move to shift the image in the window up or down in cases in which the logical image is taller than the portion displayed in the window. The image may be pure text or may be graphics.[and full SUMO definition]
VerticalWindowScrollingVerticalWindowScrolling consists of scrolling the image in a frame up or down. Such a scrolling direction is commonly used for text.[and full SUMO definition]
VeryLongRunwayAirportVeryLongRunwayAirport is a CIA category for Airports whose longest runway has a length greater than 3,047 meters.[and full SUMO definition]
VeryShortRunwayAirportVeryShortRunwayAirport is a CIA category for Airports whose longest runway is less than 914 meters long.[and full SUMO definition]
VesselToSemilunarGanglionArteryvessel to semilunar ganglion artery[and full SUMO definition]
VeteranThe Attribute that applies to someone who was a Soldier at one time, but is not currently a Soldier.[and full SUMO definition]
VeterinarianA doctor who practices veterinary medicine.[and full SUMO definition]
VeterinaryScienceis the branch of science that deals with the application of medical, surgical, public health, dental, diagnostic, and therapeutic principles to non-human animals, including wildlife and domesticated animals.[and full SUMO definition]
VeterinaryServicesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Veterinary Services or Veterinary Services for Livestock.[and full SUMO definition]
VibrioCholeraThe Bacterium that is responsible for Cholera.[and full SUMO definition]
VideoCameraA Camera for taking video images.[and full SUMO definition]
VideoCassetteAn instance of VideoCassette is a TapeCassette designed for the storage of recorded audio-visual data in some electronic encoding.[and full SUMO definition]
VideoCheckOutVideoCheckOut is a type of SelfServiceCheckOut where a VideoDisplay in a person's HotelUnit is used to do CheckOutService[and full SUMO definition]
VideoDataStorageDeviceAn instance of VideoDataStorageDevice is a DataStorageDevice intended to be used for storing data obtained from visual inputs (e.g., eyes or cameras), in some encoding scheme that, given suitable technology, can be reproduced as visual outputs.[and full SUMO definition]
VideoDisplayVideoDisplay is a type of ElectricDevice that can RadiatingLight to show VideoRecording[and full SUMO definition]
VideoGameVideoGame is a Game in VideoRecording form[and full SUMO definition]
VideoGamePlayerVideoGamePlayer is a MediaSystem that enables the playing of a VideoGame[and full SUMO definition]
VideoRecordingA representation of video on some medium such as film, videotape or DVD. Instances of this class are also commonly instances of AudioRecording.[and full SUMO definition]
VideoTapeAndDiscRentalAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Video Tape and Disc Rental or Video Tape Rental.[and full SUMO definition]
ViennaAustriaThe City of Vienna in Austria.[and full SUMO definition]
ViennaRoastViennaRoast are CoffeeBeans that are roasted to around 230°C (446°F). [Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
VientianeLaosThe City of Vientiane in Laos.[and full SUMO definition]
VietnamThe Nation of Vietnam.[and full SUMO definition]
ViewView refers to the patient of a Seeing process[and full SUMO definition]
ViewItemPageA WebPage which contains a WebListing and description of the patient of the listing.[and full SUMO definition]
ViewItemRequestA UserSignifiedAction with the subProcess of RequestingHyperLink, where the RequestingHyperlink causes the the AccessingWebPage, and the WebPage being accessed is a ViewItemPage. If ?AGENT views ?LISTING as part of a ViewItemRequest, then (viewedListing ?AGENT ?LISTING) holds.[and full SUMO definition]
VilelaLanguageThe VilelaLanguage is a LuleVilelaLanguage of Argentina. SIL code: VIL. ISO 639-2: sai. Population: Five families. Region: Resistencia, east central Chaco province near Paraguay border. Comments: Bilingualism in Toba. Any remaining Vilela are apparently being absorbed by the Toba or losing their Indian identity in the barrios of towns and cities (1981 Buckwalter). Nearly extinct.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
VillavicencioColombiaThe City of Villavicencio in Colombia.[and full SUMO definition]
VineA Vine is the class of FloweringPlant which can be woody or herbaceous. They grow by climbing on another object with their Scandent stems,Lianas or runners.[Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
