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IACOAirlineCodeThe 3-character tag given to an Airline by the InternationalCivilAviationOrganization to represent that Airline at any Airport[and full SUMO definition]
IATAAirlineCodeThe 2-character tag given to an Airline by the InternationalAirTransportAssociation to represent that Airline at any Airport[and full SUMO definition]
IBooksApple Books, formerly iBooks, is an e-book reading and store application by Apple Inc. for its iOS and macOS operating systems and devices. With the release of iOS 8, it became an integrated app. It primarily receives EPUB content from the iBooks Store, but users can also add their own EPUB and PDF files via data synchronization with iTunes, Safari or Apple Mail. (from Wikipedia)[and full SUMO definition]
IBookstoreWebsite for downloading Apple Books[and full SUMO definition]
ICloudiCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service from Apple Inc. launched on October 12, 2011. iCloud enables users to store data such as documents, photos, and music on remote servers for download to iOS, macOS or Windows devices, to share and send data to other users, and to manage their Apple devices if lost or stolen. (from Wikipedia)[and full SUMO definition]
IDeviceHomeButtonA physical button on various Apple devices that signals the operating system that the user wishes to go to the home page of the system.[and full SUMO definition]
IEBrowserThe Microsoft Internet Explorer WebBrowser.[and full SUMO definition]
IEDAn improvised explosive device (IED) is a Bomb constructed and deployed in ways other than in conventional military action. It may be constructed of conventional military explosives, such as an artillery shell, attached to a detonating mechanism. IEDs are commonly used as roadside bombs, or homemade bombs.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
IMClientThis represents an InstantMessaging client such as Trillian, Pidgin, or Google Talk. The client is a platform on which two or more computers can communicate. Note that an IM client is not necessary for InstantMessaging to occur, as many web sites can support instant messaging without the need to download a client.[and full SUMO definition]
IMFDevelopmentLevelIMFDevelopmentLevel is a collection of Attributes representing economic development levels used by the InternationalMonetaryFund (IMF) to characterize national economies. The hierarchy of IMF levels includes: AdvancedEconomy, CountryInTransition, and DevelopingCountry. There is some, but not complete, overlap with concepts used by UnitedNations agencies. See [and full SUMO definition]
IMStatusAttributeAn IMClient allows two or more people to engage in InstantMessaging if they are both logged into and currently using the client. When someone is using an IMClient, they can check whether or not their connections (often called 'buddies') are available for InstantMessaging. The client will let them know by telling them the other person's IM status. Note: do not use with the relation status, as this refers to the current status of a ComputerProcess.[and full SUMO definition]
IMessageiMessage is an instant messaging service developed by Apple Inc. Launched in 2011, it is supported by the Messages application in iOS 5 and later and OS X Mountain Lion and later. (from Wikipedia)[and full SUMO definition]
IOCOrderImmediate or cancel Order is a type of option order which gives the trading crowd one opportunity to take the other side of the trade. After being announced, the order will be either partially or totally filled with any remaining balance immediately cancelled. An IOC order, which can be considered a type of day order, cannot be used as part of a GTC order since it will be cancelled shortly after being entered. The difference between fill-or-kill (FOK) orders and IOC orders is that a IOC order may be partially executed.[and full SUMO definition]
IPAddressThe Internet Protocol address, a numeric address such as that the domain name server translates into a domain name.[and full SUMO definition]
ISO-3166-1-alpha-2This GeographicCodeMap states correspondences between two-letter alphabetic tokens defined in the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 standard, and constants defined in SUMO. Note that for most of the alphabetic tokens, the accompanying ISO 3166-1 numeric standard defines a corresponding three-digit numeric token with the same meaning.[and full SUMO definition]
ISO-4217-AThis CurrencyCodeMap states correspondences between three-letter alphabetic tokens defined in the ISO 4217 standard, and constants defined in SUMO. Note that for most of the alphabetic tokens, ISO 4217 also defines a corresponding three-digit numeric token with the same meaning.[and full SUMO definition]
ISO-639-1This LanguageCodeMap states correspondences between the two-letter natural language denoting tokens defined in the ISO 639-1 standard, and constants defined in SUMO.[and full SUMO definition]
ITAgentagent capable of performing ITProcess[and full SUMO definition]
ITProcessA process performed on a computer by a human operator.[and full SUMO definition]
ITunesiTunes is a media player, media library, Internet radio broadcaster, and mobile device management application developed by Apple Inc. It was announced on January 9, 2001. It is used to play, download, and organize digital multimedia files, including music and video, on personal computers running the macOS and Windows operating systems. (from Wikipedia)[and full SUMO definition]
IVBolusTherapyAdministering IV fluids through an open line, rather than a drip, which entails that the contents empty in a few minutes. This is used in emergency settings to administer Fluid or Medicine quickly.[and full SUMO definition]
IVLineA Tube designed to be used in IVTherapy.[and full SUMO definition]
IVTherapyIntravenous therapy is a medical technique that administers Fluids, Medicine and/or nutrients directly into a person's Vein. The intravenous route of administration is commonly used for rehydration or to provide nutrients for those who cannot, or will not—due to reduced mental states or otherwise—consume food or water by Mouth. It may also be used to administer medications or other medical therapy such as Blood products or Electrolytes to correct electrolyte imbalances. [from Wikipedia].[and full SUMO definition]
IapamaLanguageThe IapamaLanguage is a language of unknown classification from Brazil. SIL code: IAP. ISO 639-2: sai. Population: No estimate available. Region: Border region of Para and Amapa. Comments: Existence uncertain.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IberianBasedCreoleLanguageAn IberianBasedCreoleLanguage is a CreoleLanguage using a grammatical and core lexical foundation of an Iberian language.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IberoRomanceLanguageOf the 30 GalloIberianLanguages, 17 of these are classified as an IberoRomanceLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IbsrilIraqThe City of Ibsril in Iraq.[and full SUMO definition]
IbuLanguageThe IbuLanguage is a SahuGroupLanguage of Indonesia (Maluku). SIL code: IBU. ISO 639-2: paa. Population: A few speakers (1987 Voorhoeve and Visser). 50 to 200 in the ethnic group (1984). Region: North Maluku, northern Halmahera Island, mouth of Ibu River, villages of Gamlamo and Gamici. Comments: May be inherently intelligible with Sahu. All are elderly (1987). Nearly extinct.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IceWater that has the PhysicalState of Solid.[and full SUMO definition]
IceCreamA frozen dessert containing cream and sugar and flavoring.[and full SUMO definition]
IceCreamAndFrozenDessertManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert Manufacturing or Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts.[and full SUMO definition]
IceHockeyA game played on an ice rink by two opposing teams of six skaters each who try to knock a flat round puck into the opponents' goal with angled sticks.[and full SUMO definition]
IceHockeyPlayerAn athlete who plays IceHockey.[and full SUMO definition]
IceMachineIceMachine is a type of Machine that produces Ice[and full SUMO definition]
IceManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Ice Manufacturing or Manufactured Ice.[and full SUMO definition]
IceSkatingIce skating is moving on ice by using ice skates. It can can be done for leisure, traveling, and various sports.[and full SUMO definition]
IceSkatingRinkAn ice skating rink is a frozen body of water and/or hardened chemicals where people can skate or play winter sports.[and full SUMO definition]
IcebergAn Iceberg is a large chunk of Ice that has broken off from a Glacier and fallen into a BodyOfWater. The larger part of an Iceberg floats underwater.[and full SUMO definition]
IcelandThe Nation of Iceland.[and full SUMO definition]
IcelandicLanguageISO-639-1: is. IcelandicLanguage (islenska) is the official language of Iceland. It is a highly inflected NorthGermanicLanguage, most closely related to Old Norse and, among modern spoken language, FaroeseLanguage.[and full SUMO definition]
IcelandicSignLanguageIcelandicSignLanguage is a DeafSignLanguage of Iceland. SIL code: ICL. ISO 639-2: sgn. Population: No estimate available. Comments: Until 1910 Icelandic deaf people were sent to school in Denmark. The sign language is based on Danish Sign Language, but has changed and developed since then, so it is not the same today. Signed interpretation provided for college students. Instruction for parents of deaf children. There is a committee on national sign language. There is a manual spelling system. Dictionary. TV.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IcingIcing is the process by which Ice is deposited on a %Solid object in polycrystalline form.[and full SUMO definition]
IconThis is the subclass of ContentBearingPhysical which are not part of a Language and which have some sort of similarity with the Objects that they represent. This Class would include symbolic roadway signs, representational art works, photographs, etc.[and full SUMO definition]
IdahoA state known for potatoes in the northwestern UnitedStates.[and full SUMO definition]
IdealOperationalAmplifierA Fourpole modeling an OperationalAmplifier with ideal properties.[and full SUMO definition]
IdealSwitchA PureTwopole that models an ideal switch.[and full SUMO definition]
IdealTwopoleA PureTwopole that is linear.[and full SUMO definition]
IdentifierIdentifier is the Class of ContentBearingObjects that identify some entity, such as a bank account, a person, or a location (e.g., as identified by a specific street address or GPS coordinates), perhaps uniquely under some circumstances.[and full SUMO definition]
IdleIf someone is idle, this means that they are currently logged in to the IMClient (or the WebPage where the InstantMessaging occurs), but are not active. Usually, their connections are given the option of attempting to instant message them, with the knowledge that there will likely be no reply.[and full SUMO definition]
