Data Dictionary

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abbreviatedDisplayTitle(abbreviatedDisplayTitle ?STRING ?WORKTYPE ?LANGUAGE) means that in the Language ?LANGUAGE, ?STRING is the abbreviated version of the title of instances of ContentBearingPhysical ?WORKTYPE to be used for display to a Consumer, as specified by the RightsController.[and full SUMO definition]
abbreviation(abbreviation ?STRING ?THING) means that ?STRING is an abbreviation used to refer to ?THING. Abbreviations include acronyms and other abbreviated forms.[and full SUMO definition]
absoluteHeightThe height of an aircraft directly above the surface or terrain over which it is flying.[and full SUMO definition]
absorbedDoseThe amount of energy imparted by nuclear (or ionizing) radiation to unit mass of absorbing material. The unit is the rad.[and full SUMO definition]
abstractCounterpart(abstractCounterpart ?AB ?PHYS) relates a Physical entity to an Abstract one which is an idealized model in some dimension of the Physical entity. For example, an Abstract GraphNode could be stated to be the counterpart of an actual Computer in a ComputerNetwork.[and full SUMO definition]
abstractPartA meronymy relation similar to part, but for abstract rather than physical things.[and full SUMO definition]
accessibleFromMenuThe property ComputerMenuItem relates a file, computer process, or submenu to a ComputerMenuItem from which the object can be accessed.[and full SUMO definition]
accommodationProvider(accommodationProvider ?PKG ?ORG) means that ?ORG, which is a TravelerAccommodation business, will provide the accommodations for the HotelPackage ?PKG[and full SUMO definition]
accountAt(accountAt ?Account ?Bank) means that ?Account is a FinancialAccount opened in the FinancialOrganization ?Bank.[and full SUMO definition]
accountAtSite(accountAtSite ?ACCT ?SITE) means that the UserAccount ?ACCT is associate with the WebSite ?SITE.[and full SUMO definition]
accountHolder(accountHolder ?Account ?Agent) means that ?Agent is the account holder of the FinancialAccount ?Account.[and full SUMO definition]
accountInformationThe UserAccount has some information associated with it, such as a birthdate or mailing address.[and full SUMO definition]
accountStatus(accountStatus ?Account ?Status) is true if ?Status describes the status of the account, such as ActiveAccount, LockedAccount, NewAccount or PendingAccount.[and full SUMO definition]
accountUsedThe UserAccount used in a particular Process.[and full SUMO definition]
accruedInterestThe accumulated coupon interest, paid to the seller of a bond by the buyer unless the bond is in default.[and full SUMO definition]
achievementIn video gaming parlance, an achievement, also sometimes known as a trophy, badge, award, stamp, medal, challenge or in game achievement, is a meta-goal defined outside a game's parameters. Unlike the in-game systems of quests, tasks, and/or levels that usually define the goals of a video game and have a direct effect on further gameplay, the management of achievements usually takes place outside the confines of the game environment and architecture.[1] Meeting the fulfillment conditions, and receiving recognition of fulfillment by the game, is referred to as unlocking the achievement. (from Wikipedia)[and full SUMO definition]
acquaintance(acquaintance ?H1 ?H2) means that ?H1 has met and knows something about ?H2, such as ?H2's name and appearance. Statements made with this predicate should be temporally specified with holdsDuring. Note that acquaintance is not symmetric. For the symmetric version, see mutualAcquaintance.[and full SUMO definition]
acronym(acronym ?STRING ?ENTITY) means that ?STRING consists of the initial (capitalized) letters of a multiword name for ?ENTITY. Example: IBM is an acronym identifying (naming) a company for which the full name is International Business Machines.[and full SUMO definition]
actedIn(actedIn ?ACTOR ?O) means that the Human ?ACTOR was in the Process that produced the entity ?O[and full SUMO definition]
actionTendencyA tendency of an emotion to cause a particular type of action.[and full SUMO definition]
activePolicy(activePolicy ?POL ?DATE) means that the policy ?POL is effective during the time indicated by ?DATE. The policy may be effective for longer than ?DATE, but it is in effect at least throughout the time indicated by ?DATE.[and full SUMO definition]
activityCapability(activityCapability ?AGENT ?ACT) means that Process ?ACT can be located on the property owned by AutonomousAgent ?AGENT[and full SUMO definition]
adjacentOrientation(adjacentOrientation ?OBJ1 ?OBJ2) means that ?OBJ1 has orientation Adjacent to ?OBJ2[and full SUMO definition]
administrativeCenter(administrativeCenter ?CENTER ?REGION) means that ?CENTER is the City (or other area) from which the larger GeopoliticalArea ?REGION is administered.[and full SUMO definition]
advertisedOn(advertisedOn ?OBJ ?SITE) means that there exists an instance of Advertising where ?OBJ is the patient of the Advertising and the advertising is a component of a WebPage which is a component of ?SITE.[and full SUMO definition]
afterTaxIncomeAn amount (usually income) after taxes have been subtracted.[and full SUMO definition]
ageSimply relates an Object to a ConstantQuantity specifying the age of the Object.[and full SUMO definition]
ageOfMajorityForProcessThe age at which a Human is allowed under the Law to take responsibility for a particular Process. This could include SigningAnAgreement, Voting, or Buying and AlcoholicBeverage.[and full SUMO definition]
agent(agent ?PROCESS ?AGENT) means that ?AGENT is an active determinant, either animate or inanimate, of the Process ?PROCESS, with or without voluntary intention. For example, Eve is an agent in the following proposition: Eve bit an apple.[and full SUMO definition]
agentName(agentName ?STRING ?OBJ) means that ?STRING is a full or partial name for the AutonomousAgent ?OBJ.[and full SUMO definition]
agentOperatesInArea(agentOperatesInArea ?AGENT ?AREA) means that the individual or Organization ?AGENT operates in the GeographicArea ?AREA.[and full SUMO definition]
agreementAdoptionDate(agreementAdoptionDate ?AGR ?TIME) means that the agreement ?AGR was adopted on the date indicated by ?TIME. For example, (agreementAdoptionDate ConstitutionOfTheUnitedStates (DayFn 17 (MonthFn September (YearFn 1787)))).[and full SUMO definition]
agreementClause(agreementClause ?PROP ?ATTR ?AGREEMENT ?AGENT) means that Proposition ?PROP, which has modalAttribute ?ATTR, is part of Agreement ?AGREEMENT and, with CognitiveAgent ?AGENT being the one responsible to make the statement true[and full SUMO definition]
agreementEffectiveDate(agreementEffectiveDate ?AGREEMENT ?TIME) means that ?AGREEMENT goes into effect at TimePoint ?TIME, and remains an ActiveAgreement for TimeDuration ?DURATION.[and full SUMO definition]
agreementEffectiveDuring(agreementEffectiveDuring ?AGR ?DATE) means that the agreement ?AGR is effective during the time indicated by ?DATE. The agreement may be effective for longer than ?DATE, but it is in effect at least throughout the time indicated by ?DATE.[and full SUMO definition]
agreementExpirationDate(agreementExpirationDate ?AGREEMENT ?ENDDATE) means that ?ENDDATE is the date on which ?AGREEMENT is no longer ActiveAgreement.[and full SUMO definition]
agreementPeriod(agreementPeriod ?AGREEMENT ?DURATION) holds if ?DURATION specifies a TimeDuration, which is the length of time that the ?AGREEMENT is ActiveAgreement.[and full SUMO definition]
agreementRevisionDate(agreementRevisionDate ?AGR ?DATE ?CHANGE) means that the agreement ?AGR was revised at the time indicated by ?DATE, with respect to the part ?CHANGE. Revisions cover additions and removals.[and full SUMO definition]
agriculturalArtifactType(agriculturalArtifactType ?AREA ?TYPE) means that the GeopoliticalArea ?AREA produces a crop or other agricultural Artifact of ?TYPE.[and full SUMO definition]
agriculturalProductType(agriculturalProductType ?AREA ?TYPE) means that the GeopoliticalArea ?AREA produces a crop or other agricultural product of ?TYPE.[and full SUMO definition]
agriculturalProductTypeByRank(agriculturalProductTypeByRank ?AREA ?TYPE ?NTH) means that the GeopoliticalArea ?AREA produces a crop or other agricultural product of ?TYPE, which is its ?NTH most important crop.[and full SUMO definition]
aimOfOrganization(aimOfOrganization ?GROUP ?DESCRIPTION) means that the Organization ?GROUP has the purpose ?DESCRIPTION, formulated as a quoted text.[and full SUMO definition]
airTemperature(airTemperature ?AREA ?TEMP) means that the temperature of the air at ?AREA is ?TEMP. Temperature may be expressed in units of TemperatureMeasure, including CelsiusDegree and FahrenheitDegree, among others.[and full SUMO definition]
albumArtist(albumArtist ?A ?P) means that Album ?A features CognitiveAgent ?P as one of its main contributors[and full SUMO definition]
albumCoverImage(albumCoverImage ?A ?I) means that Album ?A is represented by Image ?I. When a DataStorageDevice containing Album ?A, its container would normally have the image on its front.[and full SUMO definition]
albumLength(albumLength ?A ?T) means that TimeDuration ?T is the time it takes to view / listen to all Recording in Album ?A[and full SUMO definition]
albumRelease(albumRelease ?A ?T) means that by TimePoint ?T, (AlbumCopiesFn ?A ?DS) was releaseForSale in some location. [and full SUMO definition]
albumTrack(albumTrack ?A ?T) means that Recording ?T is part of Album ?A[and full SUMO definition]
albumType(albumType ?A ?ATTR) means that RecordingAttribute ?ATTR describes the contents of Album ?A[and full SUMO definition]
alias(alias ?STRING ?AGENT) means that ?STRING is an alternate identifier for ?AGENT, and is likely being used to hide or obscure ?AGENT's true identity.[and full SUMO definition]
allRoomsPhysicalAmenity(allRoomsPhysicalAmenity ?INV ?OBJ) means that all rooms in RoomInventory ?INV have roomAmenity ?OBJ[and full SUMO definition]
allRoomsPolicy(allRoomsPolicy ?INV ?POLICY) means that all rooms in RoomInventory ?INV have roomPolicy ?POLICY[and full SUMO definition]
allRoomsServiceAmenity(allRoomsServiceAmenity ?INV ?SVC) means that all rooms in RoomInventory ?INV have roomAmenity ?SVC[and full SUMO definition]
allegiance(allegiance ?AGENT ?ENTITY) means that the CognitiveAgent ?AGENT owes its allegiance to the political entity ?ENTITY.[and full SUMO definition]
allergic(allergic ?H ?S) means that a human ?H develops an AllergicReaction to a class of substance ?S when coming into contact with it.[and full SUMO definition]
allowableValueA relationship used in creating user interfaces from SUO-KIF that indicates a value that is allowed, and selectable by the user, for the given Object. Note that the type of the Quantity must conform to the requirements of the MeasurementAttribute.[and full SUMO definition]
almaMater(almaMater ?PERSON ?ORG) means that ?PERSON enrolled for a higher degree at insititution ?ORG, in principle to complete an academic degree.[and full SUMO definition]
alternativeTitle(alternativeTitle ?STRING ?WORKTYPE ?LANGUAGE) means that in the Language ?LANGUAGE, ?STRING is an alternative title for instances of the ContentBearingPhysical ?WORKTYPE.[and full SUMO definition]
altitudeA TernaryPredicate that is used to state the distance between the top of an Object and another point that is below the top of the Object (often this other point will be sea level). Note that this Predicate can be used to specify, for example, the height of geographic features, e.g. mountains, the altitude of aircraft, and the orbit of satellites around the Earth.[and full SUMO definition]
amountThe MassMeasure of a type of Substance in an Object.[and full SUMO definition]
amountCharged(amountCharged ?Fee ?Amount) means that ?Amount is the amount of the fee charged.[and full SUMO definition]
amountDue(amountDue ?ACCOUNT ?AMOUNT ?DATE) means ?DATE is the date on which the amount of Money ?AMOUNT of a particular ?ACCOUNT is due and payable[and full SUMO definition]
amountOfBidA CaseRole of Bidding identifying the CurrencyMeasure of the bid.[and full SUMO definition]
amplifierEfficiencyProportion of a energy of the Amplifier output signal to the energy used by that Amplifier.[and full SUMO definition]
ancestorThe transitive closure of the parent predicate. (ancestor ?DESCENDANT ?ANCESTOR) means that ?ANCESTOR is either the parent of ?DESCENDANT or the parent of the parent of DESCENDANT or etc.[and full SUMO definition]
ancestorOrganization(ancestorOrganization ?ORG1 ?ORG2) means that the Organization ?ORG1 descended from the Organization ?ORG2.[and full SUMO definition]
angleOfFigure(angleOfFigure ?ANGLE ?FIGURE) means that the TwoDimensionalAngle ?ANGLE is part of the GeometricFigure ?FIGURE.[and full SUMO definition]
angularMeasure(angularMeasure ?ANGLE ?MEASURE) means that the two-dimensional geometric angle ?ANGLE has ?MEASURE.[and full SUMO definition]
anniversary(anniversary ?PHYSICAL ?TIME) means that ?TIME is the class of TimeIntervals which mark the anniversary of ?PHYSICAL. For example, (anniversary Christmas (DayFn 25 December)) means that Christmas is celebrated each year on the 25th of December.[and full SUMO definition]
annualElectricityConsumption(annualElectricityConsumption ?AREA ?AMOUNT) means that the GeopoliticalArea ?AREA uses ?AMOUNT of electricity (measured in KilowattHours) annually.[and full SUMO definition]
annualElectricityExport(annualElectricityExport ?AREA ?AMOUNT) means that the GeopoliticalArea ?AREA exported the total ?AMOUNT of electricity (measured in KilowattHours) annually.[and full SUMO definition]
annualElectricityImport(annualElectricityImport ?AREA ?AMOUNT) means that the GeopoliticalArea ?AREA imported the total ?AMOUNT of electricity (measured in KilowattHours) annually.[and full SUMO definition]
annualElectricityProduction(annualElectricityProduction ?AREA ?AMOUNT) means that the amount of electricity generated annually in the GeographicalArea ?AREA is ?AMOUNT, measured in KilowattHours.[and full SUMO definition]
annualEnergyConsumptionThe estimated amount of energy consumed by a device during one year.[and full SUMO definition]
annualExpendituresOfArea(annualExpendituresOfArea ?AREA ?AMOUNT) means that the annual budgetary expenditures of the GeopoliticalArea ?AREA are ?AMOUNT, calculated in U.S. dollars according to the currency exchange rate method.[and full SUMO definition]
annualExpendituresOfAreaInPeriod(annualExpendituresOfAreaInPeriod ?AREA ?AMOUNT ?PERIOD) means that the annual budgetary expenditures of the GeopoliticalArea ?AREA are ?AMOUNT for the annual TimeInterval indicated by ?PERIOD, calculated in U.S. dollars according to the currency exchange rate method.[and full SUMO definition]
annualExportTotal(annualExportTotal ?AREA ?AMOUNT) means that the total value of exports from the GeopoliticalArea ?AREA is ?AMOUNT (in UnitedStatesDollars) annually. Export value is calculated on a Free on Board (F.O.B.) basis.[and full SUMO definition]
annualImportTotal(annualImportTotal ?AREA ?AMOUNT) means that the total value of imports to the GeopoliticalArea ?AREA is ?AMOUNT (in UnitedStatesDollars) annually. Import value is calculated on a Cost, Insurance, and Freight (C.I.F.) or a Free on Board (F.O.B.) basis.[and full SUMO definition]
annualRevenuesOfArea(annualRevenuesOfArea ?AREA ?AMOUNT) means that the annual budgetary revenues of the GeopoliticalArea ?AREA are ?AMOUNT, calculated in U.S. dollars according to the currency exchange rate method.[and full SUMO definition]
annualRevenuesOfAreaInPeriod(annualRevenuesOfAreaInPeriod ?AREA ?AMOUNT ?PERIOD) means that the annual budgetary revenues of the GeopoliticalArea ?AREA are ?AMOUNT for the annual TimeInterval indicated by ?PERIOD, calculated in U.S. dollars according to the currency exchange rate method.[and full SUMO definition]
antagonistMusclesA relation between two Muscles that put opposing forces on a part of the body.[and full SUMO definition]
anthem(anthem ?M ?O) means that Music ?M is adopted as a song that represents Object ?O. This is most commonly used for Nations and royal families.[and full SUMO definition]
applicableRelationA relationship used in creating user interfaces from SUO-KIF that indicates where a relation should be presented as a value that a user can set for an Object. Note that this is more specific that domain, although it must be consistent with that type specification.[and full SUMO definition]
appointedPosition(appointedPosition ?PROC ?AGENT ?POS) means that an ?AGENT (can be a Human or an Organization) is appointed, through the Process of Appointing to the Position of ?POS. For example, a person is appointed to a Cleric position in Christianity.[and full SUMO definition]
approves(approves ?AGENT1 ?AGENT2) means that ?AGENT1 is satisfied that ?AGENT2 has met some requirement or proposition, and publicly declares such[and full SUMO definition]
approximateDiameterThe diameter of an object if it were a perfect sphere of the same volume[and full SUMO definition]
approximateValueA relation that specifies two numbers are equal or nearly so.[and full SUMO definition]
arableLandArea(arableLandArea ?REGION ?AMOUNT) means that the GeographicArea ?REGION has ?AMOUNT of land under cultivation with crops that are replanted after each harvest. Cf. permanentCropLandArea.[and full SUMO definition]
arcWeightThis predicate indicates the value of a GraphArc in a Graph. This could map to the length of a road in a road network or the flow rate of a pipe in a plumbing system.[and full SUMO definition]
areaOfOperationAn operational area defined by the joint force commander for land and naval forces. Areas of operation do not typically encompass the entire operational area of the joint force commander, but should be large enough for component commanders to accomplish their missions and protect their forces. Also called AO. See also area of responsibility, joint operations area, joint special operations area.[and full SUMO definition]
areaOfResponsibility(areaOfResponsibility ?AGENT ?PROCESS-TYPE ?AREA) means that ?AGENT (typically an instance of Organization) is responsible or accountable for actions or undertakings of type ?PROCESS-TYPE in the GeographicArea denoted by ?AREA.[and full SUMO definition]
arrested(arrested ?EVENT ?AGENT) means that during ?EVENT, ?AGENT is taken into custody, typically by a representative of a law enforcement organization.[and full SUMO definition]
arrestingOfficerThe PoliceOfficer who is PlacingUnderArrest the arrested individual.[and full SUMO definition]
askPrice(askPrice ?Obj ?Money ?Agent) means that ?Agent offers to sell ?Obj for the amount of ?Money.[and full SUMO definition]
associateInOrganization(associateInOrganization ?AGENT ?GROUP) means that ?AGENT is associated in some way with the Group ?GROUP. This includes participation as a guest or observer, as well as being a full member. See member for a more specific relation.[and full SUMO definition]
associateWithStatus(associateWithStatus ?AGT ?STATUS ?GROUP) means that the AutonomousAgent ?AGT has the RelationalAttribute ?STATUS in the Group ?GROUP. For example, (associateWithStatus UnitedStates PermanentMember UnitedNationsSecurityCouncil) means that the &UnitedStates has the status of a permanent member in the U.N. Security Council.[and full SUMO definition]
associatedFunctionality(associatedFunctionality ?PSA ?PMBFR) means that holding the structural attribute ?PSA increases the likelihood that the holder of that attribute plays the role that defines members of ?PMBFR, i.e., there is at least some correlation between the structural attribute and the salient role.[and full SUMO definition]
atTheMoneyA term that describes an option with a strike price that is equal to the current market price of the underlying stock.[and full SUMO definition]
atomicNumber(atomicNumber ?ELEMENT ?NUMBER) means that the ElementalSubstance ?ELEMENT has the atomic number ?NUMBER. The atomic number is the number of Protons in the nucleus of an Atom.[and full SUMO definition]
attends(attends ?DEMO ?PERSON) means that ?PERSON attends, i.e. is a member of the audience, of the performance event ?DEMO.[and full SUMO definition]
attitudeForObjectRelates an EmotionalState of an AutonomousAgent a Formula.[and full SUMO definition]
attorneyThe role of being an attorney in a LegalAction. Note that this encompasses being an attorney for defense, prosecution or parties in civil cases.[and full SUMO definition]
attribute(attribute ?OBJECT ?PROPERTY) means that ?PROPERTY is a Attribute of ?OBJECT. For example, (attribute MyLittleRedWagon Red).[and full SUMO definition]
audioPlaybackPowerConsumptionAverage energy usage by a MediaAppliance during audio playback.[and full SUMO definition]
audioRecordingPowerConsumptionAverage energy usage by a MediaAppliance during audio recording.[and full SUMO definition]
aunt(aunt ?AUNT ?PERSON) means that ?AUNT is the sister of a parent of ?PERSON.[and full SUMO definition]
authors(authors ?AGENT ?TEXTCLASS) means that ?AGENT is creatively responsible for the content of all instances of ?TEXTCLASS. For example, Agatha Christie is author of Murder_on_the_Orient_Express.[and full SUMO definition]
automatedNotificationThis binary relation takes an agent and a destination describes a Notification. (automatedNotification ?AGENT ?DESTINATION) describes an automated notification that is sent from ?AGENT to ?DESTINATION.[and full SUMO definition]
availableBalance(availableBalance ?Account ?Day ?Amount) means that ?Amount is the balance which is available for withdrawal from the FinancialAccount ?Account.[and full SUMO definition]
availableCash(availableCash ?Account ?Day ?Cash) holds if ?Cash is a cash amount available for withdrawal from the FinancialAccount ?Account.[and full SUMO definition]
averageA partial function that relates a List to a RealNumber, provided that the List only has list elements that are RealNumbers. The RealNumber associated with the List is equal to the mathematical average of the RealNumbers in the List divided by the total number of list elements.[and full SUMO definition]
averageChargerEnergyRatioAverage proportion of energy obtained by a Battery to the total energy used by a BatteryCharger while charging that battery.[and full SUMO definition]
averagePrecipitationForPeriod(averagePrecipitationForPeriod ?PLACE ?PERIOD ?AMOUNT) means that at the GeographicArea ?PLACE, and during the TimeDuration ?PERIOD, the average daily precipitation was ?AMOUNT.[and full SUMO definition]
averageRainfallForPeriod(averageRainfallForPeriod ?AREA ?MO ?AMOUNT) means that ?AREA receives ?AMOUNT of rain in month ?MO in an average year. Note that ?AMOUNT is a linear measure indicating the depth of water that would accumulate over ?AREA if all water were captured.[and full SUMO definition]
averageTemperatureForPeriod(averageTemperatureForPeriod ?PLACE ?PERIOD ?AMOUNT) means that at the GeographicArea ?PLACE, and during the TimeInterval ?PERIOD, the average daily temperature was ?AMOUNT. Temperature may be expressed in some UnitOfTemperature, including CelsiusDegree and FahrenheitDegree, among others.[and full SUMO definition]
axis(axis ?A ?OBJ) means that a part ?A of an Object ?OBJ is the axis of rotation in a Rotating.[and full SUMO definition]