VinegarVinegar is an acidic liquid produced from the fermentation of ethanol in a process that yields its key ingredient, acetic acid (ethanoic acid). It also may come in a diluted form. pH of table vinegar ranges from 2.4 to 3.4 (higher if diluted). The acetic acid concentration typically ranges from 4% to 8% by volume for table vinegar and up to 18% for pickling. Natural vinegars also contain small amounts of tartaric acid, citric acid, and other acids. Vinegar has been used since ancient times and is an important element in European, Asian, and other cuisines. [Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
VineyardA CultivatedLandArea that produces WineGrape.[and full SUMO definition]
VineyardChurchThe Class of Vineyard Churches.[and full SUMO definition]
ViolentContestA Contest where one participant attempts to physically injure another participant.[and full SUMO definition]
VioletColorThe Attribute of being violet in color.[and full SUMO definition]
ViolinA StringInstrument that has four strings, a hollow body, and is played on the shoulder with a bow.[and full SUMO definition]
ViolinistA Musician defined by beiing able to play Violin.[and full SUMO definition]
ViralAgentBiologicalAgents that are also a Virus.[and full SUMO definition]
ViralCellInvasionThe Class of events in which a cell is penetrated by a virus and in which a virus enters the cell to be, or perhaps not be, further processed within the cell.[and full SUMO definition]
ViralCoreThe class of viral cores. The ViralCore of a virus is the virus less its envelope.[and full SUMO definition]
ViralDiseaseA disease that is caused by instances of a Virus.[and full SUMO definition]
ViralGenomeThe class of molecules that constitute virus genomes.[and full SUMO definition]
ViralPartFn(ViralPartFn ?VIR ?PARTTYPE) denotes the object of type ?PARTTYPE that is part of ?VIR.[and full SUMO definition]
VirginIslandsThe VirginIslands is an Archipelago in the West Indies that comprises both the BritishVirginIslands, administered by the UnitedKingdom, and the USVirginIslands, administered by the UnitedStates.[and full SUMO definition]
VirginIslandsCreoleEnglishLanguageThe VirginIslandsCreoleEnglishLanguage is a SouthEasternAtlanticEnglishBasedCreoleLanguage of the UnitedStatesVirginIslands. SIL code: VIB. ISO 639-2: cpe. Population: 52,250 (1980 WA). Population total all countries 64,250. Region: Also spoken in British Virgin Islands, Guadeloupe, Netherlands Antilles. Dialects: CRUZAN. Comments: St. Croix, St. Eustatius, St. John, and Saba are closest. Slightly intelligible with Jamaican and perhaps Bahamas Creole. Alleyne says it is post-creole English. Dictionary. Also spoken in: British Virgin Islands. (Language name: VIRGIN ISLANDS CREOLE ENGLISH.) Population: 12,000 in British Virgin Islands (1987). Comments: Coexists with English in a fairly stable diglossic relationship (Holm 1989:455). Also spoken in: Guadeloupe. (Language name: VIRGIN ISLANDS CREOLE ENGLISH.) Dialects: ST. BARTH CREOLE ENGLISH. Also spoken in: Netherlands Antilles. (Language name: VIRGIN ISLANDS CREOLE ENGLISH.) Population: 12,700 including 10,000 on St. Maarten, 1,100 on Saba, 1,600 on St. Eustatius. Dialects: ST. MAARTEN CREOLE ENGLISH.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
VirginiaA state in the southeastern UnitedStates that borders on WashingtonDC.[and full SUMO definition]
VirionThe class of viruses in the virion stage, i.e., viruses that are mature and capable of exiting cells or invading other viruses.[and full SUMO definition]
VirionEnzymeThe class of enzymes that are found inside of viruses when they are in a virion stage.[and full SUMO definition]
VirusAn Organism consisting of a core of a single nucleic acid enclosed in a protective coat of protein. A virus may replicate only inside a host living cell. A virus exhibits some but not all of the usual characteristics of living things.[and full SUMO definition]
VirusCoreEnvelopeThe class of core envelopes inside of which the genetic material of the virus and virion enzymes are contained.[and full SUMO definition]
VirusDoubleStrandedThe class of viruses whose DNA or RNA is doublestranded.[and full SUMO definition]
VirusOuterMembraneThe class of virus membranes.[and full SUMO definition]