IftarA meal at the end of each day of Ramadan, at the sunset.[and full SUMO definition]
IgnitionCoilAn ElectricalTransformer designed to take 12 Volt power from the Battery of an Automobile and convert it to the 10,000-50,000 volts required to produce a Spark across the SparkPlugs.[and full SUMO definition]
IgnitionControlModuleA Computer that controls the ignition system, and may itself be controlled by the EngineControlModule.[and full SUMO definition]
IhaBasedPidginLanguageAn IhaBasedPidginLanguage is a PidginLanguage based on the IhaLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IhaPidginLanguageThe IhaPidginLanguage is an IhaBasedPidginLanguage of Indonesia (Irian Jaya). SIL code: IHB. ISO 639-2: crp. Population: No estimate available. Region: Bomberai Peninsula, far west end around Fak Fak and north. Comments Trade language. Second language only.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IhramClothingSpecial Muslim clothing, worn during Pilgrimage ceremonies. It consists of a white robe, belt and sandals for men. For women it can be any modest garment, although some regional and sectarian conventions are prescribed.[and full SUMO definition]
IhramPeriodSpecial Muslim practices including the type of clothing, hair cutting/shaving and behaviour prior to and during Pilgrimage ceremonies.[and full SUMO definition]
IleocolicArteryileocolic artery[and full SUMO definition]
IliTurkiLanguageThe IliTurkiLanguage is an EasternTurkicLanguage of China. SIL code: ILI. ISO 639-2: tut. Population: 120 approximately, or at least 30 households in China (1980 R.F. Hahn). Population total both countries: 120 or more. Region: Ili Valley near Kuldja, Xinjiang. Probably some in Kazakhstan. Alternate names: T'URK, TUERKE. Comments: Reported to be a link between Chagatai and Kypchak (Uzbek dialect). Bilingualism in Kazakh, Uyghur. Spoken by older people. Younger people are intermarrying with neighboring groups. Ethnically and linguistically distinct, discovered in 1956. Their oral history says they came from the Ferghana Valley (Uzbekistan/Kyrgyzstan) about 200 years ago. SOV, vowel harmony, influenced greatly by Kazakh and Uyghur, has Arabic, Persian, Chinese, and Russian loans. Also spoken in: Kazakhstan. (Language name: ILI TURKI.) Alternate names: T'URK, TUERKE. Comments: The language is linguistically distinct, a link between Chagatai and Kypchak (Uzbek dialect). Their oral history says their ancestors came from the Ferghana Valley (Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan) about 200 years ago. Speakers are older. Younger people understand Ili Turki, but are adopting Kazakh or Uyghur, and intermarrying with neighboring groups.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IliacBranchArteryiliac branch artery[and full SUMO definition]
IliacusMuscleThe IliacusMuscle performs Flexion of HipJoint[8].[and full SUMO definition]
IliocostalisMuscleThe IliocostalisMuscle bilateral: extends vertebral column unilateral: laterally flexes vertebral column to same side[and full SUMO definition]
IliolumbarArteryiliolumbar artery[and full SUMO definition]
IliopsoasMuscleThe IliopsoasMuscle performs Flexion of HipJoint (psoas major/minor, iliacus), spine rotation (psoas major/minor).[and full SUMO definition]
IllegalA proposition is Illegal just in case it is inconsistent with any proposition that is a Law.[and full SUMO definition]
IllinoisA populous and industrial state in the midwestern UnitedStates.[and full SUMO definition]
IlluminatedThe Attribute of Regions that are illuminated to some degree, i.e. in which some shapes are visually discernable.[and full SUMO definition]
ImageInstances of Image are VisualContentBearingObjects that convey their meaning primarily in non-textual form.[and full SUMO definition]
ImageFileA picture (graphic) stored in a particular coding scheme and stored as a file. Note that this can include vector as well as raster images. Raster images will entail a particular number of horizontal and vertical pixels. Vector images will not entail a particular size or resolution.[and full SUMO definition]
ImageScannerA Device that can convert two-dimensional images into digital format.[and full SUMO definition]
ImaginaryNumberAny Number that is the result of multiplying a RealNumber by the square root of -1.[and full SUMO definition]
ImaginaryPartFn(ImaginaryPartFn ?NUMBER) returns the part of ?NUMBER that has the square root of -1 as its factor.[and full SUMO definition]
ImaginingForming a mental picture of something which is not present.[and full SUMO definition]
ImeraguenLanguageThe ImeraguenLanguage is a language of unknown classification from Mauritania. SIL code: IME. ISO 639-2: mis. Population: 120 (1967 Gerteiny). Region: Near Nouakchott, the region stretching from Cape Timiris to Nouadhibou. Alternate names: IMRAGUEN. Comments: The language is reported to be a variety of Hassaniyya structured on an Azer (Soninke) base. Vassals to important Hassan tribes, especially the Oulad Bou Sba. Reported to be remnants of the Bafours. They use nets for fishing. Coastal. Fishermen.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
ImmediateFamilyFn(ImmediateFamilyFn ?PERSON) denotes the immediate family of ?PERSON, i.e. the Group consisting of the parents of ?PERSON and anyone of whom ?PERSON is a parent.[and full SUMO definition]
ImmediateFutureFnA UnaryFunction that maps a TimePosition to a short, indeterminate TimeInterval that immediately follows the TimePosition.[and full SUMO definition]
ImmediatePastFnA UnaryFunction that maps a TimePosition to a short, indeterminate TimeInterval that immediately precedes the TimePosition.[and full SUMO definition]
ImmigratingAny Translocation by a Human from one Nation to another Nation where the person is not a citizen for the purpose of taking up residence.[and full SUMO definition]
ImmiscibleContrary to Miscible, Immiscible is the state when there are certain proportions in which the Mixture does not form a Solution.[and full SUMO definition]
ImmunosuppressiveImmunosuppression is a reduction of the activation or efficacy of the immune system. Some portions of the immune system itself have immunosuppressive effects on other parts of the immune system, and immunosuppression may occur as an adverse reaction to treatment of other conditions. In general, deliberately induced immunosuppression is performed to prevent the body from rejecting an organ transplant. Additionally, it is used for treating graft-versus-host disease after a bone marrow transplant, or for the treatment of auto-immune diseases such as systemic Lupus erythematosus, RheumatoidArthritis, Sjögren's syndrome, or CrohnsDisease. This is typically done using medications, but may involve surgery (splenectomy), plasmapheresis, or radiation. A person who is undergoing immunosuppression, or whose immune system is weak for some other reasons (chemotherapy or HIV), is said to be immunocompromised.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
ImpactingAny Touching where something comes into sudden, forceful, physical contact with something else. Some examples would be striking, knocking, whipping etc.[and full SUMO definition]
ImpairedBodyPartFnA Function that returns an instance of ImpairedBodyPartFn that refers to a particular BodyPart. For example, a broken leg would be a subAttribute of (ImpairedBodyPartFn Leg)[and full SUMO definition]
ImpairmentFnA faulty or compromised Process of the normal body.[and full SUMO definition]
ImpellingThe subclass of Transfer where the patient travels through space by means of a sudden, forceful event. Some examples would be shooting, throwing, tossing, etc.[and full SUMO definition]
ImportanceStrictnessAn attribute that applies to a RealtimeSystem just in case it is designed and implemented to meet the more important requirements first.[and full SUMO definition]
ImprisoningThe class of Confining processes where the detainee is put in Prison.[and full SUMO definition]
InPersonCommunicationAn instance of InPersonCommunication is a Communication that occurs between two or more Humans who are physically present to each other during the Communication.[and full SUMO definition]
InVitroDiagnosticSubstanceManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves In-Vitro Diagnostic Substance Manufacturing or In-Vitro and In-Vivo Diagnostic Substances (in-vitro diagnostic substances).[and full SUMO definition]
InaudibleA sound level and frequency not capable of being heard by a Human.[and full SUMO definition]
IncandescentBulbA LightBulb using a incandescent light bulb to radiate light by heating up a piece of metal.[and full SUMO definition]
IncapacitatingAgentChemicalAgents that are designed to cause temporary disability in victims.[and full SUMO definition]
IncendiaryDeviceAttackAn attack in which an agent uses a device which causes fire in order to destroy life or property.[and full SUMO definition]
InchEnglish length unit of inches.[and full SUMO definition]
InchMercuryInchMercury is a UnitOfMeasure for barometricPressure. It is used to express the number of inches of mercury supported in a mercurial barometer by the surrounding air pressure.[and full SUMO definition]
IncisorBranchArteryincisor branch artery[and full SUMO definition]
IncliningMoving one's body downward from a vertical position. Note that this class covers cases of leaning forward, as well as those of reclining backwards.[and full SUMO definition]
IncomeTaxA Tax on annual income.[and full SUMO definition]
IncreasingAny QuantityChange where the PhysicalQuantity is increased.[and full SUMO definition]
IndependentArtistsWritersAndPerformersAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers.[and full SUMO definition]
IndependentMethodistChurchThe Class of Independent Methodist Church congregations.[and full SUMO definition]
IndependentMultipoleAsserts that a constitutive relation of a multipole does not refer to other variables than terminal or inner.[and full SUMO definition]
IndependentStateIndependentState is a subclass of GeopoliticalArea, representing the classification 'Independent State' used by the CIA World Fact Book. Cf. DependencyOrSpecialSovereigntyArea.[and full SUMO definition]
IndependentTaskRelationAn instance of RealtimeSystem is described as Independent-TaskRelation if its correct execution does not depend on the inputs from any other function, the execution state of any other function, or the acceptance of its outputs by any other function.[and full SUMO definition]
IndexA benchmark against which financial or economic performance is measured, such as the S&P 500 or the Consumer Price Index.[and full SUMO definition]
IndexBondA bond whose cash flow is inflation-adjusted, by being linked to the purchasing power of a particular currency.[and full SUMO definition]
