Data Dictionary

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valenceSpecifies the number of arguments that a relation can take. If a relation does not have a fixed number of arguments, it does not have a valence and it is an instance of VariableArityRelation.[and full SUMO definition]
validFor(validFor ?SCHEME ?AGENT) means that CurrencyMeasure that PricingScheme refers to applies to AutonomousAgent ?AGENT[and full SUMO definition]
validPaymentType(validPaymentType ?SCHEME ?PAYMENT) means that the CurrencyMeasure that PricingScheme refers to is valid for the given Payment class[and full SUMO definition]
validityPeriod(validityPeriod ?SCHEME ?TIMEINT) means that the CurrencyMeasure that PricingScheme refers to is valid for the given TimeInterval[and full SUMO definition]
vegetationType(vegetationType ?area ?type) associates a particular GeographicArea with a type of Plant that is found there.[and full SUMO definition]
vegetationTypePattern(vegetationTypePattern ?AREA ?TYPE ?DENSITY) means that in the GeographicArea ?AREA the Plant ?TYPE is found with ?DENSITY.[and full SUMO definition]
versionSome Artifacts have a life cycle with discrete stages or versions. (version ARTIFACT1 ARTIFACT2) means that ARTIFACT1 is a version of ARTIFACT2. Note that this Predicate relates subclasses of Artifact and not instances.[and full SUMO definition]
vesselDeadWeightTonnage(vesselDeadWeightTonnage ?VESSEL ?AMOUNT) means that the WaterVehicle ?VESSEL has a carrying capacity when fully loaded of ?AMOUNT in LongTons. This is the Dead Weight Tonnage, or DWT, of the vessel, which is the total weight of cargo plus stores that the vessel can carry when immersed to the proper load line.[and full SUMO definition]
vesselDisplacement(vesselDisplacement ?VESSEL ?AMOUNT) means that the displacement of WaterVehicle ?VESSEL is the PhysicalQuantity ?AMOUNT. The displacement of a vessel may be measured in LongTons (Dead Weight Tonnage, or DWT) or by volume (Gross Registered Tonnage, or GRT).[and full SUMO definition]
vesselGrossRegisteredTonnage(vesselGrossRegisteredTonnage ?VESSEL ?AMOUNT) means that the WaterVehicle ?VESSEL has a carrying capacity when fully loaded of ?AMOUNT, where ?AMOUNT is the Gross Registered Tonnage (GRT) of the vessel, which is based on the total sheltered volume of the vessel measured in hundreds of cubic feet, and converted to gross tons at an equivalence of 100 cubic feet per ton.[and full SUMO definition]
victimThe one who is the object of a CriminalAction and suffers its results.[and full SUMO definition]
videoPlaybackPowerConsumptionAverage energy usage by a MediaAppliance during video playback.[and full SUMO definition]
videoRecordingPowerConsumptionAverage energy usage by a MediaAppliance during video recording.[and full SUMO definition]
viewType(viewType ?REGION ?OBJ) means that a person in ?REGION can see ?OBJ[and full SUMO definition]
viewedItemList(viewedItemList ?USER ?LIST) relates a List composed of AccessingWebPages in the order visited by ?USER, where each of the WebPages which are the destinations of those accessings is contains a WebListing. The most recent AccessingWebPage is at index 1[and full SUMO definition]
viewedListing(viewedListing ?AGENT ?LISTING) means that there is an instance of AccessingWebPage where ?AGENT is the agent of the accessing and a component of the page is the WebListing ?LISTING[and full SUMO definition]
visibilityInMeteorologyvisibilityInMeteorology is a TernaryPredicate. (visibilityInMeteorology ?R ?T ?L) means that for ?R a region over?T a period of Time, ?L is the greatest Horizontal distance an agent can observe 1. a black object during DayTime; or 2. RadiatingVisibleLight of 1,000 Candelas during NightTime. Visibility during DayTime can also be called the meteorological optical range (MOR)[and full SUMO definition]
visitorParameterLinks a webVisitor of a webSite to facts known about that visitor by someone who possesses that website. These facts are Formulas which refer to the user. These formulas are part of the user's VistorProfile.[and full SUMO definition]
visualAcuityA Measuring of visual acuity stated as a ratio. The ratio is of at how many feet the subject can see the same information as a normal person. For an example of someone with slightly impaired vision, 20/40 vision means that the subject has to be at 20 feet to see what a 'normal' person would be able to see at 40 feet.[and full SUMO definition]
voltageMeasure(voltageMeasure ?OBJ ?MEAS) describes how much electricity ?OBJ, a power source, generates[and full SUMO definition]
voltageRatingPrimaryvoltageRatingPrimary is a PrimaryPredicate which maps the MeasurementAttribute, VoltageRatingPrimary of an ElectricTransmission to a value of FunctionQuantity it can receive (input).[and full SUMO definition]
voltageRatingSecondaryvoltageRatingSecondary is a BinaryPredicate which maps the MeasurementAttribute, VoltageRatingSecondary of an ElectricalTransformer to a value of FunctionQuantity it distribute (output).[and full SUMO definition]
voteFractionReceived(voteFractionReceived ?ELECTION ?POSITION ?CONTENDER ?FRACTION) means that in the Election ?ELECTION for ?POSITION, the AutonomousAgent ?CONTENDER received ?FRACTION of the votes cast. Contenders may be either persons or political parties.[and full SUMO definition]