VirusPartThe class of structures which are typically found or may be found in viruses.[and full SUMO definition]
VirusSingleStrandedThe class of viruses whose DNA or RNA is singlestranded.[and full SUMO definition]
VisitorProfileA type of Collection of Formulas which are known by someone who possesses a WebSite. All the members of this collection refer to a common AutonomousAgent, and visitorParameters of a common WebSite[and full SUMO definition]
VisualAcuityAttributeThe BiologicalAttributes in this Class describe the visual capabilities of an Organism.[and full SUMO definition]
VisualAttributeThe Class of visually discernible properties.[and full SUMO definition]
VisualContentBearingObjectInstances of VisualContentBearingObject are ContentBearingObjects that are intended to convey meaning as the result of being seen.[and full SUMO definition]
VisualContentBearingPhysicalInstances of VisualContentBearingPhysical are ContentBearingPhysicals that are intended to convey meaning as the result of being seen.[and full SUMO definition]
VitF2ProteinThe class of VitF2 proteins, typically found in the nucleus of eukaryotic cells.[and full SUMO definition]
VitalOrganAn Organ of the body, without which, even for a short time, life is not possible, at least without some immediate artificial organ (such as a heart-lung machine) that can temporarily handle the same functions.[and full SUMO definition]
VitaminA Nutrient present in natural products or made synthetically, which is essential in the diet of Humans and other higher Animals. Included here are Vitamin precursors and provitamins.[and full SUMO definition]
VitaminAVitamin A is a group of unsaturated nutritional organic compounds that includes retinol, retinal, and several provitamin A carotenoids (most notably beta-carotene). Vitamin A has multiple functions: it is important for growth and development, for the maintenance of the immune system, and for good vision. Vitamin A is needed by the retina of the eye in the form of retinal, which combines with protein opsin to form rhodopsin, the light-absorbing molecule necessary for both low-light (scotopic vision) and color vision.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
VitaminB1Thiamine, also known as thiamin or vitamin B1, is a vitamin found in food and manufactured as a dietary supplement and medication. Food sources of thiamine include whole grains, legumes, and some meats and fish. Grain processing removes much of the thiamine content, so in many countries cereals and flours are enriched with thiamine. Supplements and medications are available to treat and prevent thiamine deficiency and disorders that result from it, including beriberi and Wernicke encephalopathy. Other uses include the treatment of maple syrup urine disease and Leigh syndrome. They are typically taken by mouth, but may also be given by intravenous or intramuscular injection.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
VitaminB12Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin involved in metabolism. It is one of eight B vitamins. It is a cofactor in DNA synthesis, in both fatty acid and amino acid metabolism. It is important in the normal functioning of the nervous system via its role in the synthesis of myelin, and in the maturation of red blood cells in the bone marrow.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
VitaminB2Riboflavin, also known as vitamin B2, is a vitamin found in food and used as a dietary supplement. It is required by the body for cellular respiration. Food sources include eggs, green vegetables, milk and other dairy products, meat, mushrooms, and almonds. Some countries require its addition to grains. As a supplement it is used to prevent and treat riboflavin deficiency. At amounts far in excess of what is needed to meet dietary needs as a nutrient, riboflavin may prevent migraines. Riboflavin may be given by mouth or injection. It is nearly always well tolerated. Normal doses are safe during pregnancy.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