IndexOptionAn option whose underlying interest is an index. Generally, index options are cash-settled.[and full SUMO definition]
IndexedLoanA loan in which payments change in response to changes in an index such as the Consumer Price Index.[and full SUMO definition]
IndiaA Nation in southern Asia which is the second most populous in the world.[and full SUMO definition]
IndianOceanIndianOcean represents the Indian Ocean.[and full SUMO definition]
IndianSignLanguageIndianSignLanguage is a DeafSignLanguage of India. SIL code: INS. ISO 639-2: sgn. Population: 1,500,000 or more users (1986 Gallaudet Univ.) Population: total all countries 1,500,000 or more. Region: All over the country. Also spoken in Bangladesh, Pakistan. Dialects: DELHI SIGN LANGUAGE, CALCUTTA SIGN LANGUAGE, BANGALORE-MADRAS SIGN LANGUAGE, BOMBAY SIGN LANGUAGE. Comments: Over 75% of signs from all regions are related. Dialects are not related to deaf school usage. Delhi dialect is the most influential. Not related to French, Spanish, or American sign languages, or their group. Some influence from British Sign Language in the fingerspelling system and a few other signs, but most are unrelated to European sign systems. Developed indigenously in India. The Indian manual English system is hardly intelligible to American Signed English. Related to Nepalese Sign Language. Over 1,000,000 deaf adults, and about 500,000 deaf children (1986). Deaf schools mainly do not use ISL, but vocational programs often do. Less than 5% of deaf people attend deaf schools. Investigation needed: intelligibility with Pakistan Sign Language. Also used in: Bangladesh (Language name: INDIAN SIGN LANGUAGE). Comments: Not related to French, Spanish, American sign languages, or their group. Some influence from British Sign Language in the fingerspelling system and a few other signs, but most signs are unrelated to European sign systems. It developed indigenously in India. The Indian manual English system is hardly understandable to American Signed English.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IndianaA state in the mideastern UnitedStates.[and full SUMO definition]
IndicatingPointing out a person, place or thing with one's hand or with an Artifact.[and full SUMO definition]
IndieMusicIndieMusic refers to the type of music that was created without the help of commercial record labels.[and full SUMO definition]
IndiumSoft silvery element belonging to group 13 of the periodic table. The most common natural isotope is In-115, which has a half-life of 6*10^4 years. Five other radioisotopes exist. Discovered in 1863 by Reich and Richter.[and full SUMO definition]
IndividualAndFamilyServicesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Individual and Family Services.[and full SUMO definition]
IndividualRetirementAccountA tax-deferred retirement account for an individual that permits individuals to set aside up to $2,000 per year, with earnings tax-deferred until withdrawals begin at age 59 1/2 or later (or earlier, with a 10% penalty). Only those who do not participate in a pension plan at work or who do participate and meet certain income guidelines can make deductible contributions to an IRA. All others can make contributions to an IRA on a non-deductible basis. Such contributions qualify as a deduction against income earned in that year and interest accumulates tax-deferred until the funds are withdrawn.[and full SUMO definition]
IndoAryanLanguageOf the 296 IndoIranianLanguages, 210 of these are classified as an IndoAryanLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IndoEuropeanLanguageThere are 433 languages categorized as an IndoEuropeanLanguage, forming a major family of the world's languages and including many of the most familiar languages of Europe and South Asia.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IndoIranianLanguageAn IndoIranianLanguage is any of 296 closely related IndoEuropeanLanguages spoken in south Asia and nearby regions.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IndoPortugueseLanguageThe IndoPortugueseLanguage is a PortugueseBasedCreoleLanguage of SriLanka. SIL code: IDB. ISO 639-2: cpp. Population: 30 to 2,250 in Sri Lanka (1971 Ian Smith), including 250 families in Batticaloa (1984 Ian Smith), but possibly only about 30 speakers left (1992 P. Baker). Population total all countries: 730 to 3,000. Region: Colombo, Kandy, Trincomalee, Galle, Batticaloa. Also spoken in Australia, India. Comments: Similar to Tamil in phonology and syntax. Varieties of creole Portuguese were also spoken in Myanmar, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, China. See also Malaccan Creole Portuguese (Peninsular Malaysia), Macao Creole Portuguese (Macau, Hongkong), Ternateno (Maluku, Indonesia), Timor Pidgin (Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia). Everyone is fluent in Tamil. Older speakers are also bilingual in English, some younger ones in Sinhalese. The creole is used at home only. Most of the Burgher caste speak it at home. Many in the ethnic group may not know the creole well. Virtually no contact with Goa or Portugal since 1656. NT 1826-1852. Also spoken in: India. (Language name: INDO-PORTUGUESE.) Population: 700 monolingual speakers in Korlai (1977 Theban). Comments: Active use among Catholic citizens in Daman (1982 Jackson). Some communities in India have become extinct. SOV. NT 1826-1852.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IndochineseEthnicityThe IndochineseEthnicity refers to various peoples originating from Southeast Asia.[and full SUMO definition]
IndonesiaThe Nation of Indonesia.[and full SUMO definition]
IndonesianBasedCreoleLanguageAn IndonesianBasedCreoleLanguage is a CreoleLanguage using a grammatical and core lexical foundation of the IndonesianLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IndonesianSignLanguageIndonesianSignLanguage is a DeafSignLanguage of Indonesia. SIL code: INL. ISO 639-2: sgn. Population: (At least 2,000,000 deaf people, 1993). Comments: 94 schools for the deaf use the oral method for instruction. A blend of Malaysian Sign Language and indigenous signs. ASL not used.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IndoorsAny Region which is enclosed by a Building.[and full SUMO definition]
IndremisjonenThe Class of Indremisjonen Church congregations.[and full SUMO definition]
InductanceA property of an electric circuit by which an electromotive force is induced in it by a variation of current.[and full SUMO definition]
InductionMotorAn electrical motor powered by a three-phase power suply.[and full SUMO definition]
InductiveArgumentAn Argument which is inductive, i.e. it is claimed that a set of specific cases makes the conclusion, which generalizes these cases, more likely to be true.[and full SUMO definition]
InductorAn ElectricalComponent that introduces inductance into a circuit.[and full SUMO definition]
InductorElementA ThroughVariableAccumulator from electrical energy domain.[and full SUMO definition]
IndustrialAndCommercialFanAndBlowerManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Industrial and Commercial Fan and Blower Manufacturing or Industrial and Commercial Fans and Blowers and Air Purification Equipment (fans and blowers).[and full SUMO definition]
IndustrialAndPersonalServicePaperWholesalersAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Industrial and Personal Service Paper Wholesalers or Industrial and Personal Service Paper.[and full SUMO definition]
IndustrialDesignServicesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Industrial Design Services or Business Services, NEC (industrial design).[and full SUMO definition]
IndustrialGasManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Industrial Gas Manufacturing or Industrial Gases.[and full SUMO definition]
IndustrialLaunderersAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Industrial Launderers or Industrial Launderers.[and full SUMO definition]
IndustrialMachineryAndEquipmentWholesalersAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Industrial Machinery and Equipment Wholesalers or Industrial Machinery and Equipment.[and full SUMO definition]
IndustrialMachineryManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Industrial Machinery Manufacturing.[and full SUMO definition]
IndustrialMoldManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Industrial Mold Manufacturing or Special Dies and Tools, Die Sets, Jigs and Fixtures, and Industrial Molds (industrial molds).[and full SUMO definition]
IndustrialNonbuildingStructureConstructionAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Industrial Nonbuilding Structure Construction or Heavy Construction, NEC (industrial nonbuilding structures construction).[and full SUMO definition]
IndustrialPatternManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Industrial Pattern Manufacturing or Industrial Patterns.[and full SUMO definition]
IndustrialPlantA Building or part of a Building or group of Buildings whose purpose is to Manufacture something.[and full SUMO definition]
IndustrialPollutionIndustrialPollution is the subclass of Pollution characterized by pollutants that originate in industrial processes.[and full SUMO definition]
IndustrialProcessFurnaceAndOvenManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Industrial Process Furnace and Oven Manufacturing or Industrial Process Furnaces and Ovens.[and full SUMO definition]
IndustrialSandMiningAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Industrial Sand Mining or Industrial Sand.[and full SUMO definition]
IndustrialSuppliesWholesalersAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Industrial Supplies Wholesalers or Industrial Supplies (except fluid power accessories).[and full SUMO definition]
IndustrialSupplyIndustrialSupply is the class of products that are used in industry but which are not raw materials for products being manufactured. IndustrialSupply includes maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) supplies, including janitorial, electrical, bearings, tools, machinery, accessories, fire and safety equipment, and other industrial items.[and full SUMO definition]
IndustrialTruckTractorTrailerAndStackerMachineryManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Industrial Truck, Tractor, Trailer, and Stacker Machinery Manufacturing or Miscellaneous Fabricated Wire Products (grocery carts).[and full SUMO definition]
IndustrialValveManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Industrial Valve Manufacturing or Industrial Valves.[and full SUMO definition]
IndustryThe class of Collections of Corporations which are in the same line of business.[and full SUMO definition]
IndustryAttributeIndustryAttribute is a class of Attributes which identify an Organization as belonging to a particular industry type. For example, the company Hallmark has the attribute GreetingCardPublishers.[and full SUMO definition]
InertorAn AcrossVariableAccumulator from translatory energy domain.[and full SUMO definition]
