Data Dictionary

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udaCanSignify(udaCanSignify ?DIRECT_ACTION_TYPE ?SIGNIFIED_ACTION_TYPE) means that an instance of the UserDirectAction ?DIRECT_ACTION can signify to a program an instance of the UserSignifiedAction ?SIGNIFIED_ACTION_TYPE.[and full SUMO definition]
uncle(uncle ?UNCLE ?PERSON) means that ?UNCLE is the brother of a parent of ?PERSON.[and full SUMO definition]
underageUser(underageUser ?HUMAN ?SITE) means that ?HUMAN is a webVisitor of ?SITE but is under 18 years old.[and full SUMO definition]
underlier(underlier ?Option ?Instrument) means that ?Instrument is a security which is subject to delivery upon exercise of ?Option.[and full SUMO definition]
unemploymentRateOfArea(unemploymentRateOfArea ?AREA ?RATE) means that the unemployment rate in the GeographicalArea ?AREA is ?RATE.[and full SUMO definition]
unemploymentRateOfAreaInPeriod(unemploymentRateOfAreaInPeriod ?AREA ?RATE ?PERIOD) means that the unemployment rate in the GeographicalArea ?AREA is ?RATE, during the TimeInterval indicated by ?PERIOD.[and full SUMO definition]
uniqueIdWithRespectToAny ID which is unique within some context, though not globally unique. This relation may be used in situations such as a user account, in which a SymbolicString is unique to a relationship between one particular Human and one particular Corporation, or a unique home address with respect to a given Street.[and full SUMO definition]
uniqueIdentifierThe class of names that uniquely identify an instance of Entity. Some examples of uniqueIdentifiers are the keys of tables in database applications and the ISBN (International Standard Book Number).[and full SUMO definition]
unitMeasuringPerformance(unitMeasuringPerformance ?COMPONENT ?UNIT) holds in case ?UNIT is an instance of UnitOfMeasure which is used to measure the performance of ?COMPONENT.[and full SUMO definition]
unitNumber(unitNumber ?STR ?PLACE) means that ?STR represents the particular unit or space within the building that a PostalPlace is located[and full SUMO definition]
unitPrice(unitPrice ?ENT ?QUANT ?AGENT ?PS) is meant for objects that are not sold by the piece but by a certain unit of measure, for instance, vegetables that are sold by the pound. FunctionQuantity ?QUANT, in this case, refers to (PerFn CurrencyMeasure (MeasureFn RealNumber UnitOfMeasure)), which reads something like X amount of money per Y unit. This can be attached to a PricingScheme ?PS by CognitiveAgent ?AGENT[and full SUMO definition]
unpaidItem(unpaidItem ?ITEM ?AGENT) means that ?AGENT Promised to buy ?ITEM, but did not.[and full SUMO definition]
unratifiedSignatoryToAgreement(unratifiedSignatoryToAgreement ?AGENT ?PROP) means that the AutonomousAgent ?AGENT has signed a document to begin the process of committing to the Agreement ?PROP, but that a ratification process required to complete the commitment has not yet occurred.[and full SUMO definition]
urlStringThe SymbolicString form of a UniformResourceLocator.[and full SUMO definition]
userDatabase(userDatabase ?DATABASE ?WEBSITE) relates a Database and a WebSite, and signifies that ?DATABASE has a part which represents the Collection of users of the ?WEBSITE - i.e. members of this collection are Agents who are agents of an AccessingWebPage where the patient of the accessing is component of ?WebSite.[and full SUMO definition]
userFeedbackScore(userFeedbackScore ?ACCOUNT ?SCORE) associates a UserAccount with a RealNumber which represents the scored feedback on that account by other users on the same site.[and full SUMO definition]
userIDString(userIDString ?STRING ?ACCOUNT) Associates an Identifer ?STRING to a UserAccount ?ACCOUNT. The ?STRING represents the user which hasAccount ?ACCOUNT. Every UserAccount has a userIDString. They are likely to be unique.[and full SUMO definition]
userName(userName ?Name ?User) means that ?Name is the name the ComputerUser uses to identify himself or herself when logging onto a UserAccount on a computer system.[and full SUMO definition]
uses(uses ?OBJECT AGENT) means that ?OBJECT is used by ?AGENT as an instrument in an unspecified Process. This Predicate, as its corresponding axiom indicates, is a composition of the CaseRoles agent and instrument.[and full SUMO definition]
utteranceA prototypical linguistic statement incorporating the concept in a phrase or sentence.[and full SUMO definition]