VitaminB3Niacin, also known as nicotinic acid, is an organic compound and a form of vitamin B3, an essential human nutrient. It can be manufactured by plants and animals from the amino acid tryptophan. Niacin is obtained in the diet from a variety of whole and processed foods, with highest contents in fortified packaged foods, meat, poultry, red fish such as tuna and salmon, lesser amounts in nuts, legumes and seeds. Niacin as a dietary supplement is used to treat pellagra, a disease caused by niacin deficiency. Signs and symptoms of pellagra include skin and mouth lesions, anemia, headaches, and tiredness. Many countries mandate its addition to wheat flour or other food grains, thereby reducing the risk of pellagra.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
VitaminB5Pantothenic acid, also called vitamin B5 is a water-soluble B vitamin and therefore an essential nutrient. All animals require pantothenic acid in order to synthesize coenzyme A (CoA) – essential for fatty acid metabolism – as well as to, in general, synthesize and metabolize proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Pantothenic acid is the combination of pantoic acid and β-alanine. Its name derives from the Greek pantos, meaning 'from everywhere', as minimally, at least small quantities of pantothenic acid are found in nearly every food. Human deficiency is very rare. As a dietary supplement or animal feed ingredient, the form commonly used is calcium pantothenate because of chemical stability, and hence long product shelf life, compared to sodium pantothenate or free pantothenic acid.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
VitaminB6Pyridoxine, also known as vitamin B6, is a form of vitamin B6 found commonly in food and used as a dietary supplement. As a supplement it is used to treat and prevent pyridoxine deficiency, sideroblastic anaemia, pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy, certain metabolic disorders, side effects or complications of isoniazid use, and certain types of mushroom poisoning. It is used by mouth or by injection. It is usually well tolerated. Occasionally side effects include headache, numbness, and sleepiness. Normal doses are safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Pyridoxine is in the vitamin B family of vitamins. It is required by the body to metabolise amino acids, carbohydrates, and lipids. Sources in the diet include fruit, vegetables, and grain.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
VitaminB7Biotin, also called vitamin B7, is one of the B vitamins. It is involved in a wide range of metabolic processes, both in humans and in other organisms, primarily related to the utilization of fats, carbohydrates, and amino acids. The name biotin derives from the Greek word “bios” (to live) and the suffix “-in” (a general chemical suffix used in organic chemistry).[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
VitaminB9Folate, also known as vitamin B9 and folacin, is one of the B vitamins. Manufactured folic acid, which is converted into folate by the body, is used as a dietary supplement and in food fortification as it is more stable during processing and storage. Folate is required for the body to make DNA and RNA and metabolise amino acids necessary for cell division. As humans cannot make folate, it is required in the diet, making it an essential nutrient. It occurs naturally in many foods. The recommended adult daily intake of folate in the U.S. is 400 micrograms from foods or dietary supplements. Folate in the form of folic acid is used to treat anemia caused by folate deficiency. Folic acid is also used as a supplement by women during pregnancy to reduce the risk of neural tube defects (NTDs) in the baby. Low levels in early pregnancy are believed to be the cause of more than half of babies born with NTDs. More than 80 countries use either mandatory or voluntary fortification of certain foods with folic acid as a measure to decrease the rate of NTDs. Long-term supplementation with relatively large amounts of folic acid is associated with small reduction in the risk of stroke and an increased risk of prostate cancer. There are concerns that large amounts of supplemental folic acid can hide VitaminB12 deficiency.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
VitaminCVitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid and ascorbate) is a vitamin found in various foods and sold as a dietary supplement. It is used to prevent and treat scurvy. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient involved in the repair of tissue and the enzymatic production of certain neurotransmitters. It is required for the functioning of several enzymes and is important for immune system function. It also functions as an antioxidant. Most animals are able to synthesize their own vitamin C, although humans, the other great and lesser apes, monkeys (but not all primates), most bats, some rodents, and certain other animals must acquire it from dietary sources.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
VitaminDVitamin D is a group of fat-soluble secosteroids responsible for increasing intestinal absorption of calcium, magnesium, and phosphate, and many other biological effects. In humans, the most important compounds in this group are vitamin D3 (also known as cholecalciferol) and vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol). The major natural source of the vitamin is synthesis of cholecalciferol in the lower layers of skin epidermis through a chemical reaction that is dependent on sun exposure (specifically UVB radiation). Cholecalciferol and ergocalciferol can be ingested from the diet and from supplements. Only a few foods, such as the flesh of fatty fish, naturally contain significant amounts of vitamin D. In the U.S. and other countries, cow's milk and plant-derived milk substitutes are fortified with vitamin D, as are many breakfast cereals. Mushrooms exposed to ultraviolet light contribute useful amounts of vitamin D Dietary recommendations typically assume that all of a person's vitamin D is taken by mouth, as sun exposure in the population is variable and recommendations about the amount of sun exposure that is safe are uncertain in view of the skin cancer risk.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
VitaminEVitamin E is a group of eight fat soluble compounds that include four tocopherols and four tocotrienols. Vitamin E deficiency, which is rare and usually due to an underlying problem with digesting dietary fat rather than from a diet low in vitamin E, can cause nerve problems. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant protecting cell membranes from reactive oxygen species. [from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
VitaminKVitamin K refers to structurally similar, fat-soluble vitamers found in foods and marketed as dietary supplements. The human body requires vitamin K for post-synthesis modification of certain proteins that are required for blood coagulation (K from koagulation, Danish for 'coagulation') or for controlling binding of calcium in bones and other tissues. The complete synthesis involves final modification of these so-called 'Gla proteins' by the enzyme gamma-glutamyl carboxylase that uses vitamin K as a cofactor. The presence of uncarboxylated proteins indicates a vitamin K deficiency. Carboxylation allows them to bind (chelate) calcium ions, which they cannot do otherwise. Without vitamin K, blood coagulation is seriously impaired, and uncontrolled bleeding occurs. Research suggests that deficiency of vitamin K may also weaken bones, potentially contributing to osteoporosis, and may promote calcification of arteries and other soft tissues.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
VitoriaSpainThe City of Vitoria in Spain.[and full SUMO definition]
VitreousChinaFineEarthenwareAndOtherPotteryProductManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Vitreous China, Fine Earthenware, and Other Pottery Product Manufacturing or Vitreous China Table and Kitchen Articles.[and full SUMO definition]
VitreousChinaPlumbingFixtureAndChinaAndEarthenwareBathroomAccessoriesManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Vitreous China Plumbing Fixture and China and Earthenware Bathroom Accessories Manufacturing or Vitreous China Plumbing Fixtures and China and Earthenware Fittings and Bathroom Accessories.[and full SUMO definition]
VitrollesFranceThe City of Vitrolles in France.[and full SUMO definition]