InesenoLanguageThe InesenoLanguage is a ChumashGroupLanguage of the UnitedStates. SIL code: INE. ISO 639-2: nai. Region: Southern California, near Santa Barbara. Comments: Was not intelligible with other Chumash varieties. Extinct.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
InfantryCompanyAn infantry is a body of soldiers who fight primarily on foot with small arms in organized military units, though they may be transported to the battlefield by horses, ships, automobiles, skis, or other means. (from Wikipedia)[and full SUMO definition]
InfantryUnitA MilitaryUnit composed primarily of Soldiers who fight on foot, i.e. without the use of heavy artillery.[and full SUMO definition]
InfantsCutAndSewApparelManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Infants' Cut and Sew Apparel Manufacturing or Women's, Misses', Children's, and Infants' Underwear and Nightwear (infants' except contractors).[and full SUMO definition]
InfectingThe Process (from the perspective of the entity becoming ill) by which an InfectiousDisease enters an Organism and begins Replication.[and full SUMO definition]
InfectionFnDenotes the InfectiousDisease caused by the given Microorganism.[and full SUMO definition]
InfectiousDiseaseAny DiseaseOrSyndrome that is caused by a Microorganism.[and full SUMO definition]
InferiorAlveolarArteryinferior alveolar artery[and full SUMO definition]
InferiorEpigastricArteryinferior epigastric artery[and full SUMO definition]
InferiorGemellusMuscleThe InferiorGemellusMuscle laterally rotates thigh.[and full SUMO definition]
InferiorGlutealArteryinferior gluteal artery[and full SUMO definition]
InferiorLabialArteryinferior labial artery[and full SUMO definition]
InferiorLongitudinalMuscleThe InferiorLongitudinalMuscle shortens Tongue, retracts, pulls tip downward.[and full SUMO definition]
InferiorMesentericArteryinferior mesenteric artery[and full SUMO definition]
InferiorObliqueMuscleThe InferiorMuscle extorts, elevates, and abducts eye.[and full SUMO definition]
InferiorPalpebralArchArteryinferior palpebral arch artery[and full SUMO definition]
InferiorPancreaticoduodenalArteryinferior pancreaticoduodenal artery[and full SUMO definition]
InferiorPhrenicArteryinferior phrenic artery[and full SUMO definition]
InferiorRectalArteryinferior rectal artery[and full SUMO definition]
InferiorRectusMuscleThe InferiorMuscle depresses and adducts eye.[and full SUMO definition]
InferiorThyroidArteryinferior thyroid artery[and full SUMO definition]
InferiorUlnarCollateralArteryinferior ulnar collateral artery[and full SUMO definition]
InferiorUlnarCollateralAscendingBranchArteryinferior ulnar collateral ascending branch artery[and full SUMO definition]
InferiorUlnarCollateralDescendingBranchArteryinferior ulnar collateral descending branch artery[and full SUMO definition]
InferiorVesicalArteryinferior vesical artery[and full SUMO definition]
InfiltrationAn event in which an agent joins an organization under false pretenses. The objective of such an act is often to gather information helpful to a rival organization.[and full SUMO definition]
InfiniteQuantityAny Quantity that is not limited or bounded in magnitude.[and full SUMO definition]
InflammationInflammation is part of the complex biological response of body tissues to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants, and is a protective response involving immune cells, BloodVessels, and molecular mediators. The function of inflammation is to eliminate the initial cause of cell injury, clear out necrotic cells and tissues damaged from the original insult and the inflammatory process, and initiate tissue repair.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
InflammationFnInflammation of a specific BodyPart.[and full SUMO definition]
InflammatoryBowelDiseaseAn AutoImmuneDisorder that affects the gastrointestinal tract. It primarily inflames the lining of the intestinal wall.[and full SUMO definition]
InflatingAny Process where a Balloon is filled with a Gas.[and full SUMO definition]
InflationThe overall general upward price movement of goods and services in an economy, usually as measured by the Consumer Price Index and the Producer Price Index.[and full SUMO definition]
InfluenzaA contagious disease caused by a large number of Viruses.[and full SUMO definition]
InformationIndustriesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Information.[and full SUMO definition]
InformationMeasureMeasures of the amount of information. Includes Bit, Byte, and multiples of these, e.g. KiloByte and MegaByte.[and full SUMO definition]
InformationOperationActions taken to affect adversary information and information systems while defending one's own information and information systems. Also called IO. See also defensive information operations, information, offensive information operations, operation. [and full SUMO definition]
InformationServicesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Information Services.[and full SUMO definition]
InformationServicesAndDataProcessingServicesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Information Services and Data Processing Services.[and full SUMO definition]
InfraRedGMissileA missile that is guided by infrared homing. Infra-red homing refers to a guidance system which uses the infra-red light emission from a target to track it. Missiles which use infra-red seeking are often referred to as heat-seekers. Infra-red (IR) is just below the visible spectrum of light in frequency and is radiated strongly by hot bodies. Many objects such as people, vehicle engines and aircraft generate and retain heat, and as such, are especially visible in the infra-red wavelengths of light compared to objects in the background. (from Wikipedia)[and full SUMO definition]
InfraorbitalArteryinfraorbital artery[and full SUMO definition]
InfraspinatusMuscleThe InfraspinatusMuscle laterally rotates, adducts, and stabilises humerus.[and full SUMO definition]
IngestingThe Process by which food or Medicine is taken into an Animal.[and full SUMO definition]
InhabitedAttribute of a Region in which Humans exist.[and full SUMO definition]
InhalationalAnthraxAlmost 100% fatal if left untreated for more than 24 hours.[and full SUMO definition]
InhalingAny instance of Breathing where the breath is taken into the Lungs.[and full SUMO definition]
InheritableRelationThe class of Relations whose properties can be inherited downward in the class hierarchy via the subrelation Predicate.[and full SUMO definition]
InheritingAny UnilateralGetting where the agent receives some part of the property of a person upon the death of the person.[and full SUMO definition]
InitialNodeFnA UnaryFunction that maps a GraphArc to the initial node of the GraphArc. Note that this is a partial function. In particular, the function is undefined for GraphArcs that are not part of a DirectedGraph.[and full SUMO definition]
InitialProfileFnThe function which returns as its value the initial profile of the program, i.e. a report of its execution characteristics.[and full SUMO definition]
InitiationDesignPatternAn instance of the class RealtimeSystem has Initiation-DesignPattern if it consists of one software module and the actuators it commands. The design pattern is an event source which produces events for an event handler. The event source is typically an evaluate-and-decide software module. The event stream is necessarily asynchronous, or transient. The arrival rate of events may vary and is unbounded. Events may be either homogeneous or heterogeneous. The workload per event for homogeneous events is constant. The workload per event for heterogeneous events is a function of each event type. There is one deadline for real-time action initiation systems. It is the upper bound on the time to generate a command for the actuator.[and full SUMO definition]
InitiatorProteinThe class of proteins that are necessary to initiate protein synthesis.[and full SUMO definition]
InjectedAntibioticAn Antibiotic that is meant for Injecting into a patient.[and full SUMO definition]
InjectingInserting a BiologicallyActiveSubstance into an Animal or a Human with a syringe.[and full SUMO definition]
InjuringThe process of creating a traumatic wound or injury. Since Injuring is not possible without some biologic function of the organism being injured, it is a subclass of BiologicalProcess.[and full SUMO definition]
InjuryDamange to an Organism that is the result of an Injuring.[and full SUMO definition]
InjuryCausedFnA Function that denotes an Injury resulting from a specific kind of Process.[and full SUMO definition]
InkjetPrinterA Printer operating by propelling droplets of ink onto a Page.[and full SUMO definition]
InlandWaterFreightTransportationAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Inland Water Freight Transportation or Water Transportation of Freight, NEC.[and full SUMO definition]
InlandWaterPassengerTransportationAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Inland Water Passenger Transportation or Ferries (inland).[and full SUMO definition]
InlandWaterSystemAn instance of InlandWaterSystem comprises two or more lakes or rivers, canals, or other waterways that are interconnected.[and full SUMO definition]
InlandWaterTransportationAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Inland Water Transportation.[and full SUMO definition]
InletInlet is the class of bays or other recesses into the shore of a lake, sea, or river, includes InletPassages, which are passages leading from open water through some barrier to a bay or lagoon.[and full SUMO definition]
InletPassageInletPassage is the class of water passages connecting an area of open water to a bay or lagoon, through some land barrier(s) close on either side.[and full SUMO definition]
InlineLinkAn inline link is very much like a Hyperlink in that both of them link one WebPage to another. The only difference is that a hyperlink must be activated if remote content is to be displayed, while an inline link displays the remote content directly on the page, without the need for the link to be followed.[and full SUMO definition]
InmarsatAn Inmarsat is one type of CommunicationSatellite.[and full SUMO definition]
InnerBoundaryFn(InnerBoundaryFn ?REGION) denotes the inner boundary of the Region ?REGION, where ?REGION has an inner and outer orientation with respect to another object.[and full SUMO definition]
InnerEarThe inner ear is the innermost part of the vertebrate ear. In vertebrates, the inner ear is mainly responsible for sound detection and balance. In Mammals, it consists of the bony labyrinth, a hollow cavity in the TemporalBone of the skull with a system of passages comprising two main functional parts: (1) The cochlea, dedicated to hearing; converting sound pressure patterns from the AuditoryCanal into electrochemical impulses which are passed on to the Brain via the auditory nerve. (2) The vestibular system, dedicated to balance. The inner ear is found in all Vertebrates, with substantial variations in form and function. The inner ear is innervated by the eighth cranial nerve in all vertebrates. [from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
