Data Dictionary

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jailerA Relation between an agent of Imprisoning, which could be a Human or an Organization and the Human who is confined.[and full SUMO definition]
judgeA CaseRole that relates the JudgeAtLaw in a case to a legal action. Note that this is not solely a LegalAction because a JudgeAtLaw presides over Pleadings and many other sorts of actions. Also note that just because someone is a JudgeAtLaw doesn't mean that they are always the judge in an action, for example if a judge is on trial for corruption.[and full SUMO definition]
judicialBranch(judicialBranch ?BRANCH ?ORG) means that the Organization ?BRANCH is the judicial branch of the GeopoliticalArea or Organization ?ORG, that is, all of its courts and judicial offices, considered as a whole.[and full SUMO definition]