VlaamsLanguageThe VlaamssLanguage is a LowFranconianLanguage of Belgium (Flemish). SIL code: VLA. ISO 639-2: gem. Population: 1,070,000, over 89% of the inhabitants of West Flanders in Belgium (1998 U. of Ghent). Population total all countries 1,300,000 (1998 University of Ghent) including 220,000 in Zeeuws, 1,100,000 in West Vlaams and Frans Vlaams. Region: Large parts of the Province of West Flanders. Alternate names: FLAMAND, VLAEMSCH. Dialects: WEST VLAAMS (VLAEMSCH). Comments: Bilingualism in French, some English. All ages. Speakers attitude toward French was hostile, but has normalized. Speakers are called 'Vlamingen', language 'Vlaemsch.' Dictionary. SOV. The spelling systems in the 3 countries differ so as to make acceptance of written materials difficult among them. Christian. Also spoken in: France. (Language name: VLAAMS.) Population: 10,000 in France (1984 Menheere, 1993 Evenhuis). Alternate names: FLAMAND, FLEMISH, VLAEMSCH. Dialects: FRANS VLAAMS (VLAEMSCH). Comments: Close to Dutch, English, Frisian. Dutch is not understood in France, but Vlaams dialects in Belgium and the Netherlands are understood. Bilingualism in French, some English. Used for informal situations. Speakers are over 50 years old. Speakers view Dutch as a completely different, friendly language. Speakers in France are called 'Vlamingen', the language called 'Vlaemsch'. Speakers sometimes refer to Dutch as 'Vlaams.' Dictionary. SOV. Different orthographies used in the 3 countries. Christian. Also spoken in: Netherlands. (Language name: VLAAMS.) Population: 222,000, or 60% of the 370,000 inhabitants of Zeeland in the Netherlands (1998 U. of Ghent). Alternate names: FLAMAND, FLEMISH. Dialects: ZEEUWS (ZEAWS), WEST VLAAMS, FRANS VLAAMS (VLAEMSCH). Comments: Close to Dutch, English, Frisian. Subdialects of Zeeuws include: Goerees, Flakkees, Schouws, Duvelands, Fluplands, Bevelands, Walchers, Axels, Kezands. Speakers have difficulty understanding nearby Brabant dialect of Dutch. Bilingualism in Dutch, English, German. Used for informal situations. Varies locally from all ages to over 40. Speakers have Vlaams as first and sometimes only language. 50,000 speak it as second language. Speakers sometimes refer to Dutch as 'Vlaams'. They view Dutch as the language of trade, tourism, school. Dictionary. SOV. Literacy rate in second language: 99% Dutch. There is a magazine, drama, folk music. Christian.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
VladikavkazRussiaThe City of Vladikavkaz in Russia.[and full SUMO definition]
VladivostokRussiaThe City of Vladivostok in Russia.[and full SUMO definition]
VocalCordsThe vocal cords, are composed of two folds of mucous membrane stretched horizontally across the larynx. They vibrate, modulating the flow of air being expelled from the lungs during Vocalizing. [and full SUMO definition]
VocalFoldA smooth muscle found in pairs and comprising the VocalCords.[and full SUMO definition]
VocalizingAny instance of RadiatingSound where the instrument is the vocal cord. This covers grunts, screams, roars, as well as Speaking.[and full SUMO definition]
VocationalRehabilitationServicesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Vocational Rehabilitation Services.[and full SUMO definition]
VocationalSchoolAny School whose aim is to teach students an OccupationalTrade.[and full SUMO definition]
VodkaA DistilledAlcoholicBeverage made from a CerealGrain to which water is added prior to drinking.[and full SUMO definition]
VoiceActorLike an Actor, a VoiceActor is also an agent of the dramatic performance. However, only his voice can be heard and not the actor himself[and full SUMO definition]
VoiceMailVoiceMail refers to an AudioRecording that is done through the TelephoneSystem[and full SUMO definition]
VolarCarpalArteryvolar carpal artery[and full SUMO definition]
VolcanicConeA VolcanicCone is a hill of lava or pyroclastics surrounding a volcanic vent. Not as high as a VolcanicMountain.[and full SUMO definition]
VolcanicEruptionVolcanicEruption is the subclass of GeologicalProcesses in which Volcanoes erupt.[and full SUMO definition]
VolcanicMountainA VolcanicMountain is a cone-shaped mountain formed out of rock or ash thrown up from inside the earth, frequently with an opening or depression at the top.[and full SUMO definition]
VolcanoA Volcano in the broadest sense, i.e., a region containing a vent through which magmous and/or pyroclastic materials are passed from the interior of the Earth to its surface (atmospheric or underwater).[and full SUMO definition]
VolgodonskRussiaThe City of Volgodonsk in Russia.[and full SUMO definition]
Volleyballa game in which two teams hit an inflated ball over a high net using their hands.[and full SUMO definition]
VolleyballTeamA team that plays Volleyball.[and full SUMO definition]