InnerEarBoneinner ear bone[and full SUMO definition]
InnermostIntercostalsMuscleThe InnermostIntercostalsMuscle elevates Ribs, expiration (Exhaling).[and full SUMO definition]
InorganicDyeAndPigmentManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Inorganic Dye and Pigment Manufacturing or Inorganic Pigments (except bone and lamp black).[and full SUMO definition]
InputCharacterStringA UserSignifiedAction providing a ComputerProgram with a character string input. This is often the intent of Typing.[and full SUMO definition]
InsectA Class of small Arthropods that are air-breathing and that are distinguished by appearance.[and full SUMO definition]
InsertingPutting one thing inside of another thing.[and full SUMO definition]
InsertionFeeA type of ChargingAFee where the agent of the InsertionFee is the AutonomousAgent who possesses a %&WebSite where a WebListing is hostedOn. A ListOnSite causes the InsertionFee, and the agent of both is an AutonomousAgent who Possesses the WebSite.[and full SUMO definition]
InsideInside is a PositionalAttribute used to describe the relative location of one object or region to another region.[and full SUMO definition]
InsolubleIf a &Substance has the SolubilityAttribute of being Insoluble, then it cannot be combined with another Substance to become a solution mixture.[and full SUMO definition]
InsomniaA physiological or psychological inability to get enough time Sleeping for wellbeing.[and full SUMO definition]
InstallingPutting a Device in a location and configuring the Device so that it can be used as intended after the installation.[and full SUMO definition]
InstantMessagingInstant messaging is a form of real-time text-based communication in which two or more computers can send messages to each other and have them be seen instantly. In many cases, this is more commonly known as 'chat.'[and full SUMO definition]
InstepBoneinstep bone[and full SUMO definition]
InstitutionalFurnitureManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Institutional Furniture Manufacturing or Public Building and Related Furniture (furniture made for public buildings).[and full SUMO definition]
InstructionsPerSecondThe measure of the processing speed of a Computer's CPU.[and full SUMO definition]
InstrumentAbstractionLevelThe attribute Instrument-AbstractionLevel is the lowest level of abstraction, which can be used to describe a real-time system or subsystem.[and full SUMO definition]
InstrumentManufacturingForMeasuringAndTestingElectricityAndElectricalSignalsAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Instrument Manufacturing for Measuring and Testing Electricity and Electrical Signals or Instruments for Measuring and Testing of Electricity and Electrical Signals (except automotive ammeters and voltmeters).[and full SUMO definition]
InstrumentsAndRelatedProductsManufacturingForMeasuringDisplayingAndControllingIndustrialProcessVariablesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Instruments and Related Products Manufacturing for Measuring, Displaying, and Controlling Industrial Process Variables or Industrial Instruments for Measurement, Display, and Control of Process Variables, and Related Products.[and full SUMO definition]
InsularCelticLanguageAll seven CelticLanguages are also classified as an InsularCelticLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
InsulatorSubstancea Substance such as glass or porcelain with negligible electrical conductivity.[and full SUMO definition]
InsulinA Hormone secreted by the Pancreas that is used to regulate the metabolism of Carbohydrates.[and full SUMO definition]
InsuranceAgenciesAndBrokeragesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Insurance Agencies and Brokerages or Insurance Agents, Brokers, and Service (insurance agents and brokers).[and full SUMO definition]
InsuranceAndEmployeeBenefitFundsAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Insurance and Employee Benefit Funds.[and full SUMO definition]
InsuranceCarriersAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Insurance Carriers.[and full SUMO definition]
InsuranceCarriersAndRelatedActivitiesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Insurance Carriers and Related Activities.[and full SUMO definition]
InsuranceCompanyA Business that insures Agents for the payment of a premium or premiums.[and full SUMO definition]
InsurancePolicyA Certificate that states the terms of an insurance contract.[and full SUMO definition]
IntegerA negative or nonnegative whole number.[and full SUMO definition]
IntegerSquareRootFn(IntegerSquareRootFn ?NUMBER) returns the integer square root of ?NUMBER.[and full SUMO definition]
IntegratedRecordProductionDistributionAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Integrated Record Production/Distribution or Phonograph Records and Prerecorded Audio Tapes and Disks (integrated record companies, except duplication only).[and full SUMO definition]
IntelligenceActivitiesThese activities assess areas of interest ranging from political and military personalities to the military capabilities of friendly and adversary forces. SOF perform intelligence activities ranging from developing information critical to planning and conducting operations, to assessing the capabilities and intentions of indigenous and coalition forces.[and full SUMO definition]
IntelligenceOfficerAn intelligence officer is a person employed by an organization to collect, compile or analyze information (known as intelligence) which is of use to that organization. The word of officer is a working title, not a rank, used in the same way a 'police officer' can also be a sergeant, or in the military, in which non-commissioned personnel may serve as intelligence officers. Organizations which employ intelligence officers include armed forces, police, and customs agencies.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
IntelsatAn Intelsat is one type of CommunicationSatellite.[and full SUMO definition]
IntensiveCareUnitA part of a Hospital where the sickest patients are cared for.[and full SUMO definition]
IntentionalProcessA Process that has a specific purpose for the AutonomousAgent who performs it.[and full SUMO definition]
IntentionalPsychologicalProcessAn IntentionalProcess is a process that can be realized entirely within the mind or brain of an Organism. Thus,for example, Reasoning is a subclass of IntentionalPsychologicalProcess, because one can reason simply by exercising one's mind/brain. On the other hand, RecreationOrExercise is not a subclass of IntentionalPsychologicalProcess, because many instances of RecreationOrExercise necessarily have subProcesses of BodyMotion.[and full SUMO definition]
IntentionalRelationThe Class of Relations between an AutonomousAgent and one or more Entities, where the Relation requires that the AutonomousAgent have awareness of the Entity.[and full SUMO definition]
InterGovernmentalAuthorityOnDevelopmentThe InterGovernmentalAuthorityOnDevelopment is the revitalized successor organization of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development, which had been established 15-16 January 1986.[and full SUMO definition]
IntercostalBranchArteryintercostal branch artery[and full SUMO definition]
InterestMoney paid for the use of money.[and full SUMO definition]
InterestBearingAccountFinancialAccounts that have a fixed or adjustable interest rate.[and full SUMO definition]
InterestOnlyLoanA non-amortized loan in which interest is due at regular intervals until maturity, when the full principal on the loan is due.[and full SUMO definition]
InterestedInterest is a positive emotion which motivates learning, exploration and curiosity. Feelings of interest are associated with the novelty and complexity of stimuli. [Source: OCEAS][and full SUMO definition]
InterfaceWindowAn InterfaceWindow is a GUIElement that covers a (normally rectangular region of a computer screen. Each window has an image which covers its whole area and a level of transparency. A region of the screen may be covered by one or more InterfaceWindows in a specified order with the ``top'' window visible, and those sequentially underneigth visible only to the extent that the window(s) above them are partially or wholely transparent. An interface window is ``active'' if the state of the GUI is such that user input is automatically set to it.[and full SUMO definition]
InteriorDesignThe FieldOfStudy of designing the interiors of Buildings.[and full SUMO definition]
InteriorDesignServicesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Interior Design Services or Business Services, NEC (interior design).[and full SUMO definition]
InteriorVehicleEquipmentThe objects Inside the passenger compartment of a RoadVehicle, such as the seats, dashboard and radio.[and full SUMO definition]
InterleukinInterleukins (ILs) are a group of cytokines (secreted proteins and signal molecules) that were first seen to be expressed by white blood cells (leukocytes). ILs can be divided into four major groups based on distinguishing structural features. However, their amino acid sequence similarity is rather weak (typically 15–25% identity). The human genome encodes more than 50 interleukins and related proteins. The function of the immune system depends in a large part on interleukins, and rare deficiencies of a number of them have been described, all featuring autoimmune diseases or immune deficiency. The majority of interleukins are synthesized by helper CD4 T lymphocytes, as well as through monocytes, macrophages, and endothelial cells. They promote the development and differentiation of T and B lymphocytes, and hematopoietic cells. [from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
InterlinguaLanguageThe InterlinguaLanguage is an ArtificialLanguage. SIL code: INR. ISO 639-1: ia. ISO 639-2: ina. Population: No estimate available. Alternate names: INTERLINGUA DE IALA. Comments: A latinate language devised by Alexander Gode around 1950, and published by the International Auxiliary Language Association (IALA). Second language only.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
InterlobarArteryinterlobar artery[and full SUMO definition]
InterlobularArteryinterlobular artery[and full SUMO definition]
IntermediateCuneiformBoneintermediate cuneiform bone[and full SUMO definition]
IntermittentCombustionEngineAn Engine, such as found in a modern Automobile, in which Combustion is not continuous, as in a Rocket, but rather a rapid series of small Explosions.[and full SUMO definition]
IntermodalTripIntermodalTrip is the class of trips in which more than one mode (road, rail, sea, or air) of Transportation is used. That is, there are at least two subProcesses of the trip that use different modes of TransportationDevice. [and full SUMO definition]
InternalAttributeAny Attribute of an Entity that is an internal property of the Entity, e.g. its shape, its color, its fragility, etc.[and full SUMO definition]
InternalCarotidArteryinternal carotid artery[and full SUMO definition]
InternalChangeProcesses which involve altering an internal property of an Object, e.g. the shape of the Object, its coloring, its structure, etc. Processes that are not instances of this class include changes that only affect the relationship to other objects, e.g. changes in spatial or temporal location.[and full SUMO definition]
InternalCombustionChamberThe HoleRegion that is part of a Cylinder in which Cumbustion occurs, forcing gases to expand and expelling the piston, to generate power.[and full SUMO definition]
InternalCombustionEngineInternalCombustionEngine is the subclass of Engines in which a heat reaction that occurs inside the engine is transformed into mechanical energy.[and full SUMO definition]
InternalComputerLoudspeakerA ComputerLoudspeaker which is internal to a computer, computer keyboard, or computer screen.[and full SUMO definition]
InternalDigitalDataStorageDeviceA type of DigitalDataStorageDevice that is installed in a Computer and not readily removable.[and full SUMO definition]
InternalHardDiskA type of HardDisk that is installed in a Computer (in its HardDiskDrive) and is not readily removable.[and full SUMO definition]
InternalIliacArteryinternal iliac artery[and full SUMO definition]
InternalIntercostalsMuscleThe InternalIntercostalsMuscle holds Ribs steady.[and full SUMO definition]
InternalObliqueMuscleThe InternalObliqueMuscle bilateral: flexes trunk, expiration, compresses abdominal organs unilateral: flexes trunk to same side, rotates trunk to opposite side[and full SUMO definition]
InternalPudendalArteryinternal pudendal artery[and full SUMO definition]
InternalShipRegisterInternalShipRegister is a subset of a NationalShipRegister. Ships on an internal register fly the same flag as on the national register but are subject to different taxation and crewing rules, which are typically more lenient. An internal register may function primarily as a FlagOfConvenienceRegister.[and full SUMO definition]
InternalStriateArteryinternal striate artery[and full SUMO definition]
InternalThoracicArteryinternal thoracic artery[and full SUMO definition]
InternalTransferA subclass of FinancialTransactions within one FinancialOrganization.[and full SUMO definition]
InternallyDisplacedPersonAny person who has left their residence by reason of real or imagined danger but has not left the territory of their own country.[and full SUMO definition]
InternationalInternational refers to something outside of the country[and full SUMO definition]
InternationalAgreementInternationalAgreement is the subclass of Agreements which are made by and between Nations.[and full SUMO definition]
InternationalBorderInternationalBorder is the subclass of GeographicAreas where the areas of two Nations meet.[and full SUMO definition]
InternationalCourtOfJusticeThe InternationalCourtOfJustice superseded the Permanent Court of International Justice.[and full SUMO definition]
InternationalCriminalPoliceOrganizationInterpol is the successor organization to the International Criminal Police Organization, which had been established in 1923.[and full SUMO definition]
InternationalDisputeA Disagreeing between Nations.[and full SUMO definition]
InternationalEnergyAgencyThe InternationalEnergyAgency was established by the OrganizationForEconomicAndCulturalDevelopment.[and full SUMO definition]
InternationalFinanceCorporationThe InternationalFinanceCorporation is affiliated with the InternationalBankForReconstructionAndDevelopment.[and full SUMO definition]
InternationalLaborOrganizationThe InternationalLaborOrganization became affiliated with the UnitedNations in 1946.[and full SUMO definition]
InternationalLawAn Attribute that applies to Propositions that express Laws concerning the relations between Nations.[and full SUMO definition]
InternationalMaritimeOrganizationThe InternationalMaritimeOrganization was established in 1948 but became effective ten years later.[and full SUMO definition]
InternationalOrganizationInternationalOrganization is the class of Organizations whose activities have international scope and which typically have members who are, or are from, different Nations.[and full SUMO definition]
InternationalTelecommunicationUnionThe InternationalTelecommunicationUnion became affiliated with the UnitedNations on November 15, 1947.[and full SUMO definition]
InternationalTradeFinancingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves International Trade Financing or Branches and Agencies of Foreign Banks (international trade financing).[and full SUMO definition]
InternetThe Internet is a CommunicationSystem for the rapid delivery of information between computers.[and full SUMO definition]
InternetAccessPointInternetAccessPoint refers to a Device that allows another Device to access and use the Internet[and full SUMO definition]
InternetConnectionInternetConnection refers to the medium or channel by which a device is connected to an InternetAccessPoint[and full SUMO definition]
InternetDomainThe domain name part of an email address has to conform to strict guidelines: it must match the requirements for a hostname, a list of dot-separated DNS labels, each label being limited to a length of 63 characters and consisting of uppercase and lowercase Latin letters A to Z and a to z; digits 0 to 9, provided that top-level domain names are not all-numeric; hyphen -, provided that it is not the first or last character. [from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
InternetServiceProviderAn InternetServiceProvider serves as an engineeringSubcomponent of the Internet for a given area.[and full SUMO definition]
InternetUserAn InternetUser is an individual who uses the Internet.[and full SUMO definition]
InterosseousRecurrentArteryinterosseous recurrent artery[and full SUMO definition]
InterpersonalDisgustDisgust elicited by contact with others, especially contact with strangers or other individuals or groups we are averse to. [Source: OCEAS][and full SUMO definition]
InterpretingAny Process of assigning a Proposition to a Text, i.e. understanding the Text.[and full SUMO definition]
IntersectionFnA BinaryFunction that maps two SetOrClasses to the intersection of these SetOrClasses. An object is an instance of the intersection of two SetOrClasses just in case it is an instance of both of those SetOrClasses.[and full SUMO definition]
InterspinalesMuscleThe InterspinalesMuscle extends, performs Flexion of, and rotates the SpinalColumn.[and full SUMO definition]
IntersputnikAn Intersputnik is one type of CommunicationSatellite.[and full SUMO definition]
IntertransversariiMuscleThe IntertransversariiMuscle laterally performs Flexion of the trunk.[and full SUMO definition]
InterurbanAndRuralBusTransportationAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Interurban and Rural Bus Transportation.[and full SUMO definition]
IntervalFnA BinaryFunction that maps two instances of ConstantQuantity to the subclass of ConstantQuantity that comprises the interval from the first ConstantQuantity to the second ConstantQuantity. For example, (IntervalFn (MeasureFn 8 Meter) (MeasureFn 14 Meter)) would return the subclass of ConstantQuantity comprising quantities between 8 and 14 meters in length.[and full SUMO definition]
InterviewingA FormalMeeting whose purpose is to acquire information from the interviewee that can be used in a media report.[and full SUMO definition]
IntestinalArteryintestinal artery[and full SUMO definition]
IntestineA BodyVessel which connects the Stomach to the anus and which is used in digesting Food.[and full SUMO definition]
IntestinibacterBartlettiiA gram positive Bateria in the class Clostridia and family Peptostreptococcaceae.[and full SUMO definition]
IntestinimonasA Baterium found in the Intestine of Mammals.[and full SUMO definition]
IntracellularEnvelopedVirionVacciniaThe class of virions that result from a second virion wrapping.[and full SUMO definition]
IntracellularMatureVirionVacciniaThe class of viruses that are at the stage of development of being mature but lacking an extra coat.[and full SUMO definition]
IntransitiveRelationA BinaryRelation ?REL is intransitive only if (?REL ?INST1 ?INST2) and (?REL ?INST2 ?INST3) imply not (?REL ?INST1 ?INST3), for all ?INST1, ?INST2, and ?INST3.[and full SUMO definition]
IntraosseousDeviceA Tube designed to be used in IntraosseousInfusion.[and full SUMO definition]
IntraosseousInfusionIntraosseous infusion (IO) is the process of injecting Medicine, fluids, or BloodProducts directly into the BoneMarrow; this provides a non-collapsible entry point into the systemic venous system. The IO route of fluid and medication administration is an alternative to the preferred intravascular route (such as IVTherapy) when the latter cannot be established in a timely manner in emergency situations. [from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
IntubationThe process of Inserting a Tube into the Trachea to support Breathing.[and full SUMO definition]
InvalidDeductiveArgumentDeductiveArguments that are not ValidDeductiveArguments, i.e. it is not the case that the set of premises in fact entails the conclusion.[and full SUMO definition]
InvasiveVentilatorA ventilator that requires Intubation.[and full SUMO definition]
InvertebrateAn Animal which has no spinal column.[and full SUMO definition]
InvertingAmplifierAn Amplifier that changes the polarity of the input signal.[and full SUMO definition]
InvestigatingThe class of IntentionalPsychologicalProcesses where the agent attempts to obtain information (i.e. a Proposition denoted by a Formula).[and full SUMO definition]
InvestigationAndSecurityServicesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Investigation and Security Services.[and full SUMO definition]
InvestigationGuardAndArmoredCarServicesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Investigation, Guard, and Armored Car Services.[and full SUMO definition]
InvestigationServicesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Investigation Services or Detective, Guard, and Armored Car Services (detective services).[and full SUMO definition]
InvestingAn activity of commiting money or capital in order to gain a financial return.[and full SUMO definition]
InvestmentAn item of value purchased for income or capital appreciation.[and full SUMO definition]
InvestmentAccountAn account acquired for future financial return or benefit[and full SUMO definition]
InvestmentAdviceAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Investment Advice or Investment Advice (except portfolio managers).[and full SUMO definition]
InvestmentBankingAndSecuritiesDealingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Investment Banking and Securities Dealing or Security Brokers, Dealers, and Flotation Companies (security dealers and underwriters).[and full SUMO definition]
InvestorA person who purchases income-producing assets.[and full SUMO definition]
InvoiceA FinancialText which refers to the Selling of physical goods and confersRight to a buyer to purchase goods according to agreed upon terms. An Invoice can occur before or after buyer's receipt of goods, but only before before a seller's receipt of payment.[and full SUMO definition]
InvoiceNumberA SymbolicString for an Invoice which is unique to Seller.[and full SUMO definition]
InvoluntaryMuscleA Muscle that is not under the conscious control of the Animal, such as the Muscles of the Heart.[and full SUMO definition]
IodineDark violet nonmetallic element, belongs to group 17 of the periodic table. Insoluble in water. Required as a trace element for living organisms. One stable isotope, I-127 exists, in addition to fourteen radioactive isotopes. Chemically the least reactive of the halogens, and the most electropositive metallic halogen. Discovered in 1812 by Courtois. [and full SUMO definition]
IonAn electronically charged Atom or Molecule. In other words, a PureSubstance that has lost one of its Electrons.[and full SUMO definition]
IowaA state in the midwestern UnitedStates.[and full SUMO definition]
IowaOtoLanguageThe IowaOtoLanguage is a ChiwereLanguage of the UnitedStates. SIL code: IOW. ISO 639-2: sio. Population: Ethnic population of 2,400, including 1,000 Iowa, 1,400 Oto (1986 SIL). Last fluent speakers of Iowa and Oto died the end of 1996. There are others who have some degree of knowledge of the language (1997 Jimm G. GoodTracks). Region: North central Oklahoma and Iowa Reservation, northeast Kansas. Dialects: IOWA (BAXOJE, IOWAY), OTO (JIWERE, OTOE, JIWELE, CHIWERE), NIUTAJI (NYUT'CHI, MISSOURI, MISSOURIA). Comments: Bilingualism in English. Iowa and Oto are effectively a single language, with some family variations cross-cutting the tribal affiliations. Speakers believe certain minor differences of pronunciation and vocabulary reflect original tribal dialect distinctions (J. E. Koontz 1996). Missouri dialect has been extinct for many years. Extinct.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IpilPhilippinesThe City of Ipil in Philippines.[and full SUMO definition]
IquitoLanguageThe IquitoLanguage is a ZaparoanLanguage of Peru. SIL code: IQU. ISO 639-2: sai. Population: 150. Region: Northern Nanay River area. Alternate names: IQUITA, IKITO, AMACACORE, HAMACORE, QUITURRAN, PUCA-UMA. Comments: Widespread use of Spanish. Bible portions 1963.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IranThe Nation of Iran.[and full SUMO definition]
IranianLanguageOf the 296 IndoIranianLanguages, 84 of these are classified as an IranianLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IraqThe Nation of Iraq.[and full SUMO definition]
IrbilIraqThe City of Irbil in Iraq.[and full SUMO definition]
IrelandAn independent Nation that borders on the Irish Sea.[and full SUMO definition]
IridiumVery hard and brittle, silvery metallic transition element. It has a yellowish cast to it. Salts of iridium are highly colored. It is the most corrosion resistant metal known, not attacked by any acid, but is attacked by molten salts. There are two natural isotopes of iridium, and 4 radioisotopes, the most stable being Ir-192 with a half-life of 73.83 days. Ir-192 decays into {platinum}, while the other radioisotopes decay into {osmium}. Iridium is used in high temperature apparatus, electrical contacts, and as a hardening agent for platinum. Discovered in 1803 by Smithson Tennant in England. The name comes from the Greek word iris, which means rainbow. Iridium metal is generally non-toxic due to its relative unreactivity, but iridium compounds should be considered highly toxic.[and full SUMO definition]
IrishGaelicLanguageThe IrishGaelicLanguage is a GoidelicLanguage of Ireland. SIL code: GLI. ISO 639-1: ga. ISO 639-2: gle. Population: 260,000 fluent or native speakers (1983 census), 13% of the population (1983 census). 13% of the population over 3 claim to be Irish speakers (1981 census). Population total all countries 260,000 or more. Region: Western isles northwest and southwest coasts, Galway, part of Mayo, Kerry, Donegal, Meath, Cork, Waterford, Scotland (Albain), Isle of Mann. Also spoken in Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom, USA. Alternate names: IRISH, ERSE, GAEILGE. Dialects: MUNSTER, CONNACHT, DONEGAL, LEINSTER, ULSTER. Comments: Bilingualism in English. It is taught as an official language in schools and encouraged by the government. National language. VSO. Bible 1685-1989. Also spoken in: United Kingdom. (Language name: GAELIC, IRISH.) Alternate names: IRISH, ERSE. Comments: Grammar. Bible 1685-1989.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IrishSignLanguageIrishSignLanguage is a DeafSignLanguage of Ireland. SIL code: ISG. ISO 639-2: sgn. Population: No estimate available. Region: Dublin and elsewhere. Comments: In 1816 British signs were brought in. In 1846 Irish signs developed in the girls' school, in 1857 Irish signs brought into the boys' school. Related to French Sign Language. There are informal male and female sign systems. Females learn the male system during dating and marriage. The informal system is referred to as 'Deaf Sign Language'. Irish Sign Language is a new unified system, a manual code for English. It has structural features such as directional verbs. It has influenced sign languages in South Africa and Australia. It originated between 1846-1849. Several deaf schools with 750 to 800 students in each. There is a committee on national sign language, and an organization for sign language teachers. TV.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IronSilvery malleable and ductile metallic transition element. Has nine isotopes and is the fourth most abundant element in the earth's crust. Required by living organisms as a trace element (used in hemoglobin in humans.) Quite reactive, oxidizes in moist air, displaces hydrogen from dilute acids and combines with nonmetallic elements.[and full SUMO definition]
IronAndSteelForgingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Iron and Steel Forging or Iron and Steel Forgings.[and full SUMO definition]
IronAndSteelMillsAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Iron and Steel Mills or Steel Works, Blast Furnaces (Including Coke Ovens), and Rolling Mills (except coke ovens not integrated with steel mills and hot rolling purchased steel).[and full SUMO definition]
IronAndSteelMillsAndFerroalloyManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Iron and Steel Mills and Ferroalloy Manufacturing.[and full SUMO definition]
IronAndSteelPipeAndTubeManufacturingFromPurchasedSteelAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Iron and Steel Pipe and Tube Manufacturing from Purchased Steel or Steel Pipe and Tubes.[and full SUMO definition]
IronFoundriesAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Iron Foundries or Gray and Ductile Iron Foundries.[and full SUMO definition]
IronOreIronOre is a subclass of CompoundSubstance that contains compounds of iron, of which the most common are hematite and limonite. Iron is obtained from smelting iron ores.[and full SUMO definition]
IronOreMiningAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Iron Ore Mining or Iron Ores.[and full SUMO definition]
IroningIroning refers to a Smoothing process where a heated Device is used to smooth something[and full SUMO definition]
IroningBoardIroningBoard is a type of Device consisting of a flat, padded board used as a surface for ironing[and full SUMO definition]
IroningServiceIroningService refers to a ServiceProcess that includes the Ironing of some Clothing[and full SUMO definition]
IroquoianLanguageAn IroquoianLanguage is any of 10 related languages found in NorthAmerica that form a family of languages apparently unrelated to others.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IrradiationApparatusManufacturingAn Attribute of an Organization, that specifies that the primary business of the organization involves Irradiation Apparatus Manufacturing or X-Ray Apparatus and Tubes and Related Irradiation Apparatus.[and full SUMO definition]
IrrationalNumberAny RealNumber that is not also a RationalNumber.[and full SUMO definition]
IrreflexiveRelationRelation ?REL is irreflexive iff (?REL ?INST ?INST) holds for no value of ?INST.[and full SUMO definition]
IrrigatedLandIrrigatedLand is the subclass of LandArea representing land whose water supply is artificially supplied or supplemented.[and full SUMO definition]
IrrigatingIrrigating is the process of transporting and applying water to crops by artificial means.[and full SUMO definition]
IrrigationChannelIrrigationChannel is the class of artificially created channels used for transporting water to agricultural fields for Irrigating crops.[and full SUMO definition]
IrritationAn unpleasant emotion closely related to anger but lower in intensity and without the moral dimension of blame and seriousness that is implicated in anger. [Source: OCEAS][and full SUMO definition]
IschiocavernosusMuscleThe IschiocavernosusMuscle assists bulbospongiosus.[and full SUMO definition]
IslamA BeliefGroup that includes worship of Allah as the sole diety and in Muhammad as his prophet.[and full SUMO definition]
IslamabadPakistanThe City of Islamabad in Pakistan.[and full SUMO definition]
IslamicLawIslamicLaw is the Attribute of legal systems that are based on religious principles of Islam.[and full SUMO definition]
IslamicLawCourtIslamicLawCourt is the subclass of JudicialOrganizations that are conducted according to principles of Islamic Law.[and full SUMO definition]
IslandA LandArea that is completely surrounded by a WaterArea.[and full SUMO definition]
IslandChainA Collection of Islands that are part of the same Nation and are grouped either or both by their nationality and their relative proximity.[and full SUMO definition]
IsleOfManA dependency of the UnitedKingdom[and full SUMO definition]
IsraelThe Nation of Israel.[and full SUMO definition]
IsraeliSignLanguageIsraeliSignLanguage is a DeafSignLanguage of Israel. SIL code: ISL. ISO 639-2: sgn. Population: 5,000 users including some hearing persons (1986 Gallaudet Univ.). Comments: Not derived from and relatively little influence from other sign languages. No special signs have been introduced from outside by educators. Minor dialect variation. Not all deaf use ISL. Interpreters are provided in courts. Some interpretation for college students. Sign language instruction for parents of deaf children. Many sign language classes for hearing people. There is a committee on national sign language, and an organization for sign language teachers. The sign language used in classrooms and that by deaf adults outside is different. The first deaf school was established in Jerusalem in 1934. A fingerspelling system was developed in 1976. Dictionary. Grammar. Employs the Eshkol-Wachmann movement notation system. Films, TV, videos. Jewish.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IstanbulTurkeyThe City of Istanbul in Turkey.[and full SUMO definition]
IsthmusAn Isthmus is a narrow strip of land that connects two larger land masses and is bordered on two sides by water.[and full SUMO definition]
IstriotLanguageThe IstriotLanguage is an ItaloDalmatianLanguage of Croatia. SIL code: IST. ISO 639-2: roa. Population: 1,000 or fewer (1994 Tapani Salminen). Region: Western coast of Istrian Peninsula, now only in the towns of Rovinj (Rovigno) and Vodnjan (Dignano). Comments: Reported to be an archaic Romance language, often confused with Istro-Rumanian. Perhaps closer to Friulian or Dalmatian than to Istro-Rumanian. Few children speakers.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IstroRomanianLanguageThe IstroRomanianLanguage is an EasternRomanceLanguage of Croatia. SIL code: RUO. ISO 639-2: roa. Population: 555 to 1,500 (1994 T. Salminen). Region: Northeast Istrian Peninsula, Zejane village and a few villages to the south. Alternate names: ISTRO-ROMANIAN. Comments: Structurally a separate language from Romanian (F.B. Agard). Split from the other 3 Romanian languages between 500 and 1000 A.D. Not the same as the Istriot language. Few children speakers.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
ItalianLanguageThe ItalianLanguage is an ItaloDalmatianLanguage of Italy. SIL code: ITN. ISO 639-1: it. ISO 639-2: ita. Population: 55,000,000 mother tongue speakers, some of whom are native bilinguals of Italian and regional varieties, and some of whom may use Italian as second language. Population total all countries: 62,000,000. Region: Also spoken in 29 other countries including Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Egypt, Eritrea, France, Germany, Israel, Libya, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Paraguay, Philippines, Puerto Rico, San Marino. Alternate names: ITALIANO. Dialects: TUSCAN, ABRUZZESE, PUGLIESE, UMBRIAN, LAZIALE, CENTRAL MARCHIGIANO, CICOLANO-REATINO-AQUILANO, MOLISANO. Comments: Regional varieties coexist with the standard language, some are inherently unintelligible (Nida) to speakers of other varieties unless they have learned them. Aquilano, Molisano, and Pugliese are very different from the other Italian 'dialects'. Piemontese and Sicilian are distinct enough to be separate languages (F.B. Agard 1981, personal communication). Venetian and Lombard are also very different (Philippe Cousson 1981, personal communication). Neapolitan is reported to be unintelligible to speakers of Standard Italian. Northern varieties are closer to French and Occitan than to standard or southern varieties (Agard, N. Vincent). 89% lexical similarity with French, 87% with Catalan, 85% with Sardinian, 82% with Spanish, 78% with Rheto-Romance, 77% with Rumanian. Most Italians use varieties along a continuum from standard to regional to local according to what is appropriate. Possibly nearly half the population do not use Standard Italian as mother tongue. Only 2.5% of Italy's population could speak standard Italian when it became a unified nation in 1861. Investigation needed: intelligibility with Pugliese with Standard Italian. National language. Grammar. SVO. Bible 1471-1985. Also spoken in: Croatia. (Language name: ITALIAN.) Population: 70,000 in Croatia whose mother tongue is Italian or Venetian, including 30,000 ethnic Italian and 40,000 ethnic Croats and Istrian people (1998 Eugen Marinov). Comments: Official language. Bible 1471-1985. Also spoken in: Eritrea. (Language name: ITALIAN.) Comments: Spoken as a second language. A few monolinguals. Bible 1471-1985. Also spoken in: France. (Language name: ITALIAN.) Population: 1,000,000 in France (1977 Voegelin and Voegelin). Comments: Few, if any, speakers of Italian dialects in France do not know French. Bible 1471-1985. Also spoken in: San Marino. (Language name: ITALIAN.) Comments: National language. Bible 1471-1985. Also spoken in: Slovenia. (Language name: ITALIAN.) Population: 4,009 in Slovenia (1991 census). Comments: Acknowledged as autochtonous communities and protected by the constitution. Official language. Bible 1471-1985. Also spoken in: Switzerland. (Language name: ITALIAN.) Population: 195,000 in Switzerland (1990). Comments: People in all in the Italian cantons speak Italian as first or second language. Used for education in Italian- and Ticino- (Lombard) speaking areas. Official language. Bible 1471-1985. Also spoken in: Holy See (Vatican State). (Language name: ITALIAN.) Comments: Bible 1471-1985.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
ItalianRoastItalianRoast are CoffeeBeans that are roasted to around 245°C (473°F). [Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
ItalianSignLanguageItalianSignLanguage is a DeafSignLanguage of Italy. SIL code: ISE. ISO 639-2: sgn. Population: No estimate available. Alternate names: LINGUA ITALIANA DEI SEGNI, LIS. Comments: Partially intelligible with French Sign Language. Not intelligible with American Sign Language. Regional differences, but signers from different regions seem to communicate fluently. Used in families, clubs, and schools outside the classroom, but not in the classroom.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
ItalicLanguageAn ItalicLanguage is any of 48 closely related IndoEuropeanLanguages spoken in Europe.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
ItaloDalmatianRomanceLanguageOf the 36 ItaloWesternRomanceLanguages, six of these are classified as an ItaloDalmatianRomanceLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
ItaloWesternRomanceLanguageOf the 47 RomanceLanguages, 38 of these are classified as an ItaloWesternRomanceLanguage.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
ItalyA large, industrialized European Nation.[and full SUMO definition]
ItamarWestBankThe City of Itamar in WestBank.[and full SUMO definition]
ItelmenLanguageThe ItelmenLanguage is a SouthernChukotkoKamchatkanLanguage of Russia (Asia). SIL code: ITL. ISO 639-2: mis. Population: 100 or fewer speakers out of an ethnic population of 1,500 (1991 A.E. Kibrik). Region: Southern Kamchatka Peninsula, Koryak Autonomous District, Tigil region, primarily in Kovran and Upper Khairiuzovo villages, west coast of the Kamchatka River. Alternate names: ITELYMEM, WESTERN ITELMEN, KAMCHADAL, KAMCHATKA. Dialects: SEDANKA, KHARYUZ, ITELMEN, XAJRJUZOVSKIJ, NAPANSKIJ, SOPOCNOVSKIJ. Comments: Bilingualism in Russian. Speakers are primarily the older generation. From the 1950s to the 1980s the state sent all children to boarding schools. All are reported to be acculturated. Taught in school through fourth grade. Shamanism. Bible portions 1996.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IteneLanguageThe IteneLanguage is a GuaporeLanguage of Bolivia. SIL code: ITE. ISO 639-2: sai. Population: (100 in ethnic group in 1959). Region: North central Beni Department at junction of Mamore and Itenez rivers. Alternate names: ITENEO, ITENEZ, MORE. Dialects: ITOREAUHIP. Comments: Children were not speaking Itene and only some of the older people were actively using it 30 years ago. They speak Spanish. Related languages: Chapacura, Quitemoca, Cujuna, Cumana, Mataua, Uanham, Urunumacan, probably all extinct. Extinct.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IteriLanguageThe IteriLanguage is a LeftMayLanguage of PapuaNewGuinea. SIL code: ITR. ISO 639-2: paa. Population: 450 to 500 (1998 NTM). Region: East Sepik Province. Alternate names: ALOWIEMINO. Comments: Area seldom entered by outsiders. The Iteri are called the 'Rocky Peak' people. Bible portions 1988-1998.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
ItonamaLanguageThe ItonamaLanguage is a language isolate spoken in Bolivia. SIL code: ITO. ISO 639-2: sai. Population: (110 in ethnic group in 1969). Region: Beni Department and Itonamas River. Alternate names: MACHOTO, SARAMO. Comments: Bilingualism in Spanish. Only a few speakers 25 years ago. Ruhlen classifies it as Paezan. Dictionary. Nearly extinct. Bible portions 1967.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IvabradineIvabradine, sold under the brand name Procoralan among others, is a medication used for the symptomatic management of stable heart-related chest pain and heart failure not fully managed by beta blockers. [from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
IvermectinIvermectin is a medication that is used to treat parasite infestations. In humans, this includes head Lice, scabies, river blindness (onchocerciasis), strongyloidiasis, trichuriasis, ascariasis, and lymphatic filariasis. In veterinary medicine, it is used to prevent and treat heartworm and acariasis, among other indications. It can be taken by mouth or applied to the skin for external infestations. It belongs to the avermectin family of medications. It works through many mechanisms of action that result in death of the targeted parasites.[from Wikipedia][and full SUMO definition]
IvoryA very hard substance that makes up the tusks of elephants and walruses.[and full SUMO definition]
IyojwajaChoroteLanguageThe IyojwajaChoroteLanguage is a MatacoLanguage of Argentina. SIL code: CRT. ISO 639-2: sai. Population: 800 all in Argentina (1982 Drayson ANG). Region: Northeast Salta Province. Alternate names: CHOROTI, YOFUAHA, EKLENJUY. Comments: A distinct language from Iyo'wujwa Chorote (Drayson). Called 'Chorote' in Argentina, 'Choroti' in Paraguay, 'Eklenjuy' by the Chulupi. River dwellers. Traditional religion. NT 1997.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IyowujwaChoroteLanguageThe IyowujwaChoroteLanguage is a MatacoLanguage of Argentina. SIL code: CRQ. ISO 639-2: sai. Population: 1,500 in Argentina. Perhaps 50% monolinguals. Population total all countries: 2,000. Region: In Argentina they are mixed with the Iyojwa'ja Chorote. No more than a couple of families in Bolivia. Also spoken in Bolivia, Paraguay. Alternate names: CHOROTI, MANJUY, MANJUI. Comments: In Argentina all children have primary education in Spanish. Traditional religion. Bible portions 1992. Also spoken in: Bolivia. (Language name: CHOROTE, IYO'WUJWA.) Population: No more than a couple of families in Bolivia (1982). Alternate names: CHOROTI, MANJUY, MANJUI. Comments: Estimated 80% monolingual. Bible portions 1992. Also spoken in: Paraguay. (Language name: CHOROTE, IYO'WUJWA.) Population: 500 in Paraguay (1991 SIL). Alternate names: MANJUY, MANJUI, CHOROTI. Comments: Almost 100% are monolingual in Paraguay. Only leaders can speak some Guarani or Spanish. All ages. Vigorous. Bible portions 1992.(extract from[and full SUMO definition]
IzmirTurkeyThe City of Izmir in Turkey.[and full SUMO definition]