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EBayeBay Inc. is an American multinational e-commerce corporation based in San Jose, California, that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through its website. eBay was founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995, and became a notable success story of the dot-com bubble. eBay is a multibillion-dollar business with operations in about 32 countries, as of 2019. The company manages the eBay website, an online auction and shopping website in which people and businesses buy and sell a wide variety of goods and services worldwide. The website is free to use for buyers, but sellers are charged fees for listing items after a limited number of free listings, and again when those items are sold. [from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
EBookFileAn instance of EBookFile is an ImageFile encoded in eBook format, for rendering by an eBook reading device.[and full SUMO definition]
EF0The estimated ThreeSecondGustSpeedFn for a Tornado of EFScaleAttribute EF0 ranges between 65 and 85mph (105 and 137km/h).[and full SUMO definition]
EF1The estimated ThreeSecondGustSpeedFn for a Tornado of EFScaleAttribute EF1 ranges between 86 and 110mph (138 and 177km/h).[and full SUMO definition]
EF2The estimated ThreeSecondGustSpeedFn for a Tornado of EFScaleAttribute EF2 ranges between 111 and 135mph (178 and 217km/h).[and full SUMO definition]
EF3The estimated ThreeSecondGustSpeedFn for a Tornado of EFScaleAttribute EF3 ranges between 136 and 165mph (218 and 266km/h).[and full SUMO definition]
EF4The estimated ThreeSecondGustSpeedFn for a Tornado of EFScaleAttribute EF4 ranges between 136 and 200mph (267 and 322km/h).[and full SUMO definition]
EF5The estimated ThreeSecondGustSpeedFn for a Tornado of EFScaleAttribute EF5 is greater than 200mph (322km/h).[and full SUMO definition]
EFScaleAttributeEFScaleAttribute is short for the Enhanced Fujita Scale. It is the Attribute for indicating the intensity of a Tornado according to a set of 3-second gusts wind estimates based on damage it caused. The lightest tornados(EFO) have wind gusts ranging between 65 to 85 mph,and the severest Tornades (EF5) GreaterThan 200 mph.[and full SUMO definition]
EKGAbnormalAn Attribute of an Electrocardiogram that measures activity of the Heart and shows that it is outside of normal parameters.[and full SUMO definition]
EKGNormalAn Attribute of an Electrocardiogram that measures activity of the Heart and shows that it is within normal parameters.[and full SUMO definition]
EarThe Organ of Hearing.[and full SUMO definition]
EardrumIn the anatomy of humans and various other tetrapods, the eardrum, also called the tympanic membrane or myringa, is a thin, cone-shaped membrane that separates the external ear from the middle ear. Its function is to transmit sound from the air to the ossicles inside the middle ear, and then to the oval window in the fluid-filled cochlea. Hence, it ultimately converts and amplifies vibration in the air to vibration in cochlear fluid. The MalleusBone bridges the gap between the eardrum and the other ossicles. Rupture or perforation of the eardrum can lead to conductive hearing loss. Collapse or retraction of the eardrum can cause conductive hearing loss or cholesteatoma. [from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
EarlyTerminationFeeClauseAn early termination fee is a charge levied when a party wants to break the term of an agreement or long-term contract. They are stipulated in the contract or agreement itself, and provide an incentive for the party subject to them to abide by the agreement. (from Wikipedia)[and full SUMO definition]
EarphoneEarphone is a type of Device that that converts electric signals into sound and is usually held over or inserted in the ear[and full SUMO definition]
EarthTremorAn EarthTremor is an individual seismic event in which the earth shakes due to release of seismic pressures.[and full SUMO definition]
EarthquakeEarthquake is the class of events in which the earth shakes while its layers readjust due to tensional stresses in the surface of the earth. A single earthquake may consist of one or more EarthTremors.[and full SUMO definition]
EarthsAtmosphereEarthsAtmosphere is the layer of gases, a mixture of mainly oxygen and nitrogen, surrounding PlanetEarth. See also Air.[and full SUMO definition]
EarthsMoonEarthsMoon is the Moon of PlanetEarth.[and full SUMO definition]
EarthyFlavourHaving a mouth senation minerals that are found in soil.[and full SUMO definition]
EaselEasel is a type of Tripod that supports a flat object such as a canvas or a flipboard[and full SUMO definition]
EastThe compass direction of East.[and full SUMO definition]
EastBirdsHeadLanguageAn EastBirdsHeadLanguage is any of three languages found in Indonesia (Irian Jaya) that form a family of languages apparently unrelated to others.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EastGermanicLanguageOf the 58 GermanicLanguages, just one is classified as an EastGermanicLanguage. This is the extinct GothicLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EastIberianLanguageOf the 17 IberoRomanceLanguages, one of these is classified as an EastIberianLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EastJerusalemIsraelThe City of EastJerusalem in Israel.[and full SUMO definition]
EastPapuanLanguageAn EastPapuanLanguage is any one of 36 languages forming a distinct family of languages of PapuaNewGuinea.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EastScandinavianLanguageOf the 14 NorthGermanicLanguages, eight are classified as a EastScandinavianLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EastSlavicLanguageOf the 18 SlavicLanguages, four are classified as an EastSlavicLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EastTimorThe Nation of EastTimor.[and full SUMO definition]
EastVeluwsLanguageThe EastVeluwsLanguage is a LowSaxonGroupLanguage of the Netherlands. SIL code: VEE. ISO 639-2: gem. Population: No estimate available. Region: Northeastern, Gelderlaand Province. Alternate names: EAST VELUWE. Comments: Bilingualism in Dutch. Official language.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EastZenatiLanguageAn EastZenatiLanguage is one of 3 closely related ZenatiLanguages of Libya and Tunisia.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EasterSundayAn instance of EasterSunday is a ChristianHoliday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. Easter is a movable holiday, falling between late March and late April for Western Chrisitanity (Gregorian calendar), and between early April and early May for Eastern Christianity (Julian calendar). Easter is calculated to occur near the Jewish holiday Passover, the date of which is determined according to the Jewish lunar calendar.[and full SUMO definition]
EasternAtlanticEnglishBasedCreoleLanguageAn EasternAtlanticEnglishBasedCreoleLanguage is an AtlanticEnglishBasedCreoleLanguage that evolved in eastern areas of the AtlanticOcean.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EasternBalochiLanguageThe EasternBalochiLanguage is a BalochiLanguage of Pakistan. SIL code: BGP. ISO 639-2: bal. Population: 1,800,000 in Pakistan (1998). Population total both countries: 1,805,000. Including second language users of all Balochi languages: 5,000,000 (1999 WA). Region: Northeastern Balochistan Province, northwestern Sind, southwestern Punjab. Alternate names: BALUCHI, BALUCI, BALOCI. Comments: One of the major languages in Pakistan. Distinct from Western Balochi and Southern Balochi. Balochi has a small body of literature. Literacy rate in first language: Below 1%. Literacy rate in second language: 5% to 15%. Urdu script used. Radio programs. Sunni Muslim. Bible portions 1815-1906. Also spoken in: India. (Language name: BALOCHI, EASTERN.) Population: 5,000 in India (1977 Voegelin and Voegelin). Alternate names: BALOCHI, BALUCI, BALOCI. Comments: Distinct from Western Balochi of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, and Southern Balochi of Pakistan, Iran, Oman, United Arab Emirates. Sunni Muslim. Bible portions 1815-1906.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EasternBalticLanguageOf the three BalticLanguages, one is classified as a WesternBalticLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EasternBerberLanguageAn EasternBerberLanguage is one of three languages in the eastern areas of the range of BerberLanguages.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EasternEquineEncephalitisIn mile cases, symptoms are flu-like. In more severe cases, the disease may result in encephalitis, coma, and death.[and full SUMO definition]
EasternEquineEncephalitisVirusThe Virus that causes EasternEquineEncephalitis. Mosquitoes carry this virus, which is then transmitted to humans, when the insects bite them.[and full SUMO definition]
EasternFarsiLanguageThe EasternFarsiLanguage is a PersianLanguage of Afghanistan. SIL code: PRS. ISO 639-1: fa. ISO 639-2(B): per. ISO 639-2(T): fas. Population: 5,600,000 25% to 50% of population (1996). Population total both countries: 7,000,000. Region: Various Dari dialects in Khorasan Province (Iran), and provinces of Herat, Hazarajat, Balkh, Ghor, Ghazni, Budaksham, Panjsher, and Galcha-Pamir Mountains and Kabul regions. Alternate names: PERSIAN, DARI, PARSI. Dialects: DARI (AFGHAN FARSI, HERATI, TAJIKI, KABOLI, KABULI, KHORASANI), PARSIWAN. Comments: Radio Afghanistan broadcasts are promoting a standardized pronunciation of the literary language which is based on the old dictional tradition of the country, with its archaic phonetic characteristics. Formal style is closer to Tehrani Persian (Farsi), in formal style in some parts of Afghanistan is closer to Tajiki of Tajikistan. Phonological and lexical differences between Iran and Afghanistan cause little difficulty in comprehension. Most Afghan dialects are closer to literary Persian than Iranian dialects are to literary Persian. Zargari (Morghuli) is a secret language used among goldsmiths and perhaps others, based on a dialect of Persian. See also Balkan Romani in Iran. National language. Arabic script. Taught in schools. Radio programs. Sunni and Shi'a Muslim. 70 Jews (1980) speak the same dialect as Muslims. NT 1982-1985. Also spoken in: Pakistan. (Language name: FARSI, EASTERN.) Population: 1,000,000 in Pakistan, plus 1,400 in Madaglasht, and many refugees (1992 SIL). Alternate names: DARI, TAJIK, MADAGLASHTI, BADAKHSHI. Comments: Madaglasht community came from Badakhshan, Afghanistan 200 years ago. Other communities have been in Pakistan for many generations. Muslim. NT 1982-1985.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EasternFrisianLanguageThe EasternFrisianLanguage is a FrisianLanguage of Germany. SIL code: FRS. ISO 639-2: gem. Population: 11,000 (1976 Stephens). Language of the home for 1,500 to 2,000 (1977 SIL). Population total both countries: 11,000. Region: Schleswig-Holstein, Ostfriesland, the area around the towns of Emden and Oldenburg in Lower Saxony, and Saterland, Jeverland, and Butjadingen in 1976. Reported to be used only in Saterland, Eastern Frisia in 1998. Also spoken in USA. Alternate names: OSTFRIESISCH, SATERLANDIC FRISIAN, SEELTERSK FRISIAN. Comments: Not intelligible with Western Frisian of the Netherlands or Northern Frisian (E. Matteson SIL 1978). 77% lexical similarity with Standard German, 74% with Western Frisian. Speakers are mainly the older generation. Investigation needed: bilingual proficiency, attitudes.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EasternHemisphereThe half of the Earth that includes Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.[and full SUMO definition]
EasternIranianLanguageOf the 84 IranianLanguages, 14 of these are classified as an EasternIranianLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EasternKeresLanguageThe EasternKeresLanguage is a KeresLanguage of the UnitedStates. SIL code: KEE. ISO 639-2: nai. Population: 4,580 speakers out of 5,701 population (80%), 463 Zia speakers out of 602 population, 229 Santa Ana speakers out of 374 population, 1,560 San Felipe speakers out of 1,789 population, 1,888 Santo Domingo speakers out of 2,140 population, 384 Cochiti speakers out of 796 population. Region: North central New Mexico. Alternate names: EASTERN KERES PUEBLO. Dialects: ZIA, SANTA ANA, SAN FELIPE, SANTO DOMINGO, COCHITI. Comments: Bilingualism in English. Language use is vigorous in some pueblos, in others some younger people prefer English. Literacy rate in first language: Below 1%. Literacy rate in second language: 75% to 100%. Bible portions 1933-1936.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EasternMuskogeanLanguageOf the six MuskogeanLanguages, four closely related languages are classified as EasternMuskogeanLanguages.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EasternOrthodoxChristianAn EasternOrthodoxChristian is one who subscribes to the beliefs of EasternOrthodoxChristianity.[and full SUMO definition]
EasternOrthodoxChristianityEasternOrthodoxChristianity is one of the three major divisions of Christianity.[and full SUMO definition]
EasternRomanceLanguageOf the 47 RomanceLanguages, four of these are classified as an EasternRomanceLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EasternSudanicLanguageOf the 199 NiloSaharanLanguages, 95 related languages are classified as an EasternSudanicLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EasternTimeZoneA TimeZone that covers much of the eastern United States.[and full SUMO definition]
EasternTurkicLanguageAn EasternTurkicLanguage is any of seven TurkicLanguages of China and other parts of Asia.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EasternYiddishLanguageThe EasternYiddishLanguage is a YiddishLanguage of Israel. SIL code: YDD. ISO 639-1: yi. ISO 639-2: yid. Population: 215,000 in Israel, 5% of the population (1986). Population total all countries: 3,000,000 (J.A. Fishman 1991:194). Region: Southeastern dialect in Ukraine and Romania, Mideastern in Poland and Hungary, Northeastern dialect in Lithuania and Belarus. Also spoken in Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Panama, Poland, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia (Europe), South Africa, Ukraine, Uruguay, USA. Alternate names: JUDEO-GERMAN, YIDDISH. Dialects: SOUTHEASTERN YIDDISH, MIDEASTERN YIDDISH, NORTHEASTERN YIDDISH. Comments: Has many loans from Hebrew and local languages where spoken. Eastern Yiddish originated east of the Oder River through Poland, extending into Belarus, Russia (to Smolensk), Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Rumania, Ukraine, and pre-state British-Mandate Palestine (Jerusalem and Safed). Western Yiddish originated in Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Alsace (France), Czecholovakia, western Hungary, and is nearing extinction. It branched off medieval High German (mainly Rhenish dialects) and received Modern German influences during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Eastern and Western Yiddish have difficult inherent intelligibility, because of differing histories and influences from other languages. There are some Western Yiddish speakers in Israel too (M. Herzog 1977). The vast majority speak Eastern Yiddish. SVO. Usually written in Hebrew character. Radio programs. Jewish. Bible 1821-1936. Also spoken in: Latvia. (Language name: YIDDISH, EASTERN.) Population: 40,000 (1991). Alternate names: JUDEO-GERMAN. Comments: Of the 1,811,000 Jewish people listed in the 1979 USSR census, the majority spoke Russian as their first language and virtually all others spoke Russian as their second language. About 50,000 Jews spoke Georgian, Tat, or Tajiki as their first language. There may be no Yiddish speakers in Latvia now (1995). Had literary status, but very little literature. Jewish. Bible 1821-1936.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EatingThe Process by which solid food is incorporated into an Animal.[and full SUMO definition]
EbolaHemorrhagicFeverA very serious HemorrhagicFever, which often results in death.[and full SUMO definition]
EbolaVirusA Virus that causes a form of hemorrhagic fever.[and full SUMO definition]
EchoingInstances of RadiatingSound where the instrument is a surface which bounces sound waves back to their origin, where they can be heard again.[and full SUMO definition]
EconomicAndSocialCouncilThe EconomicAndSocialCouncil is the coordinating organization for the social and economic work of the UnitedNations. It comprises five regional commissions and nine functional commissions.[and full SUMO definition]
EconomicAttributeEconomicAttribute is the class of terms including all Attributes used to characterize the economic systems or development levels of Nations or dependent GeopoliticalAreas.[and full SUMO definition]
EconomicDevelopmentLevelEconomicDevelopmentLevel is a subclass of EconomicAttribute containing terms used to describe the economic development level of a Nation or GeopoliticalArea. This class is further subdivided into different scales devised or used by different agencies.[and full SUMO definition]
EconomicIndicatorData which provide information about or predict the overall health of the economy or the financial markets, examples are inflation, interest rates, employment, etc.[and full SUMO definition]
EconomicRelationA class of Relations which are used to specify various economic measures, e.g. the GDP, the consumer price index, and the trade deficit.[and full SUMO definition]
EconomicRoleA Class of RelationalAttributes that specify the EconomicRole of a Object or Process in the economy.[and full SUMO definition]
EconomicSystemAttributeEconomicSystemAttribute is the class of Attributes that describe the type of economic system that a country or area has. For example, CapitalistEconomy or SocialistEconomy.[and full SUMO definition]
EconomicsThe field of economics.[and full SUMO definition]
EconomistAn expert in the science of Economics.[and full SUMO definition]
EcosystemEcosystem is a subclass of GeographicAreas considered together with their organisms and environment as a functioning whole.[and full SUMO definition]
EcuadorThe Nation of Ecuador.[and full SUMO definition]
EcuadorianSignLanguageEcuadorianSignLanguage is a DeafSignLanguage of Ecuador. SIL code: ECS. ISO 639-2: sgn. Population: (188,000 deaf persons, 2% of the population, 1986 Gallaudet Univ.) Comments: Slight regional variants in sign languages. Some influences from USA Peace Corps, others from people educated in Spain or Argentina. Some deaf schools use total communication, speaking and signing.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EczemaAtopic dermatitis (AD), also known as atopic eczema, is a long-term type of inflammation of the skin (dermatitis). It results in itchy, red, swollen, and cracked skin. Clear fluid may come from the affected areas, which often thickens over time. While the condition may occur at any age, it typically starts in childhood, with changing severity over the years. In children under one year of age, much of the body may be affected. As children get older, the areas on the insides of the knees and elbows are most commonly affected. In adults, the hands and feet are most commonly affected. Scratching the affected areas worsens the symptoms, and those affected have an increased risk of skin infections. Many people with atopic dermatitis develop hay fever or asthma.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
EdemaEdema, also spelled oedema, and also known as fluid retention, dropsy, hydropsy and swelling, is the build-up of fluid in the body's tissue. Most commonly, the legs or arms are affected. Symptoms may include skin which feels tight, the area may feel heavy, and affected joints may be hard to move. Other symptoms depend on the underlying cause. Causes may include venous insufficiency, heart failure, kidney problems, low protein levels, liver problems, deep vein thrombosis, infections, angioedema, certain medications, and lymphedema. It may also occur after prolonged sitting or standing and during menstruation or pregnancy. The condition is more concerning if it starts suddenly, or pain or shortness of breath is present. Treatment depends on the underlying cause. If the underlying mechanism involves sodium retention, decreased salt intake and a diuretic may be used. Elevating the legs and support stockings may be useful for edema of the legs. Older people are more commonly affected. [from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
EdemaFnA Function that returns the class of Edema cases in the given BodyPart.[and full SUMO definition]
EdibleNutA nut is the large, usually oily seed of some plants (such as a hazelnut, chestnut, etc.)[and full SUMO definition]
EditionFnA BinaryFunction that maps a type of text (e.g. Agatha Christie's Murder_on_the_Orient_Express) and a number to the edition of the text type corresponding to the number.[and full SUMO definition]
EducationalCourseA schedule of class meetings offered by an EducationalOrganization.[and full SUMO definition]
EducationalFacilityA building or campus, owned by an EducationalOrganization, which is intended as the location for EducationalProcesses.[and full SUMO definition]
EducationalOrganizationA EducationalOrganization is an institution of learning. Some examples are public and private K-12 schools, and colleges and universities.[and full SUMO definition]
EducationalProcessAny Process which is intended to result in Learning.[and full SUMO definition]
EducationalProgramA series of EducationalCourses that must be completed to receive an AcademicDegree or other Certificate. Note that an EducationalProgram, unlike an EducationalCourse, may be realized at more than one EducationalOrganization.[and full SUMO definition]
EducationalServicesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Educational Services.[and full SUMO definition]
EducationalSupportServicesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Educational Support Services.[and full SUMO definition]
EfferentArterioleefferent arteriole[and full SUMO definition]
EffluentEffluent is a Substance that generically covers any waste matter that is released into the environment, including sewage and industrial pollutants.[and full SUMO definition]
EfratWestBankThe City of Efrat in WestBank.[and full SUMO definition]
EggThe fertilized or unfertilized female ReproductiveBody of an Animal. This includes Bird and Reptile eggs, as well as mammalian ova.[and full SUMO definition]
EggplantEggplant, also known as aubergine, is the &Fruit of a Floweringplant, called Solanum melongena.[and full SUMO definition]
EggplantPlantEggplantPlant is a plant species in the family of Solanaceae. It is called Solanum melongena.[and full SUMO definition]
EgyptThe Nation of Egypt.[and full SUMO definition]
EidAlFitrSocioreligious event in which Muslims celebrate their end of fasting at the end of the Holy month of Ramadan.[and full SUMO definition]
EidAladhaA socioreligious event which commemorates the Prophet Ibrahim's (Abraham's) willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail. Muslims slaughter a lamb as an act of gratitude to God who saved Ismail by sending the angels with a great lamb to be slaughtered instead of Ismail.[and full SUMO definition]
EightCylinderEngineAn IntermittentCombustionEngine that has eight EngineCylinders.[and full SUMO definition]
EilatIsraelThe City of Eilat in Israel.[and full SUMO definition]
EinavWestBankThe City of Einav in WestBank.[and full SUMO definition]
EinkornWheatGrainEinkornWheatGrain is the seed of Wild Einkorn (T.boeoticum) or the domesticated form (T. monococcum). [wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
EinkornWheatGrassEinkorn wheat can refer either to a wild species of wheat (Triticum) or to its domesticated form. The wild form is T. boeoticum, and the domesticated form is T. monococcum.Einkorn is a diploid species (2 sets of chromosomes) of hulled wheat, with tough glumes ('husks') that tightly enclose the grains.[wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
EinsteiniumAppearance is unknown, however it is most probably metallic and silver or gray in color. Radioactive metallic transuranic element belonging to the actinoids. Es-254 has the longest half-life of the eleven known isotopes at 270 days. First identified by Albert Ghiorso and associates in the debris of the 1952 hydrogen bomb explosion. In 1961 the first microgram quantities of Es-232 were separated. While einsteinium never exists naturally, if a sufficient amount was assembled, it would pose a radiation hazard.[and full SUMO definition]
ElAzzariyaWestBankThe City of ElAzzariya in the WestBank.[and full SUMO definition]
ElBagreColombiaThe City of ElBagre in Colombia.[and full SUMO definition]
ElBirehWestBankThe City of ElBireh in WestBank.[and full SUMO definition]
ElPlayonColombiaThe City of ElPlayon in Colombia.[and full SUMO definition]
ElRipialApureVenezuelaThe City of ElRipialApure in Venezuela.[and full SUMO definition]
ElSalvadorThe Nation of ElSalvador.[and full SUMO definition]
ElaboratingA LinguisticCommunication in which the agent adds additional content beyond the original utterance.[and full SUMO definition]
ElayoSomaliaThe City of Elayo in Somalia.[and full SUMO definition]
ElbowThe joint in the Arm connecting the forearm and the upper arm.[and full SUMO definition]
ElderberryA Elderberry is the fruit of Sambucus, a genus of FloweringPlant in the family adoxaceae.Elderberry is rich in anthocyanidins. Elderberry juice colour is listed by the US FDA as allowable in certified organic food products.[Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
ElectionElection is the class of events conducted by an organization, in which qualified participants vote for officers, adopt resolutions, or settle other issues in that Organization.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectionFn(ElectionFn ?ORG) denotes the class of Elections conducted by the GeopoliticalArea or Organization ?ORG, in which offices or issues pertaining to ?ORG are voted upon.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectoralCollegeElectionElectoralCollegeElection is the class of Elections in which the outcome is decided by the votes of electors who have been chosen by popular vote, rather than directly by results of the popular vote. ElectoralCollegeElection is an indirect method of election, in contrast to PopularElection.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricBlanketA blanket integrated with a electrical heating device.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricBlenderAn electric blender is a kitchen appliance used to mix, puree, or emulsify food and other substances in a household.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricBulkPowerTransmissionAndControlAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electric Bulk Power Transmission and Control or Electric Services (electric power transmission and control).[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricCoffeeMakerElectricCoffeeMaker is a Device that makes Coffee[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricCookerPadA CookerPad that uses electricity as PowerSource[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricDeviceA Device that uses Electricity as its primary power source.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricExerciseTreadmillA ExerciseTreadmill with conveyor belt powered by an ElectricMotor.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricFanA FanDevice powered by an ElectricMotor.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricFootSpaA FootSpa that uses electricity for vibration or warming water.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricGrassMowerA GardenAppliance that can be used to cut grass, powered by an ElectricMotor.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricHeaterA HeatingAppliance using electricity as its main PowerSource[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricHousewaresAndHouseholdFanManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electric Housewares and Household Fan Manufacturing or Electric Housewares and Fans (except wall and baseboard heating units for permanent installation and electronic cigarette lighters).[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricJuicerAn electric juicer is a tool for extracting juice from fruits, vegetables, or wheatgrass.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricKettleA Kettle that uses electricity as a PowerSource.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricLampBulbAndPartManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electric Lamp Bulb and Part Manufacturing or Electric Lamp Bulbs and Tubes.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricLeafBlowerA LeafBlower powered by an ElectricMotor.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricLightingEquipmentManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electric Lighting Equipment Manufacturing.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricMotorElectricMotor is the subclass of Engines that produce mechanical power from electricity.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricOvenAn Oven with electricity as primary PowerSource[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricPowerDistributionAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electric Power Distribution or Electric Services (electric power distribution).[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricPowerGenerationAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electric Power Generation.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricPowerGenerationTransmissionAndDistributionAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricPowerTransmissionControlAndDistributionAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electric Power Transmission, Control, and Distribution.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricSpeakerDeviceA combination SpeakerDevice and ElectricDevice.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricTankBoilerA tank boiler that is using electricity as the main source of heat.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricToasterAn electric kitchen appliance for toasting bread.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricTransmissionThe movement of a electric potential (modeled as a Substance) from one point to another necessarily through a conductive medium (although the degree of conductivity may be quite low, as in Lightning through Air).[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricWaterPurifierA WaterPuifier that uses electricity to purify water, e.g. RO filter.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricalElectrical energetic interaction[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricalApparatusAndEquipmentWiringSuppliesAndConstructionMaterialWholesalersAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electrical Apparatus and Equipment, Wiring Supplies, and Construction Material Wholesalers or Electrical Apparatus and Equipment, Wiring Supplies and Construction Materials (except electrical supplies sold via retail method).[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricalApplianceTelevisionAndRadioSetWholesalersAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electrical Appliance, Television, and Radio Set Wholesalers or Electrical Appliances, Television and Radio Sets.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricalCircuitA complex ElectricDevice consisting of several mutually interconnected electrical components.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricalComponentA discrete ElectricDevice for general usage, such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors etc.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricalConductorAn ElectricalComponent designed to transmit electricity[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricalContractorsAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electrical Contractors.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricalEngineeringMethodA Method used in electrical engineering for designing and constructing electrical devices.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricalEquipmentApplianceAndComponentManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electrical Equipment, Appliance, and Component Manufacturing.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricalEquipmentManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electrical Equipment Manufacturing.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricalGoodsWholesalersAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electrical Goods Wholesalers.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricalMotorAn electrical motor.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricalMultipoleModelA MultipoleModel containing only electrical multipoles.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricalOutletElectricalOutlet refers to a Device that is used to connect a plug to a power source so that Electricity can flow from the source to an ElectricDevice[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricalPlugElectricalPlug is a type of Plug made of metal that is normally used to conduct electricity from an ElectricalOutlet to an ElectricDevice[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricalPowerGenerationElectricalPowerGeneration is the subclass of PowerGeneration processes in which electricity is generated.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricalProcessA Process in which electrical interactions take place[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricalResonancea resonance of electrical energy.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricalSignallingElectricalSignalling is the subclass of Signalling processes that involve control of an electrical current. Cf. ElectronicSignalling.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricalTransformerA Device for converting one measure of Volts to another. Two coils of wire are inductively coupled around a common core. The ratio of the number of windings in each coil is same as the ratio of the resulting voltages.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricalTwopoleA PureTwopole from electrical energy domain.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectricityWhile electricity is typically thought of as just a difference in electrical potential, one way of modeling electricity is as a substance that can be moved from one point to another or consumed. One could make the claim that subatomic physics also supports the classification as a substance since electrons are objects.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectrifiedRailwayElectrifiedRailway is the subclass of Railway representing electrified railways.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectrifiedRailwayCarElectrifiedRailwayCar is the subclass of railway cars that are powered by electricity, which is provided to the car through an overhead link or electrified third rail.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectrocardiogramThe result of Electrocardiography - a graph of activity of the Heart.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectrocardiographyElectrocardiography is the process of producing a graph of voltage versus time of the electrical activity of the Heart using electrodes placed on the Skin. These electrodes detect the small electrical changes that are a consequence of cardiac muscle depolarization followed by repolarization during each cardiac cycle (heartbeat). Changes in the normal ECG pattern occur in numerous cardiac abnormalities, including cardiac rhythm disturbances (such as atrial fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia), inadequate coronary artery blood flow (such as myocardial ischemia and myocardial infarction), and electrolyte disturbances (such as hypokalemia and hyperkalemia). In a conventional 12-lead ECG, ten electrodes are placed on the patient's limbs and on the surface of the chest. The overall magnitude of the heart's electrical potential is then measured from twelve different angles ('leads') and is recorded over a period of time (usually ten seconds). In this way, the overall magnitude and direction of the heart's electrical depolarization is captured at each moment throughout the cardiac cycle.[from Wikipedia].[and full SUMO definition]
ElectrolyteA Substance that conducts Electricity and is a Liquid, typically found in Battery(s). In a LeadAcidWetBattery the electrolyte is a Mixture of distilled Water and SulfuricAcid.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectromagnetA Magnet that is created by sending Electricity through coils of Wire that are wound around a ferromagnetic core.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectromedicalAndElectrotherapeuticApparatusManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electromedical and Electrotherapeutic Apparatus Manufacturing or Orthopedic, Prosthetic and Surgical Appliances and Supplies (electronic hearing aids).[and full SUMO definition]
ElectrometallurgicalFerroalloyProductManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electrometallurgical Ferroalloy Product Manufacturing or Electrometallurgical Products, Except Steel.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectronSubatomicParticles that surround the AtomicNucleus. They have a negative charge.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectronTubeManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electron Tube Manufacturing or Electron Tubes.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectronVoltThe ElectronVolt is an energy measure. Symbol: eV. It is the kinetic energy acquired by an electron in passing through a potential difference of 1 Volt in a vacuum.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectronicAndPrecisionEquipmentRepairAndMaintenanceAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electronic and Precision Equipment Repair and Maintenance.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectronicCapacitorManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electronic Capacitor Manufacturing or Electronic Capacitors.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectronicClockA Clock using electricity[and full SUMO definition]
ElectronicCoilTransformerAndOtherInductorManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electronic Coil, Transformer, and Other Inductor Manufacturing or Electronic Coils, Transformers, and Other Inductors.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectronicComputerManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electronic Computer Manufacturing or Electronic Computers.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectronicConnectorManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electronic Connector Manufacturing or Electronic Connectors.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectronicDanceMusicElectronicDanceMusic is a type of music that is produced primarily for the purposes of use within a nightclub setting, or in an environment that is centered upon dance-based entertainment.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectronicDataStorageDeviceAn instance of ElectronicDataStorageDevice is a DataStorageDevice intended to be used for storing data (information) in some encoding scheme designed to be interpreted by electronic devices.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectronicLockElectronicLock is a type of Lock that depends on some ElectronicSignalling process to open[and full SUMO definition]
ElectronicMusicElectronicMusic is a type of music that is produced using electronic musical instruments and electronic music technology in its production.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectronicReconnaissanceThe detection, location, identification, and evaluation of foreign electromagnetic radiations. See also electromagnetic radiation, reconnaissance.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectronicResistorManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electronic Resistor Manufacturing or Electronic Resistors.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectronicShoppingAndMailOrderHousesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electronic Shopping and Mail-Order Houses.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectronicSignallingElectronicSignalling is the subclass of ElectricalSignalling that involve a signal generated through electronic means.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectronicsThe branch of Physics that deals with the theory and applications of electron emissions.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectronicsAndApplianceStoresAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electronics and Appliance Stores.[and full SUMO definition]
ElectroplatingPlatingPolishingAnodizingAndColoringAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Electroplating, Plating, Polishing, Anodizing, and Coloring or Primary Metal Products, NEC (laminating steel).[and full SUMO definition]
EleiSinaiGazaStripThe City of EleiSinai in GazaStrip.[and full SUMO definition]
ElementalSubstanceThe Class of PureSubstances that cannot be separated into two or more Substances by ordinary chemical (or physical) means. This excludes nuclear reactions. ElementalSubstances are composed of only one kind of atom. Examples: Iron (Fe), copper (Cu), and oxygen (O_2). ElementalSubstances are the simplest PureSubstances.[and full SUMO definition]
ElementaryAndSecondarySchoolsAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Elementary and Secondary Schools.[and full SUMO definition]
ElephantA very large, almost hairless Herbivore with a long trunk.[and full SUMO definition]
ElevationHighPointFn(ElevationHighPointFn ?AREA) denotes the area within the GeographicArea ?AREA that has the highest elevation.[and full SUMO definition]
ElevationLowPointFn(ElevationLowPointFn ?AREA) denotes the area within the GeographicArea ?AREA that has the lowest elevation.[and full SUMO definition]
ElevatorA TransportationDevice consisting of a car that moves up and down in a vertical shaft so that people or objects can move from one floor to another in a building.[and full SUMO definition]
ElevatorAndMovingStairwayManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Elevator and Moving Stairway Manufacturing or Elevators and Moving Stairways.[and full SUMO definition]
ElimPentecostalChurchThe Class of all Elim Pentecostal Church congregations.[and full SUMO definition]
EllipticalThe attribute of being elliptical or oval in two dimensions.[and full SUMO definition]
EmailAddressAn email address identifies an email box to which email messages are delivered. The term 'email address' refers to the addr-spec defined in RFC 5322. An email address such as is made up of a local-part, an @ symbol, then a case-insensitive domain. [from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
EmailDomainPartFnThe domain part of an email.[and full SUMO definition]
EmailLocalPartFnThe local part of an email, which is typically a user's name or ID.[and full SUMO definition]
EmailMessageInstances of EmailMessage are Documents that are intended to be transmitted via electronic mail technology, and that conform to the required textual format of such messages.[and full SUMO definition]
EmailProgramA ComputerProgram that enables Emailing .[and full SUMO definition]
EmailingEmailing is the process of sending and receiving emails. Emailing is a subclass of DoNetworkMessaging since the messages are sent over a local, global, or other network. The sender normally sends text, but may also send URLs and computer files of any kind with or without accompanying text.[and full SUMO definition]
EmbassyEmbassy is the class of top-ranked GovernmentOrganizations that represent one nation within the boundaries of another. Not all nations have embassy-level representation from other nations.[and full SUMO definition]
EmbassyBuildingAn embassy is a Building that is owned by a Government to house its diplomatic and consular staff that is in another country.[and full SUMO definition]
EmbracingThe class of Touching processes where one Human hugs another one.[and full SUMO definition]
EmbryonicThe stage of an Organism or an AnatomicalStructure that exists only before the Organism is born. Mammals, for example, have this Attribute only prior to their birth.[and full SUMO definition]
EmergencyAndOtherReliefServicesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Emergency and Other Relief Services or Individual and Family Social Services (emergency and relief services).[and full SUMO definition]
EmergencyRoadVehicleEmergencyRoadVehicle is the subclass of EmergencyVehicle that includes RoadVehicles designed for special use in emergencies, e.g., Ambulances, FireEngines.[and full SUMO definition]
EmergencyVehicleEmergencyVehicle is the subclass of Vehicles that are used for special-purpose emergency response.[and full SUMO definition]
EmilianoRomagnoloLanguageThe EmilianoRomagnoloLanguage is a GalloItalianLanguage of Italy. SIL code: EML. ISO 639-2: roa. Population: 3,531,780 speakers in Emilia-Romagna (1987) Maurizio Masetti). About 10% of the people in the province come from elsewhere, and do not speak the language. Population total both countries: 3,551,892. Region: Northwest Italy, region of Piacenza to that of Ravenna, and between the Po and the Adriatic and the Apennines, in the territories of Emilia and Romagna, southern Pianura Padana (all provinces), southern Lombardia (Provinces Mantova and Pavia), northern Toscana (Lunigiana), northern Marche (Province Pesaro). Alternate names: EMILIANO, EMILIAN, SAMMARINESE. Dialects: WESTERN EMILIANO, CENTRAL EMILIANO, EASTERN EMILIANO, NORTHERN ROMAGNOLO, SOUTHERN ROMAGNOLO, MANTOVANO, VOGHERESE-PAVESE, LUNIGIANO. Comments: A structurally separate language from Italian (F.B. Agard). Related to Lombard (R.A. Hall 1974:29, S. Fleischman in OIEL 3.339:1992). Adults use Italian as second language. Not endangered. SVO. Literacy rate in second language: 100%. Christian. Bible portions 1862-1995. Also spoken in: San Marino. (Language name: EMILIANO-ROMAGNOLO.) Population: 20,112 in San Marino (1993), 83% of the population (1993 Johnstone). Dialects: SAMMARINESE.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
Emitterthe electrode in a transistor where electrons originate[and full SUMO definition]
EmmanuelWestBankThe City of Emmanuel in WestBank.[and full SUMO definition]
EmmerWheatGrainEmmerWheatGrain is the seed of Wild Emmer (T.dicoccoides) or Domesticated form (T. dicoccum). [wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
EmmerWheatGrassEmmer wheat or hulled wheat is a type of awned wheat. Emmer is a tetraploid (4 sets of chromosomes). This tetraploid wheat is formed by the hybridization of two diploid wild grasses (2 sets of chromomsomes), Triticum urartu, closely related to wild einkorn (T. boeoticum), and an as yet unidentified Aegilops species related to A. searsii or A. speltoides. [wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
EmoMusicEmoMusic describes a style of RockMusic characterized by melodic musicianship and expressive, often confessional lyrics. It has then shifted and changed to blend pop punk and indie rock.[and full SUMO definition]
EmokLanguageThe EmokLanguage is a MascoianLanguage of Paraguay. SIL code: EMO. ISO 639-2: sai. Population: (630 in ethnic group, 1981 census). Region: Near Asuncion. Eastern Chaco. Alternate names: TOBA-EMOK, TOBA, PARAGUAYAN TOBA. Comments: They speak Toba mainly, but the women speak Lengua in the home. Agriculturalists, fishermen, hunters. Extinct.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EmotionalBehavioralProcessThis branch is still very much under construction and will be worked on in collaboration with the Behavior Ontology (George Gkoutos).[and full SUMO definition]
EmotionalFacialExpressionCharacteristic facial expressions that are made when a person is undergoing a so-called "basic" emotions. These are canonical, that is, individual facial expressions when undergoing emotions can vary or not change at all. However, research indicates evidence for the existence of characteristic canonical facial expressions that are displayed when experiencing certain emotions even across cultures.[and full SUMO definition]
EmotionalStateThe Class of Attributes that denote emotional states of Organisms.[and full SUMO definition]
EmotionalStressA negative emotion in response to a stressful elicitor. May be acute or chronic. Associated with health implications, such as impaired resistance to infectious diseases. [Source: OCEAS][and full SUMO definition]
EmotionalVoiceUtterancesThe vocal utterances associated with the characteristic sound of an emotion. Obviously, any particular emotional instance may be associated with a great variety of different types of voice utterances or no voice utterances at all. However, "canonical" or characteristic voice utterances can be associated with core emotions.[and full SUMO definition]
EmphysemaEmphysema, or pulmonary emphysema, is a lower respiratory tract disease, characterised by air-filled cavities or spaces (pneumatoses) in the Lung, that can vary in size and may be very large. The spaces are caused by the breakdown of the walls of the alveoli and they replace the spongy lung parenchyma. This reduces the total alveolar surface available for gas exchange leading to a reduction in oxygen supply for the Blood. Emphysema usually affects the middle aged or older population because it takes time to develop with the effects of Smoking, and other risk factors. [from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
EmployeeLeasingServicesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Employee Leasing Services or Help Supply Services (except temporary help service).[and full SUMO definition]
EmploymentFiringInvoluntarily ending one's employment. Note that this covers termination due to inadequate performance, as well as layoffs.[and full SUMO definition]
EmploymentPlacementAgenciesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Employment Placement Agencies or Miscellaneous Personal Services, NEC (babysitting bureaus).[and full SUMO definition]
EmploymentServicesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Employment Services.[and full SUMO definition]
EmulsionAn Emulsion is a Mixture of two or more Substances in Liquid state that are normally Immiscible owing to liquid-liquid phase separation.[and full SUMO definition]
EnameledIronAndMetalSanitaryWareManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Enameled Iron and Metal Sanitary Ware Manufacturing or Enameled Iron and Metal Sanitary Ware.[and full SUMO definition]
EncodingConverting a document or message into a formal language or into a code that can be understood only by a relatively small body of Agents. Generally speaking, this hinders wide dissemination of the content in the original document or message.[and full SUMO definition]
EncodingProcedureA Procedure for performing an Encoding.[and full SUMO definition]
EndFnA UnaryFunction that maps a TimeInterval to the TimePoint at which the interval ends.[and full SUMO definition]
EndNodeFnA UnaryFunction that maps a GraphPath to the GraphNode that is the end of the GraphPath. Note that, unlike TerminalNodeFn (which relates a GraphArc to a GraphNode), EndNodeFn is a total function - every GraphPath has a end.[and full SUMO definition]
EndangeredSpeciesEndangeredSpecies is an attribute of a Class of Organism (that includes plants and animals) that is in danger of extinction from destruction of individuals or of habitat.[and full SUMO definition]
EndomembraneThe class of cellular endomembranes.[and full SUMO definition]
EnemyAnyone considered hostile by someone else[and full SUMO definition]
EnergyMeasureA subclass of ConstantQuantity, instances of which are measures of the amount of energy.[and full SUMO definition]
EnergyStar4RatingAppliance having EnergyStar4Rating meets the 4th version of EnergyStar standards.[and full SUMO definition]
EnergyStar5RatingAppliance having EnergyStar4Rating meets the 5th version of EnergyStar standards.[and full SUMO definition]
EnergyStarAttributeEnergyStarAttribute is given to devices that use considerably less energy than required by US standards.[and full SUMO definition]
EngineEngine is a subclass of Transducer. Engines are devices for converting some form of energy resource into mechanical power.[and full SUMO definition]
EngineChokeA device to restrict the flow of Air to an engine, typically when cold, that increases the Fuel to Air ratio.[and full SUMO definition]
EngineConnectingRodA Device that connects the Piston to the Crankshaft.[and full SUMO definition]
EngineControlModuleA Computer that is present in most modern Automobiles, which controls the major functions of the Engine, including the Air - Fuel Mixture, ignition timing and pollution control systems.[and full SUMO definition]
EngineCoolingSystemA system designed to keep the engine cool (and therefore prevent it from seizing), that may also heat the passenger compartment as a byproduct.[and full SUMO definition]
EngineCrankingStarting an InternalCombustionEngine, in which an electric motor is employed to initiate Rotating of the Crankshaft and Flywheel to the point where Combusion can sustain the rotation.[and full SUMO definition]
EngineCycleA complete cycle of Engine phases, including a repeat of the first phase. In a FourStrokeEngine this means intake, compression, combustion, exhaust and back to intake.[and full SUMO definition]
EngineCylinderA single cylinder of an Engine block and its associated components.[and full SUMO definition]
EngineFanA FanDevice that is part of an Engine, designed for Cooling the engine, and therefore distinguished from fans that are for moving Air in the passenger compartment of an Automobile.[and full SUMO definition]
EngineFloodedA state in which an InternalCombustionEngine has too much Fuel in its CombustionChamber to operate as intended.[and full SUMO definition]
EngineGovernorA Device that limits the rotational speed of the Crankshaft of an engine. This is distinguished from an AutomobileGovernor which is designed to limit the speed of an entire Automobile.[and full SUMO definition]
EngineMAPSensorA sensor that measures the pressure in the ExhaustManifold and adjusts FuelVapor mixture and Engine timing accordingly.[and full SUMO definition]
EngineTurbineAndPowerTransmissionEquipmentManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Engine, Turbine, and Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturing.[and full SUMO definition]
EngineWaterPumpA WaterPump that is intended to move Water (and possibly other additives such as Alcohol to lower the meltingPoint) in the EngineCoolingSystem.[and full SUMO definition]
EngineerA person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems. A graduate from an Engineering school.[and full SUMO definition]
EngineeredWoodMemberExceptTrussManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Engineered Wood Member (except Truss) Manufacturing or Structural Wood Members, NEC (except trusses).[and full SUMO definition]
EngineeringThe application of instances of Science to the solution of practical problems, i.e. the creation of various forms of technology.[and full SUMO definition]
EngineeringComponentA fundamental concept that applies in many engineering domains. An EngineeringComponent is an element of a Device that is a physically whole object, such as one might see listed as standard parts in a catalog. The main difference betweeen EngineeringComponents and arbitrary globs of matter is that EngineeringComponents are object-like in a modeling sense. Thus, an EngineeringComponent is not an arbtrary subregion, but a part of a system with a stable identity.[and full SUMO definition]
EngineeringConnectionAn EngineeringConnection is an EngineeringComponent that represents a connection relationship between two other EngineeringComponents. It is a reification of the Predicate connectedEngineeringComponents. That means that whenever this Predicate holds between two EngineeringComponents, there exists an EngineeringConnection. The practical reason for reifying a relationship is to be able to attach other information about it. For example, one might want to say that a particular connection is associated with some shared parameters, or that it is of a particular type. EngineeringConnections are EngineeringComponents and can therefore be an engineeringSubcomponent of other EngineeringComponents. However, to provide for modular regularity in component systems, EngineeringConnections cannot be connected. For each pair of EngineeringComponents related by connectedEngineeringComponents, there exists at least one EngineeringConnection. However, that object may not be unique, and the same EngineeringConnection may be associated with several pairs of EngineeringComponents.[and full SUMO definition]
EngineeringServicesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Engineering Services or Engineering Services.[and full SUMO definition]
EngineersProcessa process of designing, manufacturing and operating of an engineering system involving all stages of the life cycle.[and full SUMO definition]
EngineersSubprocessa class of subprocesses that are needed to design and operate an engineering system[and full SUMO definition]
EnglandEngland, with Wales, Scotland, and NorthernIreland, is one of the four constituent Nations of the UnitedKingdom.[and full SUMO definition]
EnglishBasedCreoleLanguageAn EnglishBasedCreoleLanguage is a CreoleLanguage using a grammatical and core lexical foundation of the EnglishLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EnglishBasedPidginLanguageAn EnglishBasedPidginLanguage is a PidginLanguage based on the EnglishLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EnglishCommonLawEnglishCommonLaw is the attribute of legal systems based on the common law developed in England and influential in its English-speaking colonies. Common law is characterized by laws and rulings based on precedent and custom, rather than on written statute.[and full SUMO definition]
EnglishGroupLanguageOf the 43 WestGermanicLanguages, five are classified as an EnglishGroupLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EnglishLanguageA Germanic language that incorporates many roots from the Romance languages. It is the official language of the UnitedStates, the UnitedKingdom, and many other countries.[and full SUMO definition]
EnglishTahitianLanguageAn EnglishTahitianLanguage is the language group consisting only of the PitcairnNorfolkLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EnlistedSoldierRankSoldiers who are enlisted in some military and have no command.[and full SUMO definition]
EnterKeyAn EnterKey is a type of ComputerKeyboardKey on a ComputerKeyboard often labeled Enter or Return which sends a ^L (newline) and/or ^M (return) to a computer to which it is attached.[and full SUMO definition]
EnterKeyPressA EnterKeyPress is a UserDirectAction of hitting the Enter key on a keyboard.[and full SUMO definition]
EnteringAPinA subclass of AuthorizationOfTransaction where a customer enters his/her personal identification number.[and full SUMO definition]
EntertainmentApplianceAn appliance that has the primary purpose of entertaining people.[and full SUMO definition]
EntertainmentBuildingA building that has the primary purpose of entertaining people.[and full SUMO definition]
EntertainmentCompanyAny Business whose services include Performances. This class covers nightclubs, commercial live theaters, and comedy clubs.[and full SUMO definition]
EntertainmentProfessionPositions which involve creating content or performances that are intended to entertain. This class covers the TheaterProfession, FilmMakingProfession, being a comedian, etc.[and full SUMO definition]
EntityThe universal class of individuals. This is the root node of the ontology.[and full SUMO definition]
EntombingMore commonly known as burying, this is the class of processes of putting a HumanCorpse into a Tomb. Note that this class is not a subclass of Burying, since some Tombs are not covered with Soil, e.g. those in a mausoleum.[and full SUMO definition]
EnvelopeA sealable Container for one or more pieces of paper which is designed to protect the papers while they are transferred to someone.[and full SUMO definition]
EnvelopeManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Envelope Manufacturing or Envelopes.[and full SUMO definition]
EnvelopedVirusThe class of viruses whose virions have a lipid bilayer formed when the nucleocapsid buds through the cell membrane upon formation.[and full SUMO definition]
EnvironmentConservationAndWildlifeOrganizationsAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Environment, Conservation and Wildlife Organizations or Social Services, NEC (environment, conservation, and wildlife advocacy).[and full SUMO definition]
EnvironmentSoftwareAttributeThe class of attributes which correspond to environment variables. Environment variables are defined outside of a ComputerProgram, unlike ordinary variables that are defined in the source code of the ComputerProgram. Typically, the environment variable stores some value that many if not all ComputerProgams will need when they execute. An example is the environment variable PATH under Unix-like operating systems that stores the ComputerDirectories where executable ComputerPrograms can be found. Another example is the environment variable CLASSPATH for Java programs, which stores the directory where Java class files can be found that will be needed by any ComputerProgram written in Java.[and full SUMO definition]
EnvironmentalConsultingServicesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Environmental Consulting Services or Services, NEC (environmental consultants).[and full SUMO definition]
EnvironmentalIssueThe class of Attributes that stand for issues of environmental concern.[and full SUMO definition]
EnvironmentalReconnaissanceThese are operations conducted to collect and report critical hydrographic, geological, and meteorological information.[and full SUMO definition]
EnzymeA complex Protein that is produced by living cells and which catalyzes specific biochemical reactions. There are six main types of enzymes: oxidoreductases, transferases, hydrolases, lyases, isomerases, and ligases.[and full SUMO definition]
EpidemicA period where an unusual number of people in a particular location have a particular DiseaseOrSyndrome that has an unusual severity. For example, a comparatively small group can form an epidemic of deadly Ebola, versus a much larger group that would have to form an epidemic of a relatively mild influenza.[and full SUMO definition]
EpiphanyAn instance of Epiphany is a ChristianHoliday that is celebrated on January 6th in both the Gregorian and Julian calendars. In Western Christianity, it commemorates the visit of the Magi to the infant Jesus. In Eastern Christianity, it commemorates Jesus's baptism in the Jordan River and manifestation as the Son of God. In this tradition, the holiday is also called Theophany.[and full SUMO definition]
EpiscopalianA member of the Episcopal church.[and full SUMO definition]
EpithelialTissueEpithelium is one of the four basic types of animal Tissue, along with ConnectiveTissue, MuscleTissue and NervousTissue. It is a thin, continuous, protective layer of cells. Epithelial tissues line the outer surfaces of organs and BloodVessels throughout the body, as well as the inner surfaces of cavities in many internal Organs. An example is the epidermis, the outermost layer of the Skin. [from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
EpochAn instant in time that is arbitrarily selected as a point of reference.[and full SUMO definition]
EpsilonToxinA Toxin produced by the bacterium ClostridiumPerfringens that causes a mild form of food poisoning that lasts one to two days.[and full SUMO definition]
EpsteinBarrVirusThe Epstein–Barr virus (EBV), formally called Human gammaherpesvirus 4, is one of the nine known human herpesvirus types in the herpes family, and is one of the most common viruses in humans. [from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
Equationa mathematical statement that two expressions are equal.[and full SUMO definition]
EquationAttributean attribute that applies to an equation or to a set of equations[and full SUMO definition]
EquatorialGuineaThe Nation of EquatorialGuinea.[and full SUMO definition]
EquitationEquitation is the Sport of sitting on the back of a horse while controlling its movement[and full SUMO definition]
EquityOptionAn option on shares of an individual common stock.[and full SUMO definition]
EquivalenceRelationA BinaryRelation is an equivalence relation if it is a ReflexiveRelation, a SymmetricRelation, and a TransitiveRelation.[and full SUMO definition]
ErbiumSoft silvery metallic element which belongs to the lanthanoids. Six natural isotopes that are stable. Twelve artificial isotopes are known. Used in nuclear technology as a neutron absorber. It is being investigated for other possible uses. Discovered by Carl G. Mosander in 1843.[and full SUMO definition]
ErectorSpinaeMuscleThe ErectorSpinaeMuscle bilateral: extends vertebral column unilateral: laterally flexes vertebral column to same side[and full SUMO definition]
ErezGazaStripThe City of Erez in GazaStrip.[and full SUMO definition]
EritreaThe Nation of Eritrea.[and full SUMO definition]
ErosionErosion is a wearing process on LandForms by wind, running water, ice, heat, and other processes, in which rock and soil material are removed from one area and deposited elsewhere.[and full SUMO definition]
ErtapenemErtapenem, sold under the brand name Invanz, is a Carbapenem Antibiotic Medicine used for the treatment of infections of the Abdomen, the Lungs, the upper part of the female reproductive system, and the diabetic Foot.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
EscapingAny instance of Translocation where the agent brings it about that he/she is no longer confined without having the right to do so.[and full SUMO definition]
EscherichiaColiEscherichia coli is a GramNegative, facultative anaerobic, rod-shaped, coliform Bacterium of the genus Escherichia that is commonly found in the lower Intestine of warm-blooded organisms (endotherms). Most E. coli strains are harmless, but some serotypes (EPEC, ETEC etc.) can cause serious food poisoning in their hosts, and are occasionally responsible for food contamination incidents that prompt product recalls. The harmless strains are part of the normal microbiota of the gut, and can benefit their hosts by producing vitamin K2, (which helps blood to clot) and preventing colonisation of the intestine with pathogenic bacteria, having a mutualistic relationship. E. coli is expelled into the environment within Feces. The bacterium grows massively in fresh fecal matter under aerobic conditions for 3 days, but its numbers decline slowly afterwards.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
EscherichiaColi0157H7One of hundreds of strains of the Escherichia Coli Bacterium. This strain lives in the intestines of healthy cattle, but it can cause severe illness when ingested by humans.[and full SUMO definition]
EscitalopramEscitalopram, sold under the brand names Cipralex and Lexapro, among others, is an Antidepressant of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRIDrug) class. Escitalopram is mainly used to treat major Depression or generalized anxiety disorder. It is taken by mouth. Common side effects include trouble sleeping, nausea, sexual problems, and feeling tired. More serious side effects may include suicide in people under the age of 25. [from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
EseEjjaLanguageThe EseEjjaLanguage is a TiatinaguaLanguage of Bolivia. SIL code: ESE. ISO 639-2: sai. Population: 600 to 650 in Bolivia (1976 SIL). Population total both countries: 850 to 1,050. Region: Northwestern region, and into the foothills on the Beni and Madre de Dios rivers in Bolivia, Tambopata and Heath rivers around Puerto Maldonado in Peru. Alternate names: ESE EJA, ESE EXA, TIATINAGUA, 'CHAMA', HUARAYO. Comments: Each clan has slight dialect differences, all seem inherently intelligible. Appears the most different from other Tacanan languages. Bilingual level estimates for Spanish are 0 40%, 1 20%, 2 30%, 3 10%, 4 0%, 5 0%. The name 'Chama' is objectionable. Dictionary. SOV. NT 1984. Also spoken in: Peru. (Language name: ESE EJJA.) Population: 250 to 400 in Peru (1977 Catholic University, Lima). Alternate names: ESE EXA, ESE EJA, ESE'EJJA, TIATINAGUA, TAMBOPATA-GUARAYO, HUARAYO, 'CHAMA'. Comments: The Tambopata dialect in Peru is somewhat different. Almost all in Peru are bilingual in Spanish. 'Chama' is a derogatory name. SOV. NT 1984.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EskimoAleutLanguageAn EskimoAleutLanguage is any one of 11 languages forming a distinct family of languages of NorthAmerica.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EsophagealArteryesophageal artery[and full SUMO definition]
EsophagusA BodyVessel that is a conduit for Food subject to Ingesting.[and full SUMO definition]
EsperantoLanguageThe EsperantoLanguage is an ArtificialLanguage. SIL code: ESP. ISO 639-1: eo. ISO 639-2: epo. Population: 200 to 2,000 people who speak it as first language (1996), 2,000,000 users (1999 WA). Region: Speakers in about 115 countries, used most widely in central and eastern Europe, China and other countries in eastern Asia, certain areas of South America and southwest Asia. Alternate names: LA LINGVO INTERNACIA. Comments: All ages. Was developed from 1872 to 1885 by L.L. Zamenhof of Warsaw Poland for intercommunication by mother tongue speakers of other languages. SVO, prepositions, genitives, relatives after noun heads, articles, adjectives, numerals before noun heads, question word initial, accusative -n, dative -al affixes mark tense, passive with esti = passive participle, causative -ig, comparative word, non-tonal. Christian, Baha'i, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Shinto, Taoist, tribal religions, none. Bible 1900-1910.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EspionageAny Investigating by one Government of another Government where the second Government does not know that it is being spied upon.[and full SUMO definition]
EspressoAn Espresso is the result of EspressoMaking. A single shot of espresso usually contains approximately 25-30 ml of DrinkingWater. DarkRoast CoffeeBeans are usually used for making espresso coffee. Espresso is served on its own, and is also used as the base for various other coffee drinks, including caffè latte, cappuccino, caffè macchiato, caffè mocha, flat white, and caffè Americano.[Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
EspressoMakingAn EspressoMaking is a ubclass of CoffeeMaking, a Coffee brewing method of which approximately 25-30 ml of DrinkingWater at abour 90 degree centigrate is forced under 900-1,000 kPa of pressure through finely ground (FineGrind) CoffeeGrind.[Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
EstoniaThe Nation of Estonia.[and full SUMO definition]
EstonianSignLanguageEstonianSignLanguage is a DeafSignLanguage of Estonia. SIL code: ESO. ISO 639-2: sgn. Population: 4,500 users out of 1,600 deaf and 20,000 hearing impaired. 2,000 persons need regular help from interpreters (1998 Urmas Sutrop). Region: Throughout Estonia, especially Tallinn and Parnu. Alternate names: VIIPEKEEL. Comments: Some local dialects. The dialect in Parnu is the most archaic. Apparent influences from Finnish and Russian Sign Languages. Some people can use both Estonian and Russian Sign Languages. Russian Sign Language is used in Tallinn by deaf Russians. In other regions Russians use some pidginized versions of Russian Sign Language mixed with Estonian Sign Language. Systematic teaching and research since 1990 at the Dept. of Special Education at Tartu University. Sign language instruction for parents of deaf children in Tallinn. Classes for hearing people in Tallinn and Parnu. Classes for interpretars. Schools for children with hearing impairments. Many children with hearing impairments in ordinary schools. Oral and signed teaching. There is a Society of the Interpreters of Estonian Sign Language. Centers for interpreters in Tallinn, Tartu, Parnu, at the Association of Deaf People. Local authorities pay for interpreters for 36 hours for each deaf person per year. Some grants for students who need interpreters. Courts accept signed interpretation and pay for interpreters. Dictionary. Grammar. TV, videos.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EstuaryEstuary is the subclass of BodyOfWater that represents WaterAreas where a sea or ocean Tide meets a River current.[and full SUMO definition]
EthiopiaThe Nation of Ethiopia.[and full SUMO definition]
EthiopianSignLanguageEthiopianSignLanguage is a DeafSignLanguage of Ethiopia. SIL code: ETH. ISO 639-2: sgn. Population: No estimate available. Comments: There are several sign languages used in different schools for the deaf. Little research. Used since 1971. There have been elementary schools for deaf children since 1956. There is a manual alphabet for spelling.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EthmoidBoneethmoid bone[and full SUMO definition]
EthnicGroupA GroupOfPeople whose members originate from the same GeographicArea or share the same Language and/or cultural practices.[and full SUMO definition]
EthylAlcoholManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Ethyl Alcohol Manufacturing or Industrial Organic Chemicals (ethyl alcohol).[and full SUMO definition]
EukaryoticCellThe Class of Cells that have a CellNucleus.[and full SUMO definition]
EuroCentA currency measure. 1 EuroCent is equal to .01 EuroDollars.[and full SUMO definition]
EuroDollarA currency measure of most European Union countries.[and full SUMO definition]
EuropaIslandA dependency of France[and full SUMO definition]
EuropantoLanguageThe EuropantoLanguage is an ArtificialLanguage of Belgium. SIL code: EUR. ISO 639-2: art. Population: No estimate available. Region: Brussels, European Union buildings. Comments: A mixture of elements from some of the main European languages, for use among members of the European Union. Second language only.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EuropeThe second smallest Continent.[and full SUMO definition]
EuropeanCityThe class of cities that are in Europe.[and full SUMO definition]
EuropeanCommunityThe EuropeanCommunity was merged into the EuropeanUnion on February 7, 1992.[and full SUMO definition]
EuropeanNationThe class of nations that are in Europe.[and full SUMO definition]
EuropeanStyleOptionAn option that can be exercised only during a specified period of time just prior to its expiration.[and full SUMO definition]
EuropeanUnionEnergyLabelClassEuropeanUnionEnergyLabelClass can be used to rank different classes of ElectricDevices in terms of energy efficiency.[and full SUMO definition]
EuropeanUnionEnergyLabelClassAOne of possible instances of EuropeanUnionEnergyLabelClass.[and full SUMO definition]
EuropeanUnionEnergyLabelClassApOne of possible instances of EuropeanUnionEnergyLabelClass.[and full SUMO definition]
EuropeanUnionEnergyLabelClassAppOne of possible instances of EuropeanUnionEnergyLabelClass.[and full SUMO definition]
EuropeanUnionEnergyLabelClassBOne of possible instances of EuropeanUnionEnergyLabelClass.[and full SUMO definition]
EuropeanUnionEnergyLabelClassCOne of possible instances of EuropeanUnionEnergyLabelClass.[and full SUMO definition]
EuropeanUnionEnergyLabelClassDOne of possible instances of EuropeanUnionEnergyLabelClass.[and full SUMO definition]
EuropeanUnionEnergyLabelClassEOne of possible instances of EuropeanUnionEnergyLabelClass.[and full SUMO definition]
EuropeanUnionEnergyLabelClassFOne of possible instances of EuropeanUnionEnergyLabelClass.[and full SUMO definition]
EuropeanUnionEnergyLabelClassGOne of possible instances of EuropeanUnionEnergyLabelClass.[and full SUMO definition]
EuropiumSoft silvery metallic element belonging to the lanthanoids. Eu-151 and Eu-153 are the only two stable isotopes, both of which are {neutron} absorbers. Discovered in 1889 by Sir William Crookes.[and full SUMO definition]
EustachianTubeIn anatomy, the Eustachian tube, also called the auditory tube or pharyngotympanic tube, is a tube that links the nasopharynx to the middle ear, of which it is also a part. In adult humans, the Eustachian tube is approximately 35 mm (1.4 in) long and 3 mm (0.12 in) in diameter. In humans and other tetrapods, both the middle ear and the ear canal are normally filled with air. Unlike the air of the ear canal, however, the air of the middle ear is not in direct contact with the atmosphere outside the body; thus, a pressure difference can develop between the atmospheric pressure of the ear canal and the middle ear. Normally, the Eustachian tube is collapsed, but it gapes open with swallowing and with positive pressure, allowing the middle ear's pressure to adjust to the atmospheric pressure. The Eustachian tube extends from the anterior wall of the middle ear to the lateral wall of the nasopharynx, approximately at the level of the inferior nasal concha. It consists of a bony part and a cartilaginous part. [from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
EutelsatAn Eutelsat is one type of CommunicationSatellite.[and full SUMO definition]
EvacuationEmergency evacuation is the movement of persons from a dangerous place due to the threat or occurrence of a disastrous event (see also Evacuation). Examples are the evacuation of a building due to a bomb threat or fire and the evacuation of a district because of a flood or bombardment or an evacuation from a city due to a Hurricane. In situations involving hazardous materials or possible contamination, evacuees may be decontaminated prior to being transported out of the contaminated area. (from Wikipedia)[and full SUMO definition]
EvacueeA civilian removed from a place of residence for reasons of personal security or the requirements of the military situation. See also displaced person, expellee, refugee.[and full SUMO definition]
EvaluationAsImportantToGoalsAn appraisal that represents an evaluation that the event or object is important to the person's goals or needs.[and full SUMO definition]
EvaluationAsNotImportantToGoalsAn appraisal that represents an evaluation that the event or object is not important to the person's goals or needs.[and full SUMO definition]
EvangelicalChurchThe Class of Evangelical Churches.[and full SUMO definition]
EvangelicalFellowshipOfCongregationalChurchesThe Class of Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches[and full SUMO definition]
EvangelicalPresbyterianChurchOfIrelandThe Class of Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ireland Churches.[and full SUMO definition]
EvangeliskaFosterlandsStiftelsenThe Class of Evangeliska Fosterlands Stiftelsen (EFS) congregations.[and full SUMO definition]
EvangeliskaFrikyrkanThe Class of Evangeliska Frikyrkan (EFK) congregations.[and full SUMO definition]
EvaporatingThe Class of Processes where a Substance is converted from a Liquid to a Gas at a temperature below its Boiling point.[and full SUMO definition]
EvenIntegerAn Integer that is evenly divisible by 2.[and full SUMO definition]
EveningThe class of TimeIntervals that begin at Sunset, which is the end of Afternoon, and end at midnight.[and full SUMO definition]
EveningFnA UnaryFunction that returns the class of Evenings of the given Day.[and full SUMO definition]
EvergreenLoanA short-term loan which is continually renewed rather than repaid.[and full SUMO definition]
EvergreenTreeEvergreenTrees are BotanicalTrees that do not shed their PlantLeaf(ves).[and full SUMO definition]
ExamPreparationAndTutoringAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Exam Preparation and Tutoring or Schools and Educational Services, NEC (exam preparation and tutoring).[and full SUMO definition]
ExcavationContractorsAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Excavation Contractors or Excavation Work.[and full SUMO definition]
ExcitementThe state of being happy about a state of affairs that might occur in the future.[and full SUMO definition]
ExclusiveFemaleLevelExclusiveFemaleLevel refers to a BuildingLevel in a HotelBuilding that hasPurpose to house Female guest[and full SUMO definition]
ExclusiveFishingZoneExclusiveFishingZone is the subclass of MaritimeClaimArea including offshore areas over which a nation claims exclusive jurisdiction only for fishing purposes (cf. MaritimeExclusiveEconomicZone). Zone widths vary up to 200 miles (NM).[and full SUMO definition]
ExclusiveFishingZoneFn(ExclusiveFishingZoneFn ?POLITY) denotes the ExclusiveFishingZone that is claimed by the GeopoliticalArea ?POLITY.[and full SUMO definition]
ExcrementExcrement refers to the waste matter that is discharged from the body[and full SUMO definition]
ExcretingExcreting is a type of OrganismProcess that discharges waste from tissues, organs or the body[and full SUMO definition]
ExecutableAble to be run in its current format.[and full SUMO definition]
ExecutionKilling of a Human by a Government for the commission of a CriminalAction.[and full SUMO definition]
ExecutiveAndLegislativeOfficesCombinedAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Executive and Legislative Offices, Combined or Executive and Legislative Office, Combined.[and full SUMO definition]
ExecutiveBranchFn(ExecutiveBranchFn ?ORG) denotes the executive branch of ?ORG, with all its officials and agencies, considered as a whole.[and full SUMO definition]
ExecutiveLegislativeAndOtherGeneralGovernmentSupportAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Executive, Legislative, and Other General Government Support.[and full SUMO definition]
ExecutiveLevelExecutiveLevel refers to a BuildingLevel in a HotelBuilding with HotelRooms that have been designed to accommodate the needs of the BusinessExecutive[and full SUMO definition]
ExecutiveOfficesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Executive Offices or Executive Offices.[and full SUMO definition]
ExecutiveResidenceA Residence of a chiefOfState, e.g. the White House, a state governor's mansion, Buckingham Palace, etc.[and full SUMO definition]
ExecutiveServiceExecutiveService is the class of ServiceProcess that are directed towards guests staying at rooms in an ExecutiveLevel[and full SUMO definition]
ExerciseAnOptionAn activity when the owner of the the Option contract invokes his rights. In the case of a call, the option owner buys the underlying stock. In the case of a put, the option owner sells the underlying stock.[and full SUMO definition]
ExerciseCenterExerciseCenter refers to a type of SportsFacility that has equipment and services for physical training and keeping fit[and full SUMO definition]
ExerciseTreadmillA RecreationOrExerciseAppliance for running or walking on a moving platform without changing location.[and full SUMO definition]
ExfiltrationThe removal of personnel or units from areas under enemy control by stealth, deception, surprise, or clandestine means.[and full SUMO definition]
ExhalingAny instance of Breathing where the breath is expelled from the Lungs.[and full SUMO definition]
ExhaustA concept to broadly cover all physical byproducts of Combustion, other than light or heat. While exhaust is often an undesirable byproduct of combustion that serves some particular purpose, and where heat or light is desired, there is also the case of smoke signals or mosquito-repelling smudge pots in which exhaust (and often ineffecient combustion, to produce the most smoke) is the desirable output of combustion. Exhaust differs from Smoke in that it need not be visible.[and full SUMO definition]
ExhaustManifoldA junction of several Tubes, which take exhaust Gases from the Engine Cylinders and route them to the AutomobileMuffler and Tailpipe. Note that this class also includes what are known as headers, since a header is essentially just a high performance manifold.[and full SUMO definition]
ExhaustValveA Valve that opens to let the FuelVapor in to the CombustionChamber.[and full SUMO definition]
ExoskeletonThe system of Bones that are on the Outside of an organism and make up the supporting structure of many Invertebrates.[and full SUMO definition]
ExpeditionaryForceA MilitaryUnit that has the purpose of rapid deployment for fighting in enemy territory, without further logistical support. The UnitedStates Marines-BranchOfService, Navy-BranchOfService and AirForce-BranchOfService all have expeditionary units.[and full SUMO definition]
ExpelleeA civilian outside the boundaries of the country of his or her nationality or ethnic origin who is being forcibly repatriated to that country or to a third country for political or other purposes. See also displaced person, evacuee; refugee.[and full SUMO definition]
ExperiencingHeatInCheeksOrChestExperiencingHeatInCheeksOrChest is a PhysiologicalResponseToEmotionalState when feeling warm.[and full SUMO definition]
ExperiencingWarmSensationInWholeBodyExperiencingWarmSensationInWholeBody is a PhysiologicalResponseToEmotionalState when feeling warm.[and full SUMO definition]
ExperimentAttributeThe class of Attributes which relate to instances of Experimenting.[and full SUMO definition]
ExperimentingInvestigating the truth of a Proposition by constructing and observing a trial. Note that the trial may be either controlled or uncontrolled, blind or not blind.[and full SUMO definition]
ExpiredCardA class of expired BankCards.[and full SUMO definition]
ExplanationAn Argument where the conclusion is an observed fact and the premises are other facts which collectively imply the conclusion. Note that this is the hypothetico-deductive model of explanation.[and full SUMO definition]
ExplosionAny sudden and massive release of energy that is the product of a chemical reaction.[and full SUMO definition]
ExplosiveDeviceA Device whose purpose is to explode. Note that ExplosiveDevice is not a subclass of Weapon, since explosives can be used in demolition work and in fireworks displays, for example.[and full SUMO definition]
ExplosiveMineAn ExplosiveDevice which is designed to explode when there is movement over it, e.g. by a person on foot, by a RoadVehicle, etc.[and full SUMO definition]
ExplosiveSubstanceAny Substance which is capable of exploding.[and full SUMO definition]
ExplosivesManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Explosives Manufacturing or Explosives.[and full SUMO definition]
ExponentiationFn(ExponentiationFn ?NUMBER ?INT) returns the RealNumber ?NUMBER raised to the power of the Integer ?INT.[and full SUMO definition]
ExportingExporting is the class of actions in which there is a ChangeOfPossession of goods shipped from a provider in one Nation to a destination in another Nation. Typically, there are Selling and Buying events associated with an Exporting. Either the seller or the exporting country may be considered the origin of Exporting.[and full SUMO definition]
ExpressingInstances of this Class express a state of the agent.For example, Jane thanked Barbara for the present she had given her. The thanking in this case expresses the gratitude of Jane towards Barbara. Note that Expressing, unlike the other speech act types, is not a subclass of LinguisticCommunication.This is because emotions, for example, can be expressed without language, e.g. by smiling.[and full SUMO definition]
ExpressingApprovalExpressing favor about a physical thing or a state of affairs.[and full SUMO definition]
ExpressingDisapprovalExpressing disfavor about a physical thing or a state of affairs.[and full SUMO definition]
ExpressingFarewellAny instance of Expressing an acknowledgment of a person's departure. Note that this class is not a subclass of LinguisticCommunication, because it covers gestures of departure, e.g. Waving and Nodding in certain circumstances.[and full SUMO definition]
ExpressingInLanguageAny instance of Expressing that is also an instance of LinguisticCommunication, e.g. thanking someone, expressing condolence, expressing disapproval with an utterance rather than a Gesture, etc.[and full SUMO definition]
ExpresswayExpressway is the subclass of SurfacedRoadways that are multiple-lane, limited-access highways designed for rapid travel by MotorVehicles.[and full SUMO definition]
ExtendedFishingZoneExtendedFishingZone is the subclass of MaritimeClaimArea that includes offshore areas over which a nation claims fishing rights, beyond that nation's ExclusiveFishingZone. Zone widths vary, from as little as 12 miles (NM) up to a width of 200 miles (NM).[and full SUMO definition]
ExtendedFishingZoneFn(ExtendedFishingZoneFn ?POLITY) denotes the ExtendedFishingZoneFn that is claimed by the GeopoliticalArea ?POLITY, beyond its ExclusiveFishingZone.[and full SUMO definition]
ExtensionExtension is the opposite of flexion, describing a straightening movement that increases the angle between body parts. For example, when standing up, the knees are extended. When a joint can move forward and backward, such as the neck and trunk, extension is movement in the posterior direction. Extension of the hip or shoulder moves the arm or leg backward. Even for other upper extremity joints - elbow and wrist, posterior movement of the distal segment results in extension. Except for knee, ankle, and wrist, where the distal end has to move in the anterior direction for it to be called extension. Hyperextension is any extension that goes beyond 180 degrees and becomes reflexive.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
ExtensionFnA UnaryFunction that maps an Attribute into the Class whose condition for membership is the Attribute.[and full SUMO definition]
ExtensorCarpiRadialisBrevisMuscleThe ExtensorCarpiRadialisBrevisMuscle extends Wrist BodyJoint, abducts Hand at Wrist.[and full SUMO definition]
ExtensorCarpiRadialisLongusMuscleThe ExtensorCarpiRadialisLongusMuscle extends Wrist BodyJoint, abducts Hand at Wrist.[and full SUMO definition]
ExtensorCarpiUlnarisMuscleThe ExtensorCarpiUlnarisMuscle extends and adducts Wrist.[and full SUMO definition]
ExtensorDigitiMinimiMuscleThe ExtensorDigitiMinimiMuscle extends little Finger at all BodyJoints.[and full SUMO definition]
ExtensorDigitorumBrevisMuscleThe ExtensorDigitorumBrevisMuscle extends digits 2, 3, and 4.[and full SUMO definition]
ExtensorDigitorumLongusMuscleThe ExtensorDigitorumLongusMuscle Extension of Toes and Ankle.[and full SUMO definition]
ExtensorDigitorumMuscleThe ExtensorDigitorumMuscle extends Hand, extends Fingers.[and full SUMO definition]
ExtensorHallucisBrevisMuscleThe ExtensorHallucisBrevisMuscle extends big Toe.[and full SUMO definition]
ExtensorHallucisLongusMuscleThe ExtensorHallucisLongusMuscle extends big Toe, assists in dorsiflexion of Foot at Ankle, weakly inverts Foot.[and full SUMO definition]
ExtensorIndicisMuscleThe ExtensorIndicisMuscle extends index Finger, Wrist.[and full SUMO definition]
ExtensorPollicisBrevisMuscleThe ExtensorPollicisBrevisMuscle extends Thumb at metacarpophalangeal BodyJoint.[and full SUMO definition]
ExtensorPollicisLongusMuscleThe ExtensorPollicisLongusMuscle extends Thumb (metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal).[and full SUMO definition]
ExterminatingAndPestControlServicesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Exterminating and Pest Control Services or Sanitary Services, NEC (mosquito eradication).[and full SUMO definition]
ExternalAgencySome external agancy involved with the Military, say CIA, NSA and the like (my own idea!).[and full SUMO definition]
ExternalCarotidArteryexternal carotid artery[and full SUMO definition]
ExternalCarotidTerminalBranchArteryexternal carotid terminal branch artery[and full SUMO definition]
ExternalCarotidTerminalFirstPortionArteryexternal carotid terminal first portion artery[and full SUMO definition]
ExternalCarotidTerminalSecondPortionArteryexternal carotid terminal second portion artery[and full SUMO definition]
ExternalCarotidTerminalThirdPortionArteryexternal carotid terminal third portion artery[and full SUMO definition]
ExternalDiskDriveA type of DiskDrive that can be attached to a Computer by a cable.[and full SUMO definition]
ExternalHardDiskDriveA type of HardDiskDrive that can be attached to a Computer by a cable.[and full SUMO definition]
ExternalIliacArteryexternal iliac artery[and full SUMO definition]
ExternalIntercostalsMuscleThe ExternalIntercostalsMuscle controls inhalation.[and full SUMO definition]
ExternalObliqueMuscleThe ExternalObliqueMuscle bilateral: flexes trunk, expiration, compresses abdominal organs unilateral: flexes trunk to same side, rotates trunk to opposite side[and full SUMO definition]
ExternalStriateArteryexternal striate artery[and full SUMO definition]
ExternalTransferA subclass of FinancialTransactions from one FinancialOrganization to another.[and full SUMO definition]
ExtraCoarseGrindExtraCoarseGrind CoffeeGrind has a particle size of aproximateValue of approximateDiameter of 1.5 Millimeters.[and full SUMO definition]
ExtraFineGrindExtraFineGrind CoffeeGrind has a particle size of aproximateValue of approximateDiameter of 0.1 Millimeters.[and full SUMO definition]
ExtracellularEnvelopedVirionVacciniaThe class of viruses that have an extra envelope and move outside the cell that they have invaded before invading another cell.[and full SUMO definition]
ExtramaduranLanguageThe EstramaduranLanguage is a CastilianLanguage of Spain. SIL code: EXT. ISO 639-2: roa. Population: 200,000 active speakers, plus 500,000 able to use it, including some monolinguals (1994 T. Erickson). Most speakers are in the northern dialect. 1,100,000 in the ethnic group. Region: Autonomous region of Extremadura (except the Fala-speaking valley in the northwest, Portuguese dialect-speaking strips in the west, and Spanish-speaking strip in the east), and a few neighboring areas. Alternate names: EXTREMENO, EHTREMENU, CAHTUO, CAHTUO. Dialects: NORTHERN EXTREMADURAN (ARTU EHTREMENU), CENTRAL EXTREMADURAN (MEYU EHTREMENU), SOUTHERN EXTREMADURAN (BAHU EHTREMENU). Comments: Related to the eastern dialect of Tur-Leonese. Dialects: are inherently intelligible to each others' speakers. Those who have gone to school speak Spanish in formal situations and to outsiders. Most speakers are over 30 years old (1994). They use Extremaduran in all contexts. SVO. Literacy rate in second language: 90%. 2 orthographies, one Castilian-like, developed around the turn of the century by the famous poet Jose Maria Gabriel y Galan, the other more recent and more phonetic.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
EyeThe Organ of sight.[and full SUMO definition]
EyeGlassA lens or pair of lenses with or without frames whose purpose is to to correct a defect in vision. This class covers ordinary eye glasses, reading glasses, contact lenses, monocles, etc.[and full SUMO definition]
EyeIrisThe iris is a thin, circular structure in the Eye, responsible for controlling the diameter and size of the Pupils.[and full SUMO definition]
EyeMotionAny Motion where a patient is the agent's own Eyelid or Eyelids.[and full SUMO definition]
EyebrowA part of the Face above each Eye that typically has Hair.[and full SUMO definition]
EyelidFolds of Skin that can be manipulated to cover or uncover Eyes.[and full SUMO definition]