Vollum1BA highly lethal, weaponized form of BacillusAnthracis developed by the United States government.[and full SUMO definition]
VoltSI electric potential measure. Symbol: V. It is the difference of electric potential between two points of a conducting wire carrying a constant current of 1 Ampere, when the power dissipated between these points is equal to 1 Watt. Volt = W/A = m^2*kg*s^(-3)*A^(-1).[and full SUMO definition]
VoltagePhysicalDimension of voltage, [V].[and full SUMO definition]
VoltageRatingPrimaryVoltageRatingPrimary is the primary rating voltage of an ElectricalTransformer. It is the power the transfrmer can pass on its receiving side (input).[and full SUMO definition]
VoltageRatingSecondaryVoltageRatingSecondary is the secondary rating voltage of an ElectricalTransformer. It is the power the transformer can pass on its distributing side (output).[and full SUMO definition]
VolumeControlValvevalve that controls the flow rate of a fluid[and full SUMO definition]
VolumeFlowPhysicalDimension of volume flow, [m^-3].[and full SUMO definition]
VolumeMeasureMeasures of the amount of space in three dimensions.[and full SUMO definition]
VoluntaryHealthOrganizationsAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Voluntary Health Organizations or Social Services, NEC (voluntary health organizations).[and full SUMO definition]
VoluntaryMuscleA Muscle that is under the conscious control of the Animal, such as the ThighMuscle or DeltoidMuscle.[and full SUMO definition]
VolunteeringOffering to work without financial compensation.[and full SUMO definition]
VomerBonevomer bone[and full SUMO definition]
VomitFood that was expelled from the Stomach of an Animal.[and full SUMO definition]
VomitingThe process by which an Organism expells the contents of its Stomach. Although usually involuntary, a Human can induce vomiting in itself, so this cannot be a purely AutonomicProcess.[and full SUMO definition]
VotingVoting is the activity of voting in an Election. Voting is typically done by individuals, while Elections are conducted by Organizations. The voting process by an individual voter is part of an Election process.[and full SUMO definition]
VotingFn(VotingFn ?ELECTION) denotes the class of voting events that occur as part of the Election ?ELECTION.[and full SUMO definition]
VotingPollA structure where Voting for an Election takes place.[and full SUMO definition]
VowelAn AlphabeticCharacter that denotes a speech sound that does not result in audible friction when it is pronounced.[and full SUMO definition]
VulnerableSpeciesHigh risk of endangerment in the wild [Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
VultureA diurnal bird of prey with a bald head that feeds on carrion.[and full SUMO definition]
VyvanseLisdexamfetamine, sold under the brand name Vyvanse among others, is a medication that is a derivative of amphetamine. It is mainly used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in people over the age of five as well as moderate-to-severe binge eating disorder in adults. Lisdexamfetamine is taken by mouth. In the United Kingdom, it is usually less preferred than methylphenidate. Its effects generally begin within 2 hours and last for up to 14 hours. Common side effects of lisdexamfetamine include loss of appetite, anxiety, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, irritability, and nausea. Rare but serious side effects include mania, sudden cardiac death in those with underlying heart problems, and psychosis. It has a high potential for substance abuse per the DEA. Serotonin syndrome may occur if used with certain other medications. Its use during pregnancy may result in harm to the baby and use during breastfeeding is not recommended by the manufacturer. Lisdexamfetamine is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant that works after being converted by the body into dextroamphetamine. Chemically, lisdexamfetamine is composed of the amino acid L-lysine, attached to dextroamphetamine. Lisdexamfetamine was approved for medical use in the United States in 2007. In 2018, it was the 82nd most commonly prescribed medication in the United States, with more than 10 million prescriptions. It is a Schedule II controlled substance in the United Kingdom and a Schedule II controlled substance in the